Grassroot Election Manipulation in Sweden

You may think that Sweden is a well-run Western country. Then again, if you follow international news just a little bit, your perception is probably a much different one. Here is an aspect that you may find truly shocking. It is based on my personal experience when I voted in the elections on 9 September.

The first unpleasant experience was that the leftist block stood outside the voting location, handing out fliers. There could well have been an element of intended intimidation in play. Imagine you walk toward the voting location, and right in front of the entrance you have to make it past a row of people with armbands showing their political affiliation, and telling you to vote for them. If those people had worn uniforms, the nazi symbolism would have been more pronounced.

Inside, things didn’t get much better. For this you have to know that in Sweden, elections are not secret. Instead, you take a paper slip corresponding to the party you intend to vote for, make an optional cross for a party member if you want, put the slip into an envelope, and hand that in. This means that you walk from the place where you take the voting slip to the voting booth with a paper slip that shows the logo of the party you are going to vote for. This is a clear flaw of the system. I bet Swedes vote this way in order to exert some kind of social pressure to not vote for the ‘wrong’ parties. Meek people, of which there are many in this country, may simply not dare to vote for a democratic party like the Sweden Democrats, given that the radical left dominates the political landscape. (By the way, the Sweden Democrats are a left-leaning party with clear socialist tendencies. