Experiencing Singapore (7): The Quality of the Women (Yes, it is high!)

I expect my readers to be almost exclusively Western men. If you’re a Western woman in Singapore and reading this, I can only say one thing, based on 100% of Western women I have encountered in Singapore: LOL. The Westerners in Singapore don’t want you, and the local men don’t find you attractive either, so better return from where you came from. There may be a few attractive Western women in Singapore, but even if they are, they just can’t hold a candle to even a fairly average ethnic Chinese Singaporean woman.

For you horny white guys, I’d say that the quality of the women is incomparably better than in the West. Asian women tend to be lithe and slender. They also age rather slowly, compared to Western women. The question, though, is whether you like Asian women. It may well be that you have accepted the Western standard of flabby arms and chubby legs and think that is how women are supposed to look, while the women in non-feminist porn are only a fantasy. However, slim women with fantastic bodies who are in great shape really do exist. It’s only that they have gotten increasingly rare in the West.

In Singapore, the Chinese are the majority. Some of them are indeed highly attractive. A sizeable minority of them like white men, in particular if they are of the non-poor variety, so you’ll probably have a good time, at least in theory. In practice, the women in Singapore normally get brought up well and keep their legs together. Thus, if you only want to get laid, you may want to look for a different country. This even applies to the whoremongers among you as the few hookers in the Singaporean red light district (Geylang) I walked past looked pretty shitty. There may be better quality elsewhere, though.

In general, if you like legs more than boobs, you’ll be in for quite a treat. Obviously, since the women are lithe, they also have petite hands. This will make your dick in their hand look even bigger than it already is. Also, just as the size of a man’s penis correlates with his height, so does the, er, size of the female receptacle. This reminds me of a comment Ben left on my other blog, where he remarked that having sex with an Asian woman makes you feel like a conqueror. I’m tempted to subscribe to that notion. In comparison, I don’t even want to imagine having sex with the kind of woman I bump into in the West. If you happen to come across one that keeps in shape, you can bet that she’ll have a horrible attitude.

You may wonder why Singaporean women manage to stay slim while the majority of Western women fail at that. It’s a mixture of good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and societal pressure. Also, it’s not just society. You can expect mothers to heckle their daughters in case they are getting too fat. Societal pressure is institutionalized, by the way. I was quite amused when I learned that Singaporean school children have a category on their report card that states if their weight is adequate, or whether they are (mildly) overweight or underweight. Surely, no parent wants to see it stated on an official document that their son or daughter is overweight. On that note, schools are allowed to interfere. If I recall correctly, fat kids don’t get to eat dessert and have to do more exercise.

What I found interesting is that local standards of (facial) beauty seem to differ significantly from my own standards for female beauty. I’m often amused when my girlfriend shows me pictures of a female friend or acquaintance of hers who is supposedly extremely beautiful and has armies of local beta men fawn over her. Those women tend to look fairly androgynous, with thin lips and underdeveloped features, facial and otherwise. In contrast, my girlfriend claims to not be very attractive by Singaporean standards, but my perception is the complete opposite as she has big eyes and full lips — and the dimensions of a sex doll (45kg at 160cm with a very sexy figure).

There is an active but very small hookup scene, largely involving Singaporean women who have been thoroughly Westernized, and of course the daughters of Western expatriates who successfully instilled their lack of values in their offspring. I’m not sure that is what I’d recommend, given the fact that clubs are very expensive. For the cost of one weekend partying in Singapore, which may not even get you laid, you can spend one to two weeks in Thailand, including flight, and fuck until your dick falls off.

If you’re in Singapore for a longer amount of time, you may still be hamstrung because most young women want to lock down their future husband early. “Dating for marriage”, as it is referred to by locals, is seen as the norm, while hooking up is still by many considered a waste of time, a health risk, and detrimental to their reputation. Meanwhile, in the West young women compete among each other about who’s sucking the most dick on spring break. But back to the issue of serious dating: It seems to be the case that Malay women strongly prefer their own race. I don’t know much about Indian women. I have hardly seen any, to be honest. There is an Indian district, Little India, which seems to be full of men. At least that was my impression when I walked through it. Consequently, if you go to Singapore, you can either get laid with desperate white women, or you stick to the Chinese. If you’re not after a long-term relationship, all is not lost as there is a subset of them who actively and aggressively chase after white guys. Those women are referred to as “Sarong Party Girls”, and they are not just a cliche. They really exist.

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4 thoughts on “Experiencing Singapore (7): The Quality of the Women (Yes, it is high!)

  1. The hookers in the red light district, Geylang, are almost exclusively non-Singaporeans. They come from China and neighbouring Southeast Asian countries. I don’t know where you can find Singaporean hookers. You probably have to rely on informal channels for that.

    And yup, fat-shaming is institutionalised. If you’re overweight in primary school, sorry but you’ll have to spend most of your recess exercising under the supervision of a teacher. You’re given the last 10 mins to get some healthy food from the canteen like fruits. But if you try to buy something unhealthy you’ll get shouted at by the eagle-eyed teacher on duty. This was what I saw as a kid many years ago at least. It’s hilarious but my friend’s primary school even specially grouped all the fat kids together in 1-2 classes (instead of having them spread out across the cohort) so that it’d make logistics/chaperoning easier! Think about the teasing that was most probably directed at these cute and pudgy bowling pins toddling around the school en masse. I hope none of them have low self-esteem issues today.

    Besides the weight status on the report card, every year in school starting from the age of 9 Singaporean kids also have to pass a physical fitness test comprising 6 components: sit-ups, inclined pull-ups, a standing broad jump, sit-and-reach (basically how far you can stretch), a shuttle run (short distance sprints), and a 1.6km run. When I thought about this as an adult, it seemed almost abusive to expect younglings to finish 4 rounds of an Olympic-sized track within a certain timing. But all of that was very doable, not to mention fun 🙂

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