Experiencing Singapore (6): The Geographic Downside

From a geopolitical perspective, the biggest problem of Singapore is that it is a first-world country smack in the middle of a bunch of backwards Muslim third-world countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and many others. I don’t care how “offended” you are by this statement, but it is clear as day that the GDP per capita of Singapore dwarfs any of its neighbors. This is easily explained if you believe in the unpopular concept of IQ and its predictive power for personal and national success. Alternatively, you could believe in the “magic dirt” theory, which your typical leftist dipshit does, but if that’s your stance, then you’ll be hard-pressed to explain why Malaysia is doing so much worse than Singapore. In that regard, I would also like to remind you that Singapore used to be part of Malaysia.

If you have neighbors like Singapore, you need to be vigilant. This is the prime reason why Singapore invests heavily in its military. There is national service, which is mandatory for all men. It takes two years. That may sounds like a lot, but it’s not if you keep in mind that it used to be almost three years. Once you are done with that and want to return to a civilian life, you’re part of the reserve — until your 40th or even 50th birthday. There are regular check-ups to make sure that you’re in shape. If you’re not, then there are sanctions. Singapore’s army, to give you just one data point, is larger than Germany’s. Unlike Germany, Singapore also has enough money for ammunition and tanks as well as helicopters that are operational. Long gone are the days of Nazi Germany, that’s for sure.

I accompanied my girlfriend and her family on the enlistment of her brother. Recruits are trained on a separate island, which is only accessible via ferry. On the way, you see one banner after another, stressing the importance of Singapore being able to defend itself and pointing out common sense truths that would get you branded a Nazi in the West, such as that if Singapore can’t defend itself it has no justification to exist, or that nobody else would come to its defence, or that an army is necessary, in the words of Lee Kuan Yew, to prevent others to “just take” what Singaporeans have built. I was just a tourist, but I felt all warm and fuzzy reading this. I almost shed a tear of joy. I am not kidding. I felt genuinely touched by this display of national pride.

In comparison, the West invites its enemies and finances them lavishly.

It is indeed not implausible that a country like Indonesia may one day decide to invade Singapore. Then again, before they do that, they’d first have to get their act together, and in that regards, Muslims seem to have some difficulties, which I am sure are in absolutely no way related to intelligence or culture because, of course, we are all the same. Singapore just happened to have been built upon an island consisting of magic dirt, right, leftist shitheads?

The closest geopolitical comparison to the situation of Singapore is Israel. Interestingly, the Singaporean government has close ties to that country. I may be wrong, but I think I read that Israeli advisors play a predominant role in Singaporean security circles. It’s easy to see why this would be the case as both countries, in the eyes of their Muslim neighbors, stick out like a sore thumb and are a constant reminder of the (economic) inferiority of Muslim countries. Just as a case in point, you will have little difficulty finding expressions of resentment towards Singapore from Malays online. In any case, should there be a Muslim terrorist attack committed by Malays in Singapore, I expect the backlash to be quite severe. The last time the Indians rioted, it didn’t end so well for them either.

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8 thoughts on “Experiencing Singapore (6): The Geographic Downside

  1. I wish Switzerland would get tough and wake up to the realities of being surrounded by the EU.
    They had their act together until they allowed women to vote in the 1980s. Then shit started to get out of hand.
    I like it here but just like anywhere in Western Europe being a patriot is more and more regarded raycisssss.

    1. In Raspail’s “Camp of the Saints”, Switzerland ends up being declared a rouge state at the end of the story, after the rest of Europe has fallen. If I recall correctly, the story hints at Switzerland going under, too. Have you read that book? It has sadly been superseded by reality, but it’s a good read. Also, note that the author used the then-inconceivable number of one million illegal immigrants that flooded Europe, whereas Germany took incloser to two million or so in 2015 and 2016.

      1. Haven’t read it but I’ll yake a look.
        My gf actually is supportive of moving, albeit for different reasons. Her angle is more “want to see something else” / “adventure” than my “find a muzzie free place which is not a libtard shithole and were I can feel free”.
        I’m starting to flirt more and more with the US. I’ve got an eye on Wyoming. But, immigration into the US seems incredibly difficult.

