Vaxx Vindication

Schopenhauer famously said that truth goes through three phases. First, it will be ignored, then ridiculed, and, lastly, claimed to have always been self-evident. When it comes to the “safe and effective” vaxx, we are now moving fast into the last stage. Too many people have woken up now, which is obvious when looking at the extremely low numbers of people who got their first or second booster.

On the issue of the harmfulness of the vaxx and the fact that Covid is bullshit I was so far ahead of the curve that my writings on this topic over the last few years should be considered clairvoyant in hindsight, but, of course, we are now in the stage where it was always clear that Covid was not a big deal and that the vaxx was perhaps not as safe and effective as BigPharma claimed. Well, if you got the vaxx because you just needed to fit into the herd, I hope that you will get your just rewards. This way, you will hopefully learn to not blindly trust the authorities, even though there are still enough idiots out there who argue that nobody could have known anything in advance and that our rules are benevolent and look out for us. It will be a learning experience for you.

To get a sense of how bad the vaxx really is, I would like to draw attention to the recent data dump from Pfizer. This is the one they wanted to keep under lock and keep for 75 years, for absolutely no reason at all, and if you said otherwise, you were a bigot, racist, and misogynist who should be permanently banned from the Internet and have his bank account frozen. From this data, we can learn a few things, namely:
– the vaxx is 12% effective, not 95% effective (this is still relative effectiveness)
– the vaxx was tested on 44 mice to determine if the vaxx was safe for pregnant women, er, pregnant xirs and xers (yes, the vaxx led to stillbirths and birth defects later)

Of course, I could not know of any of this. Yet, merely by using logic I was able to arrive at the fact that taking the vaxx was akin to playing Russian roulette. Nobody young was dying from Covid, nobody healthy was dying from Covid, and everyone who died form it was either fat or old or sick or any subset of those criteria. As the fear-mongering got ramped up in the media — do you remember the “vaxxed, infected, or dead” bullshit? — I only noticed that even though I was supposed to be in the middle of a pandemic, I seem to be strangely immune to Covid, and there were no bodies piling up in the streets either. The mainstream narrative did not check out, and neither did the claim that I need to get vaxxed because the vaxx only works if everybody gets it. Yet, if I am unvaxxed an healthy, and I am supposed to get vaxxed in order to protect the vaxxed, does this not imply that the vaxx is not safe? Clearly, today’s IQ95 humanities graduates should not work on designing battle plans for the Davos crowd.

Let us talk about side effects. Oh, those pesky side effects that were supposed to not exist. All this talk about underreporting of adverse side effects surely was only a conspiracy theory. As it turned out, there is now clear evidence that underreporting by a factor of 40 (!) happened, and your chances of suffering from severe adverse effects is about 1 in 125. Add all the non-serious effects, and you’ll probably have odds of 1 in 2 for non-serious side effects. Anecdotally, it seems that easily half the people I know who got the vaxx got knocked out for a day or two and were unable to work. Well, my chances of dying from Covid are a lot lower than that. I’ll happily take those odds.

One reason why I think taking drugs is stupid is because you do not know what you will get. Your weed could have been accidentally laced with fentanyl, or perhaps even deliberately by someone who hates the color of your skin, regardless of the content of your character. Your mushrooms could be poisonous, your cocaine could consist of 30% rat poison, and your MDMA pills could contain anything. People with a less critical mind will tell you to “trust” them or the dealer or God, and just go ahead. I know people who did not even reconsider their drug habits after they saw one of their friends end up in a psychiatric hospital because, clearly, this would never happen to them.

If you think that the people you get your drugs from are trust-worthy, you are probably too dumb to make logical inferences. Yet, if you realize that taking drugs from unsafe sources is unsafe (duh!), then you will probably also realize that getting injected with some mystery juice is just as bad if not worse. You surely know that drug abuse can have severe long-term effects, even though there is no indication for that in the present. Similarly, a pharmaceutical drug that has been rushed to the market and for which no data on long-term effects exist is, by definition, unsafe. You do not know if it is safe or not, so it is not safe. If you are a ‘sperg and think I am playing linguistic games, then let me point out that I am not. You need to show that “X is safe”. This is not the same statement as “X is safe or X is not safe”. With the IQ110 crowd, you sometimes get that kind of idiotic objection. Well, if you believed that the vaxx was safe then you better stay away from unsavory characters because you have the exact same personality type as those people who go ahead and snort coke their buddies got from some sketchy-looking guy who smelled like piss.

Really, it is a complete fucking mystery how I was able to figure out that the vaxx and Covid are bullshit. Now there are thousands of people making those claims, now that the data is out and it is safe to do so. Ask those people where they were a year or two ago when they could have concluded that the vaxx is unsafe just by logical reasoning!

5 thoughts on “Vaxx Vindication

  1. Thanks for another great write-up, Sleaze.

    “Of course, I could not know of any of this. Yet, merely by using logic I was able to arrive at the fact that taking the vaxx was akin to playing Russian roulette.”

    => And that’s the crucial aspect. In the same vein Austrian writer Karl Krauss famously once said: “Ich bin kein Huhn. Aber ich weiß, wann ein Ei faul ist.”

    The mere idea, that “you are one of the serfs” and therefore “just too stupid” to understand the miracolous and oh-so-highly-illuminated reasoning of your self-ascribed “elites” and hence just obry and do as they have planned for you is nothing else but neo-gnostic crap, and thus the very definition of stupid.

    On the contrary, since we all partake in the lógos, we *can* discern right from wrong and truth from utter B.S. after all. No, it’s our “elites” themselves who (blinded by their own “light”) are either too stupid to discern the “true light” OR they hate us even more because some of us still don’t wish to voluntarily walk into our own self-annihilation. Strange animals indeed, those shrewd serfs!

  2. What find equally disturbing in this regard is that most people have next to no knowledge (certainly not in Germany) about the “Contergan scandal” from the 1970ties. Hundreds of thousands of pregnant women were prescribed a sleeping pill, which had known and proven serious side effects. The parmaceutical company “Grünenthal” (today part of Bayer AG) knew about this well enough, still they proceeded with the release of this fateful drug. The ONE scientist, a true hero, who emphatically blew the whistle and stood with those many mothers who gave birth to children with horrific birth defects (direct “side effects” from the drug “Contergan”) experienced massive resistance, got sued in court and slandered by the press and the united PR machinations…

    And most people I talke(d) to (even from the anti-vaxx crowd) have no idea how and that this happened just a few decades ago…

  3. For further reading, you might find this interesting:

    It’s a paper detailing the history of some anti-malaria drugs that the US government teamed up with drug companies to rush into production some decades back. Anyways, if you’re noticing similarities to the current situation in that short description, they don’t end there. In fact, the whole thing unsettlingly mirrors what is playing out right now.

    It’s beyond infuriating how stupid the people around us are.

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