The Psychological Importance of a Marginal Income Tax of 50% or More

The West is leading on many important metrics such as wokeness or marginal tax rate. Paying an income tax of less than ten percent would be a sign of the dark ages and indicate that you live in an authoritarian and brutally oppressive regime. In contrast, in the West there is wide buy-in when it comes to the multiculturalization of society, which is why the idea of a tax revolt is completely unknown. Instead, people are happy to pay 50% or more in income taxes. In Europe, this is the case in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain, and a few smaller countries as well.

That being the status quo, I still wondered why our politicians have decided to pick such a seemingly arbitrary number. I imagine tax policy to work like this: you start with the amount of money you want to spend on improving the world, which includes noble goals like paying the debts of third-world countries, sustaining the welfare aristocracy, and funding pride week. Then, the issue is how you get the money. As Western governments don’t run their own businesses, at least not directly, they need to fleece the taxpayer. Yet, there are many tax sources such as VAT and other consumption taxes. They could get the same amount of tax revenue by taxing the top income bracket at 40% and simply increase other tax rates.

Having 30 or 40% of your earned income taken away from you would be bad enough. Taking exactly half is evil and if the tax rate is above 50%, it is downright diabolical. I think a big reason why in a country as progressive as Sweden the marginal income tax is currently 52% is that it constitutes a ginormous fuck you to the taxpayer. It’s all about those Marxist politicians signaling to the private-sector employee that they own him. No, they not just get half, they get half and something extra on top! How else would you describe a relationship in which more than half of what you earn you have to give to someone else? It doesn’t end with the income tax either. Should you invest your taxed income and make some extra money, you pay capital gains tax. That may amount to another 25 or 30% in our socialist utopias in Europe. Then there is the fact that your employer pays payroll tax, so the actual tax burden of your income can reach 70% and beyond, which is absolutely mind-boggling.

In a sane society, you’d expect the government to reduce the tax burden if the services they provide deteriorate. A genuine utopia like Singapore even reduces the tax burden or hands out cashbacks if the government took in more taxes than it needed. That’s not how things work in the West, though. According to our societal fiction, we pay a lot of taxes but get healthcare, police protection, and education for our children in return “for free”. Yet, today socialized healthcare is shit, the police are getting defunded and the less said about public edumacation, the better. Yet, how come we pay more and more for ever-worsening services? Again, this is by design. You have some smarmy politicians on a cocaine-induced power trip who love to revel in the feeling that they own you. They’ll squeeze you as much as you can, believing that you’ll just take it. They view you as nothing but cattle whose sole purpose is to finance their socialist utopia. They also think that you’ll never quit or leave.

Some Western countries have experienced a rather shocking brain drain. Germany comes to mind first and foremost. Hundreds of thousands of highly educated Germans have moved to Scandinavia, Switzerland, or the United States as they were unsatisfied by the conditions back home. In the various Scandinavian countries, you have sky-high taxes, but on the plus side, working conditions are really good, so if you want to maximize your work/life balance, it’s arguably a better place to live than Germany. Work doesn’t feel like work and you get 30 days of vacation per year. Plus, as politicians lament, segregation is very high. This means that if you’re willing to pay, you can live in a relatively clean and safe neighborhood. In Germany, this is a lot more expensive. It’s arguably no longer doable if you can’t afford to plunk down 500.000 Euros for an apartment, and that won’t even buy you much in big cities anymore.

The only way this kind of modern-day financial slavery will end is if the Western countries collapse. Well, it’s probably more of a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’. We are not quite there yet, but we’re getting there as the productive members of society are getting squeezed more and more, which has now led to a cultural acceleration: the parasitical left is getting more and more unhinged, welfare costs explode, and the productive members of society either leave or decide to drop out of the rat race. Meanwhile, we import millions of alleged “doctors and engineers” whose financial contributions to the welfare state are not always easy to determine.

I presume that a large number of MGTOWs are men who are simply fed up with society. They realize that the deck is stacked against them, so they downsize their standard of living and maximize their happiness. This doesn’t necessarily mean that armies of men live in their mother’s basements. Instead, it may mean that those guys negotiate contracts that favor their goals, like working three days a week instead of five or working on month-long assignments as freelancers, followed by extended time off. Incidentally, I’m meeting more and more people in that category. All of this harms society in the long run, but I’d argue it benefits the individual.

Our politicians have torn up the social contract. Instead of aiming for arrangements that can be described as fair because you know you get something in return for your tax contributions, you get basically nothing in return nowadays, or nothing positive. Instead, your labor is abused to finance clown world. Paying a marginal income tax rate of 50% or more is such a wonderful symbol for this. I can’t imagine a more powerful message from the elites to the herd than telling you that you have to give them at least half of what you make, and you’ll have to like it. It’s pure evil.

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3 thoughts on “The Psychological Importance of a Marginal Income Tax of 50% or More

  1. Once again you’re giving me an opportunity to bang the drum about Sweden’s penchant for hosting parasites using taxpayers’ money. Let me just try to recall all the make-work jobs I’ve come across for these people:
    – Community policing in troubled neighbourhoods (in some cases, those hired might even be the cousins or have other family relations to the criminals).
    – Customer service personnel at government agencies to do the utterly unnecessary job of pressing the ticket machine for people to get their queue number from.
    – In at least one Swedish university you can learn Somali (language, literature, culture, etc). This effectively is employment for people of that ilk who can pull themselves together to be presentable enough. Who’s to say they’re not going to try to expand their department with more teaching and non-teaching staff?
    – Language teaching positions in public schools for languages as obscure as Ethiopian and Tigrinja.

    It’s all just another form of welfarism.

  2. “The only way this kind of modern-day financial slavery will end is if the Western countries collapse.”

    Believe it or not, but governments don’t finance themselves through taxes as much as they do through debt.

    Obviously the ECB think they can play FED and just print the stimulus package of 1.8 trillion EUR just like the FED printed 3 trillion when they added US treasuries to their balance sheet and handed the cash to the treasury so that Congress can spend it.

    What the ECB (and for that matter any other central bank) don’t get is that for every “system dollar” there is 15 dollars of debt. Eurodollar loans amount to 57trillion globally which means that when the Fed increased M2 from 15.x tr per beginning of this year to 18.x tr as of today, it was still not enough to satisfy the global USD shortage.
    ECB et al think they can do the same, (un)knowingly ignoring that 79.5% of all trade is conducted in USD and not in their funny Euros, hence there are not even close to as many euroeuros globally than eurodollars to offset their printing.

    In other words (and especially given the EUR has only a fraction of USD’s liquidity), your collapse might come sooner rather than later.
    Remember, in currency wars and devaluation it’s about the last man standing.
    Get some hard assets.

    Oh and, this time it is different. We have a non-fiat escape valve. The Reichsmark didn’t. Try to promote gold or bitcoin to a guy in Lebanon and he’ll get it. Soon, ze Germans will get it, too.

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