Your son will probably not continue your supposed legacy

Arguably the only convincing reason to get married and tie yourself to a woman is to have kids and raise them in a stable environment. With many women, this is hardly an easy task. I also think that most people do not put a lot of thought into the question of whether to have children. It is easy to see why this is the case. First, most kids are born in the underclass. Second, by definition, the underclass does not think much about its actions. This completes the proof. Because there is only a minority of children born in households that are net-taxpayers, only a minority of parents can be assumed to spend much thought on how their children should develop.

In conversations with parents and hopeful or soon-to-be-expecting couples, the guy may glowingly speak of the aspirations he has for his son. Some, and I consider myself in this camp, even concretely think of what they would like to teach their son. (No, I don’t have a son, but I sure would like to have one.) For instance, one of my ambitions for my son is the early mastery of basic mathematics. This means that by age 12, he should have completed what used to be a standard high school curriculum in mathematics, including calculus. I find it appalling how much time is wasted on basic arithmetic in school. That’s something I expect a smart kid to pick up in a few weeks instead of several years. Indeed, it seems that public education has done little besides lowering standards in order to eliminate differences on paper.

You can have lofty ambitions for your kids. In fact, you will be in good company if you do. Yet, this does not mean that your kid will turn out alright. You probably know of plenty of families with a black sheep. Often, it is not quite clear what went wrong. They just turned out badly. Examples I can think of off the top of my head, and all from really solid families, are as follows: there was one guy who mingled with the wrong crowd and overdosed in his early twenties, one guy who dropped out of high school with no skills or job prospects, one guy who quit his job to focus on bodybuilding, and one guy who crashed his father’s car while driving under the influence — and without a license. Daughters can be led astray as well. That’s not the point of this post, but I have seen a lot on that front as well, such as one girl who moved to her boyfriend at the age of 16, and several girls who figured out that partying is more fun than studying, with all that entails. This means unwanted pregnancies and abortions, a long string of failed relationships, and the inability to keep a guy.

The point simply is that your kids may turn out poorly, despite your best effort. There is also the issue that you cannot supervise them too closely because you want them to develop independence. Yet, your kids may abuse their freedom. While I do not hope to ever wake up and realize that my son is a little worthless shithead, the fact that this could happen is something I certainly have to keep in mind. After all, the apple can indeed fall very far from the tree. The best way of dealing with this may be to not push your son, or sons, to be something they are not. A prime example is parents who have overly unrealistic ambitions for their kids. On that note, Singapore serves as a rather bad example because the country is full of Chinese who have very high hopes for their children. Yet, the parents speak neither correct Mandarin nor correct English. You can find online forums where those people congregate, communicating in their ungrammatical pidgin English while exhibiting an air of superiority. It’s downright bizarre.

I do hope that my male offspring will achieve more than I have achieved. As I’m writing this, I’m quite content with how my life is shaping up. Yet, I would lie if I said that I would not be disappointed if they did not manage to surpass me. I think that an awful lot would have to go wrong for him to be only average. However, there is the problem of one’s environment. In that regard, our modern effeminate societies do a poor job instilling a sense of duty and a proper work ethic. Given the uphill battle ahead, I should certainly expect setbacks.

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2 thoughts on “Your son will probably not continue your supposed legacy

  1. After three generations from you, your great grandchildren will have just 12.5% of your genes and thus will not be even half of what you are genetically. I don’t particularly feel good about leaving just that little of my DNA behind. I’d rather focus on my happiness instead of leaving behind children. It’s just stupid to think about children, period. What ultimately matters is that I am reasonably satisfied.

  2. “Because there is only a minority of children born in households that are net-taxpayers, only a minority of parents can be assumed to spend much thought on how their children should develop.”

    It’s crazy on how few people the western systems run. Germany (83mio) has only 15mio people who are net tax payers. 8mio of them are below the age of 45.
    The rest: net tax consumers.

    If anybody wants to know why democracy with a “one-man-one-vote” system doesn’t work – here you have it.

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