Meditation Without Bullshit: A Guide for Rational Men

Through meditation you can dramatically improve your well-being. Yet, the way it is commonly taught can be very off-putting if you are an analytical or even skeptical person. Instead of clear instructions, you get exposed to fantasy constructs such as chakras or the third eye. Instead of precise technical instruction, people distract you with gongs and incense sticks. Consequently, the core of meditation often has to be carefully extracted by each student. What is worse, some get misguided and meditate in a highly inefficient manner for years. Others dismiss meditation altogether as a consequence.

As an antidote, Aaron S. Elias presents Meditation Without Bullshit. This book distills more than twenty years of personal practice, including years of teaching meditation. It focuses on principles and methods. It furthermore gives practical guidance, justifies recommended methods, and provides you with a detailed roadmap for your own meditative practice. In addition, Meditation Without Bullshit highlights misguided approaches to meditation.


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Paperback: 134 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-942017-05-3

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Feedback from Readers

This book teaches a far more direct method of meditation than mindfulness. Aaron’s method forces you to confront your restless mind. This sounds simple in theory but is far more difficult in practice. I very much liked the ‘no bullshit’ approach that this book takes.
-James ( review)

If you are interested in meditation or have been meditating, but don’t know what you are trying to get out of it, then this is your book.
-Christoper ( review)

This book eliminates the more ridiculous aspects of meditation and takes it from spiritualism to a serious tool that can aid in improving your mental health and personality. All in all though I greatly appreciate what Meditation Without Bullshit.
– Whiskey Tango ( review)

[Aaron S. Elias] is an advanced meditator who has been cultivating the higher jhanas for 20 years. We did not know this about him until he wrote this book. He achieved this by himself with apparently little or no training, just working with his own natural meditative faculties which I believe we all have. This is an inspiring story for those asking themselves whether they should start meditating, especially if they are put off by the religious or spiritual connotations of most meditation systems.
– Illuminatus (review on

I had been meditating before, but it turned out the quality of the sessions was not optimal because my room is too noisy. So I eliminated or replaced all sources of sound and replaced my ticking-ticking clock by a silent digital one. It has improved my sessions significantly and I can go much deeper now than I used to. I also got rid of binaural beats and meditational music, which I had no clue were just another form of distraction. Since meditating in this new way I feel like I am gaining control over my racing mind that I did not have before, so thanks Aaron for writing this useful book.
– Peter Z.

I’ve meditated for 3+ years now making minimal if any progress, but in the last three weeks, in focusing on the open monitoring practice you suggest in Meditation Without Bullshit, I often feel a qualitative difference in my day-to-day, so thanks for that. (…) I’m finding myself more and more able to cultivate a kind of detached and tranquil state in my day-to-day life.
– Andras

I wanted to thank you for putting out a no BS guide to meditation. Trying different Soto groups in my area in order to get the proper technique down was very off-putting to me. Unfortunately, I laid-off meditation all together for almost six months after that. Your book played a vital role in bringing me back to daily meditation.
– Katsuzō

Aaron’s meditation routine has helped me out. I suffer from depressive thoughts but my symptoms have gotten less frequent.
– Old Anon (blog comment)