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Open Thread #4

The Open Thread is a forum for readers of my blog. It is an opportunity to leave comments and start discussions that do not fit under an existing post or which would derail ongoing debates.

A new Open Thread will be posted whenever it seems suitable. There is no fixed time interval and no set number of posts.

Every Open Thread is easily accessible via the “Open Thread” category on this blog.

4 thoughts on “Open Thread #4

  1. Hi Aaron,
    In your meditation book,you’ve mentioned somewhere that in addition to meditation,you also teach your own stripped-down version of Yoga to clients you’ve coached in-person. Do you ever intend to release a work on this someday? (Though I imagine this would have to be a DVD rather than a book,for obvious reasons.)

  2. @Aaron, If you had the chance to living long term in Monte Carlo in Monaco, Amsterdam in Netherlands or Singapore in Singapore like I do now, where would you chose with what you know about Singapore? I know perfectly well that my decision should be made based on my preferences and am going to make a decision regardless of what you say here. Yet, I would like to know why you’d chose Singapore for instance over the others. Thanks.

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