Feminism Redefines Losses as Gains

According to based science, women have never been less happy than today. It does not take a PhD in Psychology, Sociology, or Anthropology to figure out why. Having to get up in the morning, commute to work, work, and commute back home sucks for most men. Easily twelve to thirteen hours a day you spend on work, if you include the time it takes to look presentable. This is not an exaggeration, and if you have never worked from home, you may not appreciate it. In my case, it takes me about ten minutes to get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, have breakfast, and put on my sweatpants. Afterwards, I am ready to flip open my work laptop and get started. Still, a big chunk of my waking hours are dedicated to work. Men have always done this, which is maybe why it is not such a big issue for us. In any case, our levels of happiness are probably not much worse or better than they were when we were hunting deer in packs. Of course, the situation is a bit different for today’s male teenagers who get force-fed with Ritalin.

Women benefited greatly from technical advances. Sure, the washing machine may have been invented by some dude who barely got laid with his 6/10 wife, but it tremendously improved the lives of women the Western world over. Running a household used to be hard work. Then, all the hard work got taken over by machines and women could spend their time on socializing, cooking, baking, chatting, and raising their children. The “trad wife” is seen as so happy and fulfilled in hindsight that you can find women who are part of today’s frustrated TikTok generation role-play as such.

Feminism not only managed to get women to give up their pampered lives for a shitty office job, it also messed with their perception of the role of the sexes. No longer were women trying to look and act feminine. No, the exact opposite is what they wanted after feminist indoctrination, and they thought that by acting like rude men they would get more respect. This is not really how it works, which is probably why men much prefer pairing up with a woman who embraces traditional female behaviors and attitudes.

A while ago I came across a really remarkable sentence, written by a self-declared feminist. The source is a forum for people working in tech where the moderators sadly have a tendency to delete any halfway interesting thread. This woman bragged about how competent she was, climbing up the ladder at BigTech and getting the respect of the men she works with, for whom she has only disdain. Of course, preferential hiring or gender quotas had absolutely nothing to do with her being able to make six figures easily. As part of her misandrist rant she wrote this (verbatim):

it’s been years since anyone tried to put their hand down my pants on a work trip, for example

This gave me a good laugh. This woman thinks that nobody wanting to have sex with her is a win. She is disliked by her male colleagues and she is getting older as well. Thus, her sexual marketplace value is low. Thanks to her perceived abrasiveness, her actual sexual marketplace value may be zero for her male colleagues. Of course, this woman is not winning at the game of life. Instead, she was squandering the chances she was given. One day she will wake up and realize that she is in her 30s, single, and childless, and get desperate. “Many such stories,” as Trump would phrase it. This woman is losing at the game of life, and so are all the others in their ilk. In her mind, she is winning and this will work right up to the point when she realizes that she will remain childless and alone.

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