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James Damore’s Lawsuit Against Google

I wrote two posts on Google on my other blog. One was on the demonetization of my old blog on their Blogger platform, to which I added ads at the very end. It didn’t last long until I was hit with several automated emails because their SJW algorithms came across content they didn’t quite agree with. A more serious post was my guide on how to de-Google your life, which was a reaction to the strong SJW bias of that company. Google is a company well deserving of your mistrust.

James Damore, now an ex-Googler, wrote an infamous memo on Google’s ideological echo chamber, which systematically went through the strong anti-white, anti-male, anti-conservative bias and its manifestations at that company. Damore got sacked, but he wasn’t done. With the help of law firm Dhillon, he filed for a class action lawsuit for the most threatened demographics in libshit tech companies: whites, males, and conservatives. The entire document is worth reading. I won’t retrace its content, but I want to highlight a few parts.

First, from reading, or even just skimming, that document, it becomes clear that it is not just a stupid mob of lowly leftist Googlers who want to drive conservatives out of the company. Top-level HR is involved. Managers who were not able to achieve gender parity in their division got booed at public events. What is even more serious is that some of the most senior managers at Google, such as Urs Hölzle, joined in on the action. Other senior members of management publicly stated that they keep blacklists of people they are not going to work with.

From reading that document I also learnt about a particularly devious tactic. At Google, Software Engineers work on projects with a potentially unknown duration. If your project is done, you may have to join a new group. However, if there is no manager who will take you on, for instance because you were internally blacklisted because you stated that you don’t think it’s okay that your girlfriend fucks other dudes, HR will automatically fire you after a few months. Consequently, if managers collude, of which ample evidence is given in the PDF above, then undesirable employees can get the boot in a manner that could inspire a modern Franz Kafka to write another novel. As you may know, an underlying theme in much of Kafka’s writing are inscrutable procedures of which at best incomplete knowledge can be attained but which regulate what you can and cannot do. In his books, some protagonists essentially waste their entire life fighting against such ominous powers. That’s probably what it feels like if you’re a conservative at Google and can’t figure out why, despite stellar reviews, you can’t get any work, until you get sacked.

Reading about SJW managers at Google publicly declaring that they are discriminating against white males because they already have “every advantage in the world” is quite sickening. Yet, there is plenty of entertainment to be found in that PDF as well. Let me just highlight two examples. The first one is on page 152, which shows a post of a Googler who visited the Zurich office. There, the site management had the great humor of turning single-stall female restrooms into restrooms for females and the handicapped, while there are no male restrooms with the same dual use. What I read between the lines is some rather cynical commentary that equates women with the handicapped, and seeing that they get hired even when they perform subpar in interviews, there is arguably some truth to that.

The second example highlights that “polyamory” seems popular enough for employees to publicly discuss it. Of course, polyamory means that the woman gets to fuck Jamal and Tyrone, while the guy gets told that using a Fleshlight or getting a sex doll constitutes cheating. It’s rather humorous that you have people who feel the need to talk publicly about getting cucked, as if it was a badge of honor. Then again, your typical leftist cuck seems to be proud of getting cucked. So, here is another screenshot:

I laughed out loud when I read about that beta cuck who sleeps in the office so that his wife can fuck LaShawn in the bed he bought, in the house he is paying the mortgage of. It’s great material for a comedy, and it would make for much better entertainment than the abomination “The Internship” was.

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18 thoughts on “James Damore’s Lawsuit Against Google

  1. Just shocking! How can they afford to not be concerned about privileging the “right” kinds of identity over productive employees? Don’t they worry that employee degeneration will ruin the company? Militant leftists aren’t known for being conscientious. Last year Berkeley students were triggered by the holding of an exam, citing threats to their physical and mental health (

    It wouldn’t be unthinkable for SJWs at Google to miss deadlines and pull the same BS.

      1. I still don’t get where there revenue comes from. Same like Facebook. Apparently advertizing, which seems very fishy to me. I can’t believe there’s a true cause-effect between money paid for ads amd generated revenue. The millions Pepsi pays for 20 seconds of advertizing during a break at a major sports event can’t be worth it. Same for Gilette during UEFA cup or so.

      2. Do you think it pays off for whoever pays for the advertizing space? I’ve only looked at this superficially, but it looks like Search Engine Optimization is expensive and I’m not sure the money spent on being shown up higher in the results is being offset by the increased revenue.

      3. I think online advertising is a bubble. There is also significant criminal energy involved. If you’re looking for some entertainment, search for “click fraud”. Here’s a popular video for starters:

      4. shiiiit….. wtf…
        Thanks for sharing. Very interesting.
        I can only shake my head. When facebook came up big time in 2009-2011 and took over (you might be familiar with it) local networks like, I was doing something real in my job as I was a cook apprentice. And to think that you make money from “likes”…. oh boy… what happened to this world… seriously

  2. Feminist are pushing polyamory real hard lately. And cuck culture in general. What man would do that to himself? And dont these guys have friends to hit them on the head? If a friend of my would cuck himself. I would kick his ass and tell him to have some self-respect.

