Visual Proof that the West is Unsafe

Apple’s iPhone X has turned out to be quite an in-demand item. It sets you back around a thousand bucks if not more. As I have learned, there was particular demand in Hong Kong, far exceeding supply. Thus, some people bought as many of those phones as they could — and resold them on the street for profit. Here is a picture that was posted on ZeroHedge some time ago, but without a copyright notice, so I’m claiming ‘fair use’:

That picture shows a reseller who absent-mindedly types on his phone while potential customers gather around his table. Do you notice something? Asked differently: do you notice the absence of something? Exactly! There is no security. There are no fences, nothing. Instead, that guy puts phones of a retail value of tens of thousands of dollars on his table and he is not afraid that someone would just grab one of those boxed phones and run off with it — or knock out that guy and take all his inventory. In Hong Kong, there is apparently no need to be afraid of getting robbed or having expensive items stolen. This also reflects what I have heard of other parts of Asia, at least those that belong to the first world.

In comparison, in most cities in the West things are much different. Can you imagine someone in most parts of New York City or Los Angeles, putting product worth significantly more than the average person’s yearly income on display and being seen handling large amounts of cash? (I assume that seller does not take credit cards.) Before you knew it, Tyrone and Jamal would show up, knock him out, and bag all his phones.

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3 thoughts on “Visual Proof that the West is Unsafe

  1. Too much asian supremacy is embarassing, lol,I guess you want to apply for a position of honorary asian? But thank you for worshipping us, although you didnt need to put that jeer toward other ethnicities,which is not empathetic to their feelings. Besides China will save everybody, so I dont share your negative view on the West. China will bring prosperity to all, even the West. Almost there. Seriously you might as well make some half-asian kid with an asian woman. You appear to be quite geeky yourself, so having a geeky half-asian kid will be great for bonding. Get it over with.

    Btw, read this
    It,s the greatest story ever told.

    Also it is well known that petty crime is extremely low in east asia, maybe lowest in the world, so much so that police in japan get bored and put ppl in prison for “crimes” like pantystealing.

    1. Actually a great comment. It’s always good to have a perspective of an insider who doesn’t put a race or region on a pedestal based on limited knowledge

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