How “Progressives” Took the Punch out of the Words Rape, Hate, and Nazis

The incompetency if not downright stupidity of “progressives” is a never-ending source of entertainment. I think many of their leading talking heads are prime examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect. The relevant part is that if you are dumb, you do not know that you are dumb. On the other hand, looking at their behaviors as an outsider with a sufficiently high level of intelligence we can indeed conclude that they must be quite stupid.

Take “rape” for example! Not too long ago, “rape” meant forcible rape, i.e. the perpetrator overpowering their victim and engaging in a sexual act against the will of the latter. This would be clear enough. Obviously, rape is a serious transgression. For a moment, imagine you are a feminist with an IQ below 100 and the emotional maturity of a toddler. You are aware that rape is a heinous crime, and you want to undermine the ominous patriarchy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could borrow the connotations of rape? We’re just talking about words, so why not make up some new definitions? For instance, we could call it rape when a woman regrets her one-night stand, or if she was caught cheating. Suddenly, what was once a consensual sexual act is now rape. We could take it one step further and use terms like “micro-rape” when a regular guy looks at a woman who is not interested in him.

Now imagine you could say that X “raped” Y, when X had consensual sex with Y, but Y is mad because X does not want to enter a relationship with her. We could now call X a rapist, regardless of the fact that X and Y had consensual sex. Along similar lines, we could call any transgression rape and rest assured that the accused would end up in dire straits. Yet, do this long enough, and the wider public will catch on that “rape” no longer means what it used to mean. Gone are the days where rape meant sexual intercourse against your will. We are already at the point where we need to clarify what kind of “rape” has taken place. Did Muhammad knock a young female student off her bike, drag her into an alley and forcefully insert his penis in her, or did a deluded young co-ed believe that all guys look at her in her mini-skirt, and thus she gets “micro-raped” 100 times a day? Surely, 100 “micro rapes” equal one real rape, so that hapless girl gets raped any time she goes out in public.

The word “hate” has similarly undergone quite a transformation. Hate used to mean intense and passionate dislike. A sentence like “The Nazis hated the Jews” is clear enough. We don’t even have to add that the former wanted to exterminate the latter. However, just like with “rape”, the collective of progressive non-thinkers online thought they could just use the word “hate” in an inflationary manner without changing the meaning. A few years ago it may have raised some eyebrows, if not given alarm if you read a statement like “women are exposed to hate online”. “Progressives” use the term “hate” when someone disagrees with them. Heck, they may even refer to your opinions as “hate” if you do not fully and uncritically agree with them. If you keep your mouth shut instead of voicing your support for socialims, you are the embodiment of “hate.” Consequently, we are at a point where we only shrug when the word “hate” is used. We would instead have to learn a lot more about the circumstances. Has X genuinely committed a hate crime or did he simply, for instance, not respond in the affirmative when he got asked out on a date by an unattractive woman with barrel-like features?

Let us now talk about Nazis. There was a time when a Nazi was a member of the German National Socialist party, i.e. the Nazi party. After the war, former Nazis were called Nazis, and so were Nazi sympathizers. A few decades later, we have arrived at the point where everyone who not fully and uncritically embraces Marxism and socialism is labeled a Nazi. This might be a convenient shorthand. Yet, the overuse of that label by “progressives” is now responsible for the fact that the epithet “Nazi” has lost its power. The same is true for the biggest Nazi of them all, Adolf Hitler. I can’t count how often I have come across statements such as “X is literally Hitler.” Yup, Trump is “literally Hitler”, according to avantguarde thinkers of the progressive Left. Of course! Presumably the CIA managed to resurrect him from his ashes, rejuvenate him, and turn him into Donald Trump.

In their endless laziness, the Left has now managed to strip power words like “hate”, “rape”, and “Nazi” of almost all their power. What do we call genuine hate nowadays? We can no longer call it “hate” because that word is now used for any resistance your typical entitled millennial snowflake faces, no matter how justified or insignificant. What has happened to “rape”? If anything, the inflationary use of the word makes us no longer take it seriously. This is perfectly plausible when a large number of supposed rapes are complete bullshit. In that regard, strong empowered Western women are to blame as well with their constant false rape accusations. Great job, ladies!

Lastly, there are nowadays so many people who are called Nazis or “literally Hitler” that you can only shake your head. Remember when it was seen as a grave attack to be called a right-winger? Those days are over. The “progressives”, in their myopia, have managed to make people stop caring about this. There used to be a stigma associated with voting for right-wing parties. That is about as dead as a dodo. In the end, it all boils down to lazy thinking. Instead of critically engaging your opponent, progressive luminaries thought it wise to instead misuse language. Now they wonder why nobody cares anymore when they talk about all the “hate” they face, and all the “rapes” that are committed. It’s similar to crying wolf. Words are powerful. Use them wisely or live with the negative consequences.

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3 thoughts on “How “Progressives” Took the Punch out of the Words Rape, Hate, and Nazis

  1. The irony of all these ridiculous rape accusations is that true rape that’s done by the hand of Muslims is swept under the rug. It’s all just whatever is conveinient to the group’s narrative.

    Oh, and I’ve heard people Nazi’s as far right-wingers. Isn’t it more accurate that they were on the left side of the spectrum? If so, then how convenient.

  2. I haven’t experienced SJWs first hand. That is most probably due to where I live. But I too understand that the use of the words like racist to denote anything you don’t like and not at all about race will inevitably reduce its powerful negative connotations. Nowadays, racist is a word like the word “the” which has no real meaning but used a lot for completeness. Funny how that happened at the hands of SJWs. I would’ve assumed that it would be the work of Nazis.

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