Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a Missed Chance

For a few years now, some corners of the Internet have been very loudly promoting Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) as the cure for all your problems. Who wouldn’t want to be stronger, more muscular, and more virile? Seeing that TRT is now a 2-billion-dollar industry, it seems that there is a lot of demands. There are a lot of issues as well, which are glossed over. The biggest one is that your body will stop producing testosterone if you supplement it. This is quite similar to problems encountered by steroid-abusing bodybuilders.

As you age, your levels of testosterone go down gradually. The effect will be a lot less severe if you get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise. Still, in your 40s you most likely won’t be quite as keen to have sex as your former horny teenage self. Many men seem to think that this is bad. They see themselves as the all-powerful studs who should be able to have sex five times a day. Yet, plenty of older men find it quite liberating that their sex drive plays a less important role in their life.

A good friend of mine who is in a high-powered job and suffering from the lifestyle consequences this entails, relayed to me, when he was in his early 30s, that sex just stopped being all that important to him. He still gets laid every once in a while as women frequently throw themselves at him, but it’s a very low priority for him. He thought that a reduced sex drive mellowed him, and much preferred this over partying hard and trying to get laid.

That was just one example, but look at your life: how often have you done something dumb because you were horny? Quite a few guys spend countless hours in bars and clubs and routinely waste a hundred bucks or more on a night out, week after week. Think of all the time you wasted with women you were not interested in, but only wanted to get laid with. The hours are staggering.

Let’s talk about wasted hours some more. A young colleague of mine recently told me that he has spent about 2000 hours in seven years playing some online game, Dota 2, which I thought was bonkers. It’s the only game he plays. On average, he’s playing for around 45 minutes a day, every day, or around five hours per week. This doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. In comparison, sum up how much time you’ve spent on women in your teens and twenties! I bet if you ever actively and consistently pursued women, you’ll have racked up thousands of hours as well. I’m not just talking about the time spent in clubs, but also any kind of socializing event you attended in the hope of meeting women, any sport you pursued with that goal in mind, the time you spent in relationships with girls you didn’t really care about. Probably 10,000 hours is too modest an estimate. In that amount of time, you could easily have earned a second Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, or mastered any skill to a very high level.

If you’ve only wasted time in the pursuit of women, you’re lucky. Plenty of men have ruined their life, or given it a turn for the worse, by making decisions that set them back years or put them on a much worse trajectory. There are men who quit their job and move to their girlfriend because she does not want to start over. This is quite bizarre, considering that normally the man has a better-paying job. Even that is not the worst. You will also find guys who managed to knock up some woman without wanting to. There are older women who prey on younger men, particularly if they look as if they are going to be successful in life — I once heard about a woman in her early 30s who was preying on young medical students and managed to get one of them into a relationship. Then there are women who willingly have a one-night stand with you and oh-so-generously offer that you could cum in them because “it would be really hot.” Too bad that you’re then on the hook for child support for two decades. Yup, I know guys like that.

In short, your dick can get you into a lot of trouble. If you’ve managed to get through your twenties or early thirties unharmed, I’d say you should consider yourself lucky. Increased levels of testosterone can easily wreak havoc on your life. It’s bad enough if you were the dumb 21-year-old who busted a nut in a 35-year-old chick who was preying on you and you were just so stupid and horny. It’s worse if you didn’t do that in your adolescence but think that it would be great if you, in your 30s or 40s, would once again pop random boners ten times a day and talk to chicks you don’t even find all that attractive just so that you can get laid.

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12 thoughts on “Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a Missed Chance

  1. Interesting aaron, it appears more and more you believe in toxic masculinity. Good.

    Also, theres a simple solution if myn dont want to attract bad apples. Stop objectifying womyn who abuse their good looks because they can get away with it. Date the girl with the best personality.

    If guys were simply less superficial, there would be utopia.

  2. The simple and dumb solution is to jerk off A LOT when you are in your twenties.
    Jerking off before going out is a total killer – well at least for the next 2-3 hours. After all recovery time is quite low when you are 22.
    No round two for me nowadays.
    I have a buddy my age (28) from Poland who got married to a girl from Hong Kong (“Asian women again stealing your white men ya know…” hahahaha) and he told me he has sex once per day now that they live together. I honestly have no clue how he does that – over the last few months something happened to me, my sex drive has gone down although I started working out and eat better.
    And I’ll be honest with you, it feels good to not be “triggered” by all good looking chicks in public. Minding my own business ain’t bad at all.

    Or, to put it in the words or the great Patrice O’Neal:

  3. As that expression goes: “a hard dick has no conscience.”

    To me that expression means a guy will do anything to get laid. (Which explains why beer companies use hot models to sell the illusion of school appeal.)

    Hopefully guys who experience tempered sex drives will re-direct their focus on worthy pursuits (or at least a pursuit that is worthy to them personally even if it’s geeky).

    Then women (especially post-wall women) will wonder “where have all the good men gone?”

  4. Hmmm. I don’t think that by upping our T we’ll act like our 19 year old selves.

    My indifference to girls isn’t just because my hormones are at lower levels. It’s due to life experience as well. I know from abundant experience that jerking off is better than most women out there (in terms of effort vs reward).

    Upping your testosterone won’t magically make you forget all your experiences with women or make you idealize them again.

    At 19 we idealized the idea of sex with a hottie… Not because of hormones, but because of brainwashing.

    If I was hornier with TRT I’d just jerk off more often, not spend more time chasing low quality pussy.

    Also don’t forget that T increases drive in general. You can channel that energy into other areas. It can give a higher drive in business or your hobbies.

  5. Testosterone Replacement Therapy shouldn’t be used on healthy men. It’s to help men with abnormally low levels. Maybe if you’re a soldier or a MMA fighter it would be useful to go full gladiator. But if you’re a normal guy you don’t need it. This should only be done under medical supervision. You can keep your testosterone levels healthy by eating the right food. And avoiding female hormone pollution. Just take care of your body and you’ll be just fine. And if you’re worried just get it checked out by a medical professional. Dont order stuf on some shady website. You don’t even know for sure what you’re using if you do it that way. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be helpful to some men. But it can also fuck you up if it’s done the rong way.

  6. I think Aaron saved my life here. I was just about to venture into this and read your words that it stops natural T production. That halted me from going forward with a bad decision. Thanks. This is not the first time.

  7. Testosteron and Estrogen are both Hormons produced in human bodies. A person with high testosterone is labelled male, high estrogen as female.

    Yes you can as a man “boost” your testosterone “naturally” if you lift heavy weights, but I thought about taking testosterone in my 40ies. Not because of being sexually active (btw that’s completely irrelevant to me) or the physical benefits a male body has, but because of the impacts testosterone has on your mind: more confidence, higher self-esteem, assertiveness, adventurous, enterprising, bold,… I know these traits are trivial, but everyone I know who is in his 40ies or 50ies can confirm they had more of them when they were 25 or 30. Yes over the years they got knowledge and wisdom, but lost typical “male characteristics”.

    I would even take a step further and say we wouldn’t have such a fucked up society if men had more confidence to say no, to risk more and would not submit all the time to their fat spouse.
    A confident, courageous person is something I always enjoyed to work, be friend with.

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