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34 thoughts on “Open Thread #7

  1. After playing through Devil May Cry 5, the next game on my list is Resident Evil 7. My expectations are a bit muted, but the first half of the game should be pretty good, which is more than you can say about most games.

    1. When I bought the RE bundle a little while back I tried playing RE7 again, but I just didn’t feel highly motivated to get through the introduction section. Modern RE games are pretty dimly lit, but this one seemed especially so. I had trouble navigating through the basement area of the first small house in the beginning simply because I couldn’t see. Definitely consider boosting the brightness beyond what the game recommends.

      I’m playing a bit of the mercenaries mode in RE4 and it’s pretty fun. It’s also unfortunately a smaller offering than the original as of yet, but since the enemies are nerfed and you as the player are buffed (especially considering the mayhem abilities that each character features) it feels pretty good to play. It also has a very arcade-like feel to it, and a ranking system built in.

      Btw, I plan to respond to the lengthy DMCV review you posted. I’ve been actually working a long stretch and my health is simultaneously not so great. I’ve had a lingering cough for like three or four weeks. It’s probably the worst I’ve felt in about 4 or 5 years.

      1. I gave RE7 a spin earlier today, and to my great surprise, thanks to the powers of FSR, I can play it at 1050p at very high frame rates. The UI is also leaps and bounds better than the one in DMC 5. In RE7, navigating is snappy whereas in DMC 5 menu navigation leads to interruptions due to loading, probably because of the fancy background animation. I am currently in the small house at the beginning, just looking around. My first impression is quite positive.

        Sorry to hear about your current stresses. I would recommend taking some time off to recover. I rarely do this myself, though. Last autumn I had a really bad flu but thought that I could just barrel through it, and in the end it knocked me out and I could barely leave the bed for a couple of days.

      2. It’s been a rough week lol. I’m certainly feeling better at least. The thing that kind of capped off this week, though, is that one of my dearest friends recently died. He basically bled to death (he has intestinal varices from being a bad alcoholic). Because of his alcoholism we hadn’t really been hanging out for the past few years, but his wife contacted me to tell me the news.

        What’s weird is that the other day I had a dream about him. In the dream I was lying in my bed and on my back with my head propped forward, looking towards the foot of the bed. My friend was seated in a chair at the foot of the bed and was conversing with me. It was extremely vivid, and I woke up in pretty much the same position later on. I can’t remember what all we really talked about in the dream except I distinctly remember him getting up to leave, and as he was heading towards the door I asked him if I’d ever see him again. He simply responded with, “no”. And then he walked out. Even though his death happened a few weeks ago already, it didn’t really set in until I just had that dream.

      3. I am sorry to hear about your loss, and I can also relate well to those emotions. Last year someone I used to be very close to died, and even though we no longer had any contact, it gave me pause. In my case, it also led to a feeling of closure, albeit an odd one.

      4. Yes, that’s exactly it. The dream gave me a very odd sense of closure. I chalk it up to my subconscious mind forcing me to face something I’d normally just repress. As I’ll typically just repress things like that rather than just quickly sort through them, especially when I have a lot of stuff going on.


    On the topic of male youth horniness leading to stupid decisions… (I definitely have classmates who have knocked up and gotten tied down as a result. Your comment on late bloomers being a blessing in disguise is really evident. lol)

    Maybe this strengthengs the argument that giving sons access to quality escorts is actually a good move? To satisfy that libido in a way that won’t result in catastrophic consequences. Its not just about knocking up low quality chicks,but PAIR BONDING (aka “falling in love”) with them. We’ve probably seen a whole lot of guys be led to ruin from this alone. A couple of experiences might make it less likely that the first chick they get involved with results in attachment.

    1. I have written about this issue before. My impression is that among the more affluent it is not uncommon that the male offspring get money for escorts, and partly this is done so that they learn to control their libido. After all, if they can bust a nut inside some escort any time they want, they will built up quite some immunity towards the lures of some random thot who could easily ruin his life.

      1. I’ve read multiple women on the net claim they would never date a man who has paid for sex. But I wonder how many of them will actually stick to this standard in the face of a guy that really makes their ginas tingle. (It would be especially hypocritical if they’re sluts and judges a guy. lol)

        I can definitely understand women who wouldn’t seriously date a man who has cheated (Just like how we’re adviced not to seriously date women who cheat. the reasons are obvious),as that shows a lack of Character/trustworthiness on his part but I seriously can’t see the character defect of a guy who simply decides to pay for it and go about his business the rest of the day. He isn’t cheating anybody in any way. Especially if escorts happen to be legal (or merely decriminalized) where he lives.

        But then again,maybe that’s just the internet folks and people you meet IRL are a lot less fussy about it. People you meet IRL in general seem a lot less fussy about certain things that internet folks make a big bruhaha of.

        Alek for example has spoken of having abysmal success in Tinder (I’ve never tried online dating. I know you’ve released a book about it,but I think I’d rather make attempts in social circle before that),but IRL he’s been with chicks way hotter than the average tinder thot he’s seen.

  3. I just learned about the case of Ryan Waller who got shot in the face, was taken into police custody, and interrogated as a suspect for six hours instead of getting urgently needed medical care:
    The delayed medical response caused him to lose part of his brain and an eye. The police truly are the thin blue line that keeps society from descending into chaos.

