Experiencing Singapore (3): Singaporean Democracy

Now we are venturing towards an area my girlfriend may heavily disagree with me. I think that contemporary Western democracy is a horrible kind of government as the idea that everybody’s vote should count the same and that everybody can vote is just braindead. It may work if your population consists of nothing but selfless geniuses who hate the welfare state, but in reality, you end up in a system in which the lazy and useless become such a dominant force in politics that the productive minority gets bled dry. Democracy worked a lot better before universal suffrage.

While in the West, politicians try to appeal to the worst in human nature by, for instance, offering free money in the form of lavish welfare payments, Singaporean politicians seem to instead think about what’s best for the country. This makes a lot of sense because if you do what the people want, like in your typical degenerate Western democracy, you’ll have unemployed Mahmoud and Fatima living the high life because they get a free apartment and a few thousand euros to blow each month as a reward for having eight children and not working.

Concretely, working Singaporeans pay into a personal account called “Central Providence Fund” (CPF). Among others, this builds up savings for retirement. They even get above-market interest rates, at least some of the time. Many Singaporeans, however, don’t like that they are forced to save for retirement and would much rather see the CPF abolished. Feel free to form your own opinion; I think the system is well thought out. It’s also a necessity because many people don’t ever think about saving for retirement and would much rather spend their current paycheck on all kinds of frivolous stuff. Here in the West, for instance, the dregs of society are heavily invested in gambling. Yes, the derogatory pun was intended.

My girlfriend also likes to object that you can’t demonstrate in Singapore. Well, you can, but you may not like the consequences. To me, this is clearly a feature of the system, not a bug. While she mentioned a somewhat legitimate cause like an army recruit who died due to, supposedly, inhumane treatment, I am a lot more reserved. The impetus to go protest after some newspaper report comes out is just immature if not downright childish. Let’s have a proper investigation and then look at the evidence. On the other hand, the notion that a bunch of people should wave flags and hold up cardboard cutouts with slogans on it as a means of political change is, to me, utterly ludicrous. It is also an excellent illustration of the utter degeneracy of political discourse in the West.

While there are causes that are more legitimate than others, I have to say that I absolutely adore that you do not get any of your typical bullshit Western demonstrations in Singapore. In the West, you have single mothers demonstrating for higher welfare payments (Berlin 2018), the Left demonstrating against capitalism and causing dozens of millions of Euros in damage of private property (Hamburg 2018), stupid people demonstrating for mass immigration of unskilled brutes from the third world (anywhere in the West from 2015 to 2017), complete retards staging a counter demonstration against people who demonstrate against refugees who raped and killed some local women (various places in Germany 2017, 2018). In Singapore, you get law and order and the rules are clearly laid out. If you think you need to “demonstrate” to make your views heard, you probably need to mature for a few more years. Oh, and if that doesn’t work for you, come live in the West for a year or two so that you may start to appreciate how fantastic Singapore is.

On that note, I got a metaphorical boner when I read about how seriously Singaporeans take their rules. If you’re a dipshit from the US or Switzerland who thinks that vandalizing public property is cool, you will get caned anyway. Caning is for serious crimes, like robbing, taking drugs, or killing someone. Overstaying your visa by more than 90 days gets you caned, too, and it is justified as a deterrent to illegal immigration. Before I get carried away here, let me get back to my original point: I did not pick the United States or Switzerland at random. Instead, those two countries hint at two instances I just had at the back of my mind, where citizens of those countries felt entitled to breaking local laws, Michael Fay of the US and Oliver Fricker of Switzerland. When they got caught and tried to weasel themselves out of their just punishment by getting their home countries involved, Singapore told the intervening foreign luminaries to go eff themselves and caned those fucktards.

Man, I can’t even imagine how nice and clean our Western shithole countries would be if we would cane and kill people. Oh, what’s that about killing, you say? That’s right, Singapore has the death penalty, of which I am a huge supporter off. When you enter Singapore, you sign a piece of paper that states that according to Singapore law, drug dealing is punished with death. If we had that in the West, we could take a walk in our parks again, instead of being accosted or even mugged by third world drug-dealing scum. Lee Kuan Yew, the legendary founder of Singapore, stated that one death is not enough for a drug dealer. Imagine how quickly you’d solve the drug problem if you wiped out the entire family of a drug dealer, every single living member! If you think the claim of punishing a criminal’s familiy is outlandish, look up how Israel deals with Muslim terrorists: they raze their houses to the ground. Allegedly, they tell the inhabitants that they have fifteen minutes to gather their shit and get out. According to the promoters of unlawfulness, the Left, there is no deterring effect of punishment, so we should instead coddle our culturally enriching criminals and terrorists, but reality paints a much different picture.

Oh, and then there is the supposed issue with freedom of speech. Well, unlike in the West, the government is very transparent about what you can and cannot say and their rules are quite plausible. For instance, if you want to spread lies and falsehoods, I think you deservedly have it coming anyway. In the West, though, such scum would get the chance to write lefty op-eds in the New York Times or spread feminist propaganda in The Guardian. If clamping down on “freedom of speech” means that lies and propaganda can’t be spread, then I’m all for it.

To summarize, the approach Singapore chose is along the lines that the government does what is best for the country, as opposed to pandering to a constituency that may not have a country’s best interest at heart and instead only focus on their own fickle and myopic desires. The Singaporean rulers clearly have a point because Western-style democracy is a failed system. The mere idea that the vote of every person counts the same is completely absurd. It’s great if you want to ensure a ballooning welfare state that eventually bankrupts the country, but not if you think one or two generations ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Experiencing Singapore (3): Singaporean Democracy

  1. To those who claim that the death penalty does not work I can only say it scares the shit out of me and the thought of being on death row makes me think twice if I wanna smoke a joint in Singapore. (not that I smoke anything, but just saying)
    The argument that those who do commit crimes punishable by death don’t care is BS, because that’s not the point. The point is that many didn’t commit a crime to begin with because of fear.

    It’s the same as concealed carry. In Kennesaw, Georgia, every household is required by law to have a gun. The concealed carriers are many. Now, when a gun fight happens a good guy might stop a bad guy without too many casualties or there might actually be some casualties. But that’s not the point. What matters is: How many crimes were not committed because a shooter thinks twice of going guns blazing into a room of 10 people, knowing that he WILL die, because statistically speaking e.g. 7/10 will carry? He might shot down one or two, but he WILL die.

    Yes, fear works.

    is only something in recent year or two.
    and the prisons for terrorists are known here is as
    country clubs. also i am not sure but their families of convicted terrorists get money from israel government. this is why there was a consideration of death punishment.

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