Aaron S. Elias has over a decade of consultation experience, having advised clients from all walks of life. If you need help, you first may want to get Aaron’s books and seek out consultation once you are looking for advice that is tailored specifically to your situation.

Due to his background, the majority of clients seeks advice regarding dating and relationships. However, in recent years, there has been a significant shift. These days, around 40% of consultation sessions are on other topics, for instance meditation, career advice, work/life balance, the status of the Western world, economics, personal goal setting, and many others. In short, if you want to talk to a smart and impartial person, Aaron S. Elias is a good place to start.

Consultation sessions are 40 minutes long

Skype (VoIP with no additional costs) or email

English or German

The content of a Q & A Session is entirely up to you. You can ask anything you want. Recurring themes, however, are:

  • Becoming more attractive, including fashion advice
  • Developing confidence, becoming more outgoing
  • Having more successful dates
  • Meeting women in clubs
  • Choosing a woman for a serious relationship
  • Maintaining and improving sexual relationships
  • Moving to a different city or country
  • Dealing with divorce
  • Handling office politics

Cost and Payment

  • 1 session: 75 EUR
  • 5 sessions: 350 EUR
  • 10 sessions: 650 EUR

Payable via Paypal in advance.

If you are interested in a consultation session, please contact Aaron “Sleazy” Elias at ‘aaron.s.elias (at)’. Introduce yourself briefly, give a summary of your issue, and indicate whether you would like to book a Skype or email consultation. Keep in mind to mention your time zone in case of the former.