  4. The Swiss health system has positioned itself against the vaxx. The regulations even go one step further and make doctors liable for vaxx injuries, which should put a damper on the latter’s enthusiasm for all that easy vaxx money:
    This is a source in German, but it can be easily translated via DeepL. I came across stories in English on this topic, but they ignored the aspect of doctor’s being personally liable.

  5. Should let you know,Aaron.

    The improvement to the search engine you did on your other blog,it would be nice if you implemented it here as well. I just used your search engine today and noticed this blog doesn’t have it.

      1. The search engine doesn’t work right now. No matter what I type in,it doesn’t yield any results at all.

      2. Indeed,its been fixed. Search Engine is functioning just like it did on your other blog.

        Thanks. Hope it won’t be too long till we see your other blog again. 🙂

    1. This was inevitable. I wrote about it a few weeks ago on my other blog but did not expect it to catch on that soon. Give it a few more months and this will be quite widespread, and then the bottom will fall out for e-thots.

  6. Aaron,

    May I ask if you’ve ever had a student/client (probably someone you coached in person when you offered it back then),who eventually managed to pull off the same Sleazy stunts as you? Not just bettering their dating life,but actually getting to the point of getting sexual with girls in under a minute or two.

    I believe you’ve said yourself that your circumstances were rather unique to be able to have done those things. In a more conservative environment,that behavior probably wouldn’t have been tolerated.

    1. There were a few guys who managed to get a few very quick hookups and in those cases they were also in an environment where you can pull this off more easily, e.g. living in a European student town with lots of partying, countless women living away from home for the first time in their life and wanting to “experiment”.

      1. You know,a piece of actually quality advice for women that I’ve read is *Don’t Be Easy…Except for the first 10 seconds.* But without expanding on the idea,this would actually backfire if they met a guy like you or some of the folks you’ve been involved with. lol.

        Alek I think spoke of the issue in your old (Not the one you currently have in maintenance) blog,but the only kind of men who will notice and have the confidence to act on the subtlest of signals…are ironically going to be players.

        To expand on it though,I think the idea in general is to be “easy to connect to”. Not just in the initial approach,but overall actually being a pleasant person to be around and talk to. You probably get where I’m going with this. A lot of women out there have serious issues with drama,nagging,neediness and controlling their emotions in general.

        The bar is really low. Just “not being crazy and needy” is actually enough to make most men (provided sufficient attraction) want to be in a relationship. But so many women can’t seem to actually meet this standard. Wonder how much good Meditation will do for them…

        If I’m remembering correctly,Alek might have said in the past that a woman who actually knows how to display interest in a clear manner is a green flag not just for laying,but even for getting involved with in the long term. But they tend to get snatched up early on unless they’re unattractive.

      2. *Don’t Be Easy…Except for the first 10 seconds.*

        I think it comes from a woman’s dating coach (Matthe Hussey). I can’t find the original video, but here is a reaction video to it:

      3. Yeah,that’s him Alek. I should probably read some more of his stuff before making a conclusion but he does give the impression he’s one of the good guys after also seeing his take on the *Should the man always pay for the date?* subject.

        He’s telling women to develop qualities that actually make them appealing as a long term partner and not being an entitled “princess” just because of the position they piss in when going to the toilet,lol.

  7. Yo! Found it

    Pages of “leaked documents”. This shit proves 2 hypoethesis of mine:

    1) IQ of the US elites have declined to steeply that they need tons of picture to understand the circumstance. I have compared these papers to declassified CIA documents on the Vietnam War. Totally smash it! For just 1 problem included in this leak, there could have been a bunch of memorandums. So yeah, in accord to Sleazy’s “pictures replacing brains”, this is indeed an embarassing leaks of the US.

    2) This shit is just forgery. Comparing them to CIA declassfied stuffs and it doesn’t even ressemble the general format. I don’t understand why net goers don’t compare it with declassified documents such as the Pentagon Papers or the CIA files on Vietnam.

    Whatever, downfall for America. Jeez, the elite couldn’t even read a page long of texts and must resort to pictures. Those who produced these documents also couldn’t write and must use “lively” illustrations to draw attention.

    1. Comparing the recent leaks to the format of the CIA files on Vietnam or other older documents is not a viable approach because, as you rightly state, there has been severe cognitive decline but not just among the elites but in general. Thus, the target audience of the colorful print-outs of today would only give you a befuddled look if you handed them a ten-page report consisting not just mainly of text with complete sentences.

      1. I personally think it is not an issue of cognitive decline. The problem with these leaks is they contain little details. Each and every topics mentioned among these pages could be written in multiple separate memorandums.

        Furthermore, preparing these pages should take a lot of time. A long texts with accompanying pictures would do fine.

        Nevertheless, I have seen many fine battle maps of Ukraine, worthwhile to look at.

    2. They have arrested a guy who is suspected to be the leaker:
      Jack Teixeira.
      He is a Air National Guard.
      I am like, what the fuck does this have anything to do with the Pentagon. This guy looks like a low-ranking official in the army.

      This shit is supposed to be secret documents? And this guy is supposed to have them.

      1. It is possible that this guy is a patsy. Note that I am not saying that he is, but consider the alternative: There has been a leak of hundreds of top secret files, the biggest since Edward Snowden. It would be even more embarrassing if the US could not find the perpetrator, and if they cannot find one, it would be face-saving to present a random person to the public.

      2. I also think he might not be the real guy.
        Or those “” are real.

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