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3 thoughts on “Open Thread #1

  1. China will eat our lunch: I can recommend the paper “The challenge of China’s rise
    as a science and technology powerhouse” by Reinhilde Veugelers, which can be found here:

    “China’s National Medium-and Long-Term Programme for Science and Technology Development (MLP), introduced in 2006, is an ambitious plan to transform the Chinese economy into a major centre of innovation by the year 2020, and a global leader in science and innovation by 2050.”

    “Numbering about 1.5 million, China had in 2014 more full-time equivalent researchers in employment than the US (1.3 million), more than twice the number in Japan, and about 85 percent of the EU number.”

    “China is now the world’s number-one producer of undergraduates with science and engineering degrees, delivering almost one quarter of first university degrees in science and engineering globally. ”

    “One quarter of engineering and technology companies founded in the US between 1995
    and 2005 had a least one key founder who was foreign-born. Over half of Silicon Valley
    start-ups had one or more immigrants as key founders (Wadhwa et al , 2007)”

    And on page 14: “When Freeman (2005) asked a top Harvard physicist, who had published important work in cooperation with overseas scientists and engineers,
    “So, you are helping them catch up with us?” the scientist replied, “No, they are helping us keep ahead of them”

    I found the following article in German:
    where it says: “2015 unterstützte die chinesische Regierung Neugründungen im Land mit 231 Milliarden US-Dollar. Geld ist also ausreichend da. Zum Vergleich: Im gleichen Zeitraum haben die USA 50 Milliarden US-Dollar in ihre Start-ups investiert, Europa hat 10 Milliarden Euro ausgegeben und Deutschland ganze 2 Milliarden Euro.”

    translated in English: “2015 supported the chinese government start ups in their country with 231 billion US-Dollar. So there is sufficient money to invest. For comparison: In the same period the USA invested 50 billion US-Dollar, Europe 10 billion Euro and Germany solid 2 billion Euro.”

    What i see is: Germany and Europe are debating and bashing the automotive industry because of the combustion engine and his environmental compatibility. Germany may be leading on that field and China knows that, but Germany is not leading in new markets like electromobility, autonomous driving and digital/data. Based on a few facts it seems like, Germany and US lost their advantage.

    1. Thanks for your contribution.

      China is certainly on the rise. Unlike India, which is in my view a thoroughly backwards country that has been nothing but digressing, China has been thriving. The Chinese are colonizing Canada, Australia, and some African countries. They have also made significant breakthroughs in R&D. Sheer numbers don’t tell the whole story, though, as there is certainly the perception that the Chinese lack creativity. Also, in the West Chinese students are infamous for cheating on exams as well as for their often sub-par English skills, which further corroborates that they are cheaters, implying that they cheat on the TOEFL. To add a personal note: I have first-hand knowledge of Chinese students sending a friend with their ID to sit an exam for them. I also know of cases where a Chinese student lived in subsidized student housing under a false ID. A friend of his rented the place originally, then moved out and handed over keys and, presumably, a copy of his ID.

      The United States is still leading the world in the computer software industry, albeit our perception may be off, considering that China has essentially equivalent companies such as Alibaba (Ebay/Amazon), Baidu (Google), Didi Kuaidi (Uber), or WeChat (Facebook/WhatsApp/PayPal).

    2. China is the most exceptional and indispensable country in the world. It is the future of humanity!
      Proof that communism is the future!
      The Chinese will save the world!

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