Progressive Propaganda in Pixar’s The Incredibles 2

It is very rare for me to go to the cinema these days. I think the last movie I watched on the big screen was Entourage, which was way better than the critics would make you believe. However, due to semi-frequent traveling, I got the chance to watch quite a few moves on planes. When crossing time zones, it is a lot more convenient to consume some mindless Hollywood movie than do any serious work. On my last flight with Lufthansa, which was a few days ago, I noticed that The Incredibles 2 was now available. I found the first one to be quite entertaining, so it caught my attention.

Overall, The Incredibles 2 does not take any risks. Had I paid for it, I would have felt quite disappointed. Watching it for free left me with only a mildly better opinion as the constant progressive messaging took away from my enjoyment. In case you are not familiar with The Incredibles, all you have to know is that it is a comedic take on a family of superheroes who have to juggle their regular life as well. Yes, that is hardly an innovative plot. In the first movie, the husband is stuck in an office job, the wife, if I recall correctly, a housewife. The teenage daughter is a teenage daughter. A younger son is Bart Simpson with superpowers, and there is also a baby for added cuteness.

In the sequel, superheroes are framed by the mass media as being a threat to society due to all the damage they cause. In order to rehabilitate their image, a wealthy benefactor steps in, but he wants to focus on the woman in the family first: Elastigirl, because she is supposedly more relatable. The movie is thus largely about her, while her husband, Mr Incredible, gets to herd the children and struggle with how hard, supposedly, it is to do chores and help the kids with their homework. Elastigirl is also depicted in a way that is fairly close to the feminists ideal: She has small boobs and ginormous thighs. Her slim waist is due to her superpowers, which allow her to change the shape of her body. In the first move, there is a scene where she uses her superpower to give herself a tight ass. In the sequel, she proudly struts around a fat ass all through the movie. Have you ever seen a fat girl with small boobs and surprisingly thin waist? That’s due to them wearing a corset. Elastigirl is the superhero version of that.

The wealthy benefactor is displayed as a clueless tool, and the brain behind the operation is his sister who is Elon Musk, Tony Stark, and your random evil genius rolled into one. She creates a shapeshifting electric motorbike for giggles, but is also responsible for all the inventions her billionaire brother merely sells to the world, as she laments. Thus, this character boils down to the messages “we need more women in STEM” and “men exploit the hard work of women”, with an undertone of men appropriating all the hard work of women and robbing them of their spot in the limelight, somewhat in the vein of Hidden Figures, that movie about the women who put a man on the moon. (I did not even manage to watch the trailer of that movie.)

Furthermore, there are a few gratuitous scenes in The Incredibles 2 that do absolutely nothing for the story. These involve a “woke” female superhero with a rather unattractive face and whose body is devoid of female features. Her hair is blue and the waxes lyrical about how alienated she feels in this world, which seems to hint at her being dissatisfied with her biological sex, but that is not spelled out. All of this only makes you roll your eyes. Lastly, the producers even shoved in anti-male messaging where you would least expect it. For instance, for one brief moment, a TV ad is shown in which a man puts a tray in the oven, while the announcer states, “it’s so simple, even he can do it.” In that world, ovens apparently fall from the sky and can only be used by women, while the average man struggles. If anything, the “hidden figures” in that example are the men who designed and created that household appliance, but let’s not ruin the progressive virtue signaling with a bit of critical thinking.

Thanks for The Incredibles 2, Disney! I now know that I do not have to bother with any future animated movies you put out. I had no problem dropping Star Wars, and so did a lot of the fanbase. In the end, “get woke, go broke” is a reality. The benefit animated movies have is that you have plenty of parents who make their kids watch movies instead of actively engaging with them, so that market will not disappear anytime soon. If anything, that market is booming. Thus, Disney seemingly has an excellent approach to poisoning the minds of children with “progressive” messaging. As an adult, you know better, though.

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4 thoughts on “Progressive Propaganda in Pixar’s The Incredibles 2

  1. check out the new halloween movie, lots of propaganda in there too. bad ass women save the day yet all the white males die, only smart person is a little black kid that runs away and tell the white guy hes going to die.

      1. Seems to be two trends in hollywood films:

        1) bad-ass women saving the day – for example there’s a new Terminator sequel in production and you can tell from the promo’s that it’s grrrl power to save (whoa)mankind. This YouTube channel talks about this (and other SJW-ism in movies:

        2) And more of those “hidden figures” type movies where films are about women being put down or men stealing from them. Like a movie about mary shelley and how she wrote Frankenstein (did she really write Frankenstein though???). I’m sure there’ll be a movie about how Shakespeare was really a woman…

  2. If feminists were serious about female empowerment, they could embrace some real female hero depictions… you know, like Sarah Connor in Terminator or Ripley in the original Alien films…..

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