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“Doctors and Engineers” Performing Simple Tasks

At the beginning of the great European migration crisis, we were promised doctors and engineers, quantum physicists and mathematicians, architects and pilots. In the end, we somehow got an abundance of uneducated goat-herders. The thought that a third-world country could educate people at the standard of the first world is indeed ludicrous and it says a lot about how the elites view the common man that their propaganda once pushed that claim. In short, they think people like you and me are complete idiots who believe absolutely everything, no matter how outlandish, if it is only repeated often enough.

The focus of the immigration debate has shifted, however. While there are still complaints that countries like Germany are too strict with their assessment of foreign degrees, forcing third-world doctors out of their supposed profession, the primary current claim is that those people could do all the work the natives no longer want to do. Think of all the “3D jobs”, i.e. jobs that are dirty, dangerous and difficult! Yet, even that is a bar that is too high to meet due to an oftentimes questionable attitude towards work. This is shown in the fact that the vast majority of immigrants who enroll in a language course, let alone a vocational training scheme, in Germany quit within weeks.

Yet, there are also jobs that are relatively simple and still in demand. Supposedly, our beloved foreign-trained doctors and engineers could take on those and, for instance, work as gardeners or bus drivers. I think claiming that those jobs are particularly simple is not entirely justified. Furthermore, there is a fundamental psychological or cultural aspect that seems to be completely ignored. I’ll talk about some experiences I have had over the years with bus drivers first.

Unlike in the United States, where you’d rather avoid taking the bus whenever you can, in Europe public transport is a standard means of transportation and generally does not have the stigma of being reserved for the underclass. I lived in London for a good two years a little over a decade ago. There, I was exposed to the bus-driving habits of people of the dark-skinned persuasion, presumably Indians and Pakistanis. Those guys — I don’t think I ever saw a female bus driver — used to slam the brakes like mad. They’d stop and start in such a haphazard manner that you would have to hold on to a rail or pole in the bus if you weren’t seated. They took turns as if they were unable to perform a smooth motion with the steering wheel. In all honesty, when on such a bus, you better don’t have much food in your stomach as their way of driving could easily make you throw up. You learn to deal with it, of course. Yet, this was a far cry from how I perceived the typical white bus driver to do his job, based on my experience in Germany.

A few years later, I moved to Sweden, which has taken in foreign doctors and engineers by the truckload. They have been trying hard to find jobs for them. One area in which they have become visible is, again, driving buses. Unlike in London, where I was fortunate enough to have been able to often just walk, I had to take the bus daily for years in Sweden. Whenever I noticed a bus driver who was particularly incompetent, it was either someone brown-skinned or a woman. Sure, they may formally fulfill the qualifications of being able to drive the bus, but how they do it is an entirely different matter.

I had a particular joy taking the bus a few times after the morning rush hour, due to a flexible schedule. This may sound great on paper, yet I encountered bus drivers who ignored the scheduled times. The custom is that if the bus is early, it waits until the departure time is reached. This is not how our cultural enrichers do it. I repeatedly witnessed the bus just rushing past five minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you’re on a bus like that, you may experience that even though you indicate that you want to get off at the next stop, our helpful vibrant enricher just drives past the bus stop, without a care in the world. If you have never experienced this you may not believe it. Once I had to shout repeatedly to make the dude stop and he ended up stopping a good ten meters past the bus stop and let me off. That is illegal, by the way. Another favorite of mine is bus drivers who view their bus as an extension of their living room. Once I was on a bus at 10:00 a.m., and I was the only passenger. The bus driver somehow deduced I had an interest in Arab sounding popular music and blasted it via the loudspeakers.

The underlying problem is that IQ serves as an effecctive barrier to doing certain jobs. You need to be pretty smart to be a (real) doctor or engineer. For other jobs, you’d do reasonably well with an IQ of 100 or even below that. However, job performance is not some kind of step-wise function where someone with an IQ of 95 does every job perfectly that roughly requires such an amount of brainpower. Instead, people who are less smart do less well even on comparatively simple tasks, as my stories about taking the bus in Europe illustrated. I noticed this most clearly in mathematics in middle and high school. It is not the case that your typical middling-IQ moron just can’t grasp calculus — they can hardly figure out algebra. If they get the right answer, it takes them a lot longer than someone who is a lot smarter. Heck, even with simple arithmetic, those people are disadvantaged. They may need five times longer to do a few simple calculations and the risk that they make a mistake will be substantial.

If the previous example was too abstract, picture yourself in the gym. Because you work out like a maniac, you can easily deadlift 200 kg. If you had to lift up a parcel that weighs 20 kilos, you could do it easily. On the other hand, some soyboy faggot who weighs only about 50 kgs would struggle quite a bit with it. Assuming he could do, it would take him a lot longer and he would break quite a sweat. He’d probably be exhausted afterward and would not be able to do much more than post some adventures in autism stories on Reddit about how he is standing up against the patriarchy. It’s the same with mental work. If someone does not have much capacity for it, you don’t just get a lot less out of him — his performance, even on simple tasks, would be far from what someone of average intelligence could do, let alone someone of above-average intelligence.

Because pepole with a high IQ tend to do a better job, regardless of the job we are talking about, the inverse ensures that even simple jobs will be carried out poorly by people with a low IQ. Thus, there is no good solution for the problem of having millions of supposed doctors and engineers in Europe who are hamstrung by low IQs, poor education, and a foreign work ethic, pun intended. It will all blow up, sooner or later. Just wait what happens if we ever have to curtail the welfare state.

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