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The False Wisdom of the Aged Beta Male

When I was younger, I occasionally came across older guys who somehow felt compelled to impart their wisdom on me. This is bad enough when it happens in the real world, but you can find that kind of person online as well. Picture some loser who has not achieved anything of note in life. By this I don’t mean that he didn’t get a Noble prize. No, instead those guys are complete washouts, trapped in dead-end jobs. Pretending to be privy to how the world really works when they bump into some young guys makes them feel better about themselves if not superior. You’ll find those guys everywhere: they may ride a cab, hang out in bars, be perennial post-docs, or have ended up in some dead-end position in a large corporation.

Back in high school we went on a few excursions. One took us to Vienna, Austria. That trip consisted of a packed two or three days, doing touristy things and pretending we went on this trip only to make history more graspable, or something like that. On an evening, we had dinner in a traditional Austrian restaurant. We sat down, and it did not take long until some fat loser in his 50s on the neighboring table started to talk to us. Minutes later, he told us about where in Vienna we can pick up girls, and how the Vienna girl likes to be picked up. You could tell by looking at that guy that if he ever got laid in life, it must have been way back in the days. Heck, a guy I went to school with probably ended up quite similar. He was the star of our soccer team, banged all the easy girls in school, and failed at everything in life after it became clear that becoming a professional soccer player isn’t even a long shot for him. He ended up as a sales clerk, began drinking, and got amazingly fat in a few short years. Who knows, maybe in ten years he will tell young impressionable boys how to really get laid with the local ladies in whatever place he happen to end up in.

Indeed, supposed wisdom in sexual matters is one of the prime areas of knowledge of the aged beta male as well as the alpha-turned-beta. Another favorite of mine is “pussy is pussy”, sometimes phrased as “all pussy is alike” or “it’s always the same hole”. I can’t count how often I have heard that crap. Anybody who says that can’t have had sex with more than a very small number of women because the qualitative difference is indeed substantial. There are tight and loose pussies, shallow and deep ones, and that is before we even talk about technique. Some women know how to use their pussy, most don’t. Yet, the washed up beta fuck-up knows it all and proclaims that it’s all the same and that there are no differences.

While many an aged beta cuck can be found driving a cab, one of the most noteworthy anecdotes I have never heard from a cab driver, but from randoms. It goes roughly as follows: A cab driver takes a passenger from the airport to the city. The passenger says he is looking forward to move to this place because he has heard that people are very outgoing, just like he is, while people back where he is from are closed-off. The wise cabbie then says that he is right. He shall find that kind of people here. Then the story repeats with a different passenger, with different parameters. This time, the passenger is a timid guy he asks about the people in the city and the ever-so-wise cabbie tells him that people are just like him. The moral of the story is that if you’re outgoing, you’ll meet outgoing people no matter where you are, and the same is true for any other disposition you might have, regardless where in the world you are. Sadly, this is complete and utter bullshit. You have to have seen very little of the world if you so casually dismiss cultural differences. If you’re some cucked fat beta fattie in his 50s who has never left his socialist European backwater, then this might make sense, but it does not to anyone who has spent some time living in different cultures.

Another favorite of the loser brigade is to claim that “the game is rigged”, that it’s “more about whom you know than what you know”, and similar statements. Again, this is what a true loser will say. True, in some careers your social background will open or close doors. Your chances of getting into an investment bank or a white-shoe law firm will be a lot higher if you’ve attended an elite boarding school, followed by a very selective university with a long history. In the UK, for instance, there are boutique consulting or financial companies who only hire from Oxbridge, with some only hiring from either Oxford or Cambridge because that’s where the founders went to. However, there are a lot of great career paths out there that are open to you. What’s more, it doesn’t take much to “make it”. Essentially, you only have to make it through a reasonably tough degree and get a job, and that’s it. Your starting salary in most if not all engineering disciplines or in professional services can easily be above the average income in your country, and for this you have to know that average incomes are skewed to the left, meaning that the average is well above the median. That’s it. You’re in your early-to-mid twenties, and you’ve already made it. Of course this doesn’t work if you make career choices that are based on luck, but that doesn’t give you the right to claim that the game is “rigged”, no matter how old you are.

In summary, be very wary of supposed wisdom, in particular when it comes from people who only have substandard life experiences. I am not dismissing life experience, but the problem is the kind of life that person has lived. Quite likely, the experience thus gained wasn’t very valuable. If you’re young and impressionable, better radically question the supposed wisdom of your elders because if they were as smart as they pretend to be, they would most likely not be in the unenviable position they are in.

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One thought on “The False Wisdom of the Aged Beta Male

  1. It’s almost always the same:
    “Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know.”

    Very good proxy.

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