    1. We’re living in an increasingly atomized society. If a guy can’t think critically and does not have any friends or no friends who aren’t cucked, he is at a high risk of adopting the mainstream narrative. If he wants to be a progressive, he’d now strongly consider letting his future used-up girlfriend fuck Tyrone while he’s at work.

  3. No surprise that SJW and more generally women/gay/lgbt take over power in a company that generates revenues mostly from advertisement. I don’t even understand why Damore is trying to fight this, as much as I didn’t understand why Peterson tried to fight against that system either. Just move on.

    That post from this cuck though… What have they become, that’s beyond belief…

    1. Zero: Damore and Peterson believe in the system and reform. It’s why the will never see the full picture. They believe that everything can be solved within the system. It just can’t anymore. But that’s a blind spot. They simply can’t except that the system is already broken and corrupted beyond repair. The system is the only thing they know how to do things. Excepting that the system is broken. Would mean they are powerless. That would mean their sacrifices are meaningless. They cant except that. So they make even more sacrifices. Making it even harder to except the reality. Because now they have even more invested in this system. Just like a gambler trying to win back his losses.

      1. That is a good point. The system is so messed up that you need to burn it into the ground and start anew. Once a company has become corrupted, it’s demise is only a matter of time. It can be a very long process, though. In investment circles, the term “zombie companies” has become more frequently used for that category, for instance. Google is not there yet, but they can no longer be fixed. IBM is a great example of a company in perennial demise. It is almost ridiculous how little they make per employee and how bloated they are.

    2. Does anyone have links to serious studies that disprove the diversity=higher profits argument? I have seen lots of articles claiming more diverse companies perform better, it but the connection seems tenuous at best. And I have plenty of anecdotal evidence that points in the opposite direction, at least when it comes to forcing diversity on a company. But any serious research?

      1. I am not aware of any study. When hard-pressed, some people refer to a McKinsey whitepaper which simply claims that “diversity” leads to more profits. It surely worked out wonderfully for Yahoo and HP. I think those leftists scientists are too afraid of what they might find, so they don’t study the topic. It’s similar to adult IQ differences between the sexes. Men have higher average IQs, but the propaganda claim is that women have higher average IQs while men have more outliers on both ends of the curve.

        Here is some further reading:


        Male and female mean IQs are about equal below the age of 15 but males have a higher mean IQ from age 15 on. The effect of sex differences in IQ is largest at the high extreme of intelligence. Since many of the more prestigious roles in society are associated with high IQ, the lack of female representation in these roles may be partially due to fewer females being competitive at the highest levels. This does not mean that females should not be given equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities as this would create an worsened artificial ‘glass ceiling’.

      2. ” This does not mean that females should not be given equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities as this would create an worsened artificial ‘glass ceiling’.”

        Which is a nice way of saying: “Ladies, you can try, we’ll give you a shot. But if you fail, you’re out”

        This age difference from 15 on is indeed interesting. It confirms my gut feeling that from 10th class on (age 16 in Germany at the time), suddenly the boys started catching up with the girls on average scores, mostly because writing nice essays and telling beautiful stories wasn’t cutting it anymore. Girls did not do well in chemistry, physics and math compared to boys. This is also due to the fact that the heavy weight in points to be obtained in a test was on exercises which involved solving an unknown problem. Usually of say 30 points, 5 points went to solving an already known problem, 10 to a problem similar to a problem already discussed, but with minor changes. And then 15 points went to solving a totally new problem.
        In Germany a “4” is needed to pass, and usually the last “4” was given at 60% of the points. Meaning, that if you did not resolve the last 15-point-heavy question, you only had (assuming questions 1&2 were solved correctly) 50% of the points, which gave you a “5”. A “5” in Germany translates into “insufficient”. You do not pass with a “5”

        On a side note, I’d like to contrast that to the French educational system where to pass, you need a 10 out of 20, which means that if you can solve 50% of the questions (assuming equal weighting in obtainable points), then you pass. In Germany, that would not be enough.

      3. I think you have to qualify your response. High school education in Bavaria puts quite some demands on pupils, or at least it used to. The same cannot be said of almost every other German state. Standards in states like Berlin are downright laughable.

      4. @ Aaron
        Yes you are right. The difference between states has to be mentioned. I know of more than one case where students moved from Bavaria to Hessen for the last two years of Gymnasium, just to have it easier. At the end universities do not make a difference where the Abitur comes from (sadly).

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