      2. Is Switzerland not conservative enough for your liking? I have the impression that it’s a lot more functional and politically sane than all of Western Europe.

      3. @Sleazy’s Gal:

        “Is Switzerland not conservative enough for your liking?”

        Well, the direction of where things are going is the same as it is in Germany. It might be slower and the conservative SVP might be the party with the most seats but the leftist narrative is taking over more and more.

        “I have the impression that it’s a lot more functional and politically sane than all of Western Europe.”

        That is correct, but if Bern bends over to all the bullshit from Brussels in a weird form of appeasement/EU alignment, it will only be a question of time until the EU’s problems will become our problems.
        Conservative enough would be if I don’t have to see all these ni**ers at the Zürich train station, who come here and live off my tax money. When I came here and walked in into the migration office in Lausanne I had a signed working contract to show. I have patiently waited and worked 5 years, my permit to stay here was tied to my working contract and to me not receiving any social benefits. Five fucking years! Last Friday I finally got an actual residence permit “Niederlassungsbewilligung” which means I’m allowed to settle down in this country even without income.
        And what did they have to do? Show the fuck up on the border?
        I can hardly call this politically sane, but if Western Europe is our benchmark, then yes, we are a bit more sane here. We passed a bill that allows police to seize and search the phones of those who do not have IDs to show at the border.
        But I tell you, every day that passes this country is giving up its sovereignty to Brussels. In August the Swiss will accept the EU law that will limit magazine capacity. You won’t be allowed to own 30 round rifle magazines no more. That’s an EU directive to which the Swiss spineless government agreed to, with the provision of letting the EU chose to impose further restrictions. Switzerland is a country with a militia at its core, not too different from the US, so this constitutes meddling with the culture of the country. And let’s not even start the debate over the logic in limiting magazine capacity, like that’s what’s gonna save us – having 5 rounds instead of 30 in your rifle… yeah, my ass.
        Conservative is maybe the countryside, but other than that its pretty much like the rest of Western Europe, i.e. leftist-propaganda invested, un-independent thinking and it has been going on for 2 generations. The army is shit and crime is up.
        So there’s two ways this can go now: Either we become the same first world shithole Germany and France are, or, the sentiment in Germany and France actually turns, and while DE and FR will not be able to save themselves because they are too deep in it, Switzerland might save itself “last minute” style.

        I’m interested in why you believe that Switzerland is conservative. Like, what is the impression we give to the world, because from the inside it certainly looks different.

      4. Congrats on getting the residence permit! What a sweet milestone to cross, and I’m sure it’s been hard-earned too. I’ve to say I’m pretty ignorant about Switzerland. My impression of it being more conservative is due to what I’ve heard from Aaron and some videos by YouTube account Vlad Tepesblog. For instance:
        – building new mosque minarets is banned
        – most Swiss women still stay at home to take care of children
        – a Swiss village chose to pay a hefty fine instead of taking in refugees.

        And as Aaron once considered moving to Switzerland himself, I thought that reflected decently on the country. So it’s nice to hear the perspective from somebody on the ground.

      5. THANK YOU!
        I’m really proud of my permit 🙂
        Yes, it’s a milestone for me and I’m one step closer to citizenship.

        Your observations are pretty much in line what’s happening. Although the mothers staying at home is due to the fact that whatever she makes working will go out for childcare, so many mothers chose to stay at home eith their kids.
        I personally would support my gf to go work 1-2 days should she become a mother, first because I believe children need to socialize and I can understand that she needs some time off also.
        Besides her income is irrelevant as unfortunately the healthcare sector, in particular elderly care (altzheimer in her case), doesn’t pay too well. In other words, it would be all on my shoulders from a financial perspective, which I hve zero problems with, I actually take pride in it.
        The career women are a bit on the rise here, too – but maybe me working in the heart of the financial district, I don’t have a very representative sample infront of my eyes when I sit in the tram 😉

        Naw, I guess its fine, but deep down it hurts to see when we give away our sovereignty and our freedom although we don’t have to. Trump is a great example that you can actually say “No”. And even smaller countries like HU, PL and CZ can say “No”. And so should Switzerland. There’s no need to bow before Brussels.

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