YouTuber Sargon of Akkad is dishonest or stupid

Sargon of Akkad is most certainly among the more pretentious people on YouTube. I watched a few of his videos some years ago, but I found is bloviating too grating. I wasn’t even aware that he was still around until I came across a recent debate between Richard Spencer, Styx, and Sargon on the theory and practice of founding a white ethnostate. Here is the whole multi-hour discussion:

No matter what you think of Spencer, if you agree to debate him, you should show some civility. When I watched that video, I was utterly appalled by the behavior of Sargon. Just endure the first half hour or so. You’ll witness Sargon interrupting Spencer over and over, talking down to him, and even, repeatedly, laughing at him. I have rarely encountered such levels of verbal bullying. Spencer kept his composure, even when he called out the poor manners of Sargon. Frankly, the problem was that the moderators didn’t do a proper job. They should just have temporarily muted Sargon’s microphone at the second or, at the very latest, third offense so that Spencer could finish his argument.

I was unaware of how unintelligent Sargon is. Spencer got annoyed at one point and correctly diagnosed that Sargon’s issue is that he is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. This became most evident when Sargon either deliberately misunderstood one of Spencer’s arguments, to which Spencer built a response starting with something along the lines of, “Sargon, you think that …”. How Sargon responded to that left me agape, because, like a stupid five-year-old, he responded, “You claim to know what I think. Quick: which color am I thinking of?” The sheer stupidity is absolutely baffling. Of course your words indicate what you think, and if they aren’t then you’re either a liar or you can’t think straight.

Even more cringe-worthy was the discussion of how to determine whiteness. Spencer made the off-hand statement that you would “know it when you see it”, yet Sargon subsequently claimed that it was not possible to determine whiteness in general. Things took a turn for the worse when Sargon got pinned down with the question whether Samuel L. Jackson was white. Stupid little Sargon of Akkad refused to answer that question because it was “loaded” and similar to asking whether you have last beaten your wife.

I listened to the entire debate over the course of a few days while doing some chores around my apartment. My impression is that Spencer is very intelligent, well-spoken and clearly well-educated. Sargon, on the other hand, appears to be of at best average intelligence and is so full of himself that he thinks he can dupe others with shady rhetorics. Once his YouTube gig runs out of steam, he can surely find work at an NGO or left-leaning political party. After all, in those corners pseudo-intellectuals without principles are in high demand.

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2 thoughts on “YouTuber Sargon of Akkad is dishonest or stupid

  1. Havent seen it, but thanks for the heads up. I dont follow him closely, but I have liked his stuff in the past. Youtube channels seem to be suffering the same problem that most tv series have since time immemorial, after a few good seasons quality starts to degenerate.

    On a separate note, if you havent checked out Petersons interview by Cathy Newman on channel 4, its definitely worth seeing it.

  2. I like Sargon. And I think he plays an important role. He’s like the gateway drug that brings leftists over to the other side.

    He’s like the anti-feminist, anti-sjw leader for leftists. When he discusses sjw and feminism he does a great job.

    He tends to overcompensate when bashing nationalists… He seems to do it so as to not lose his leftie cred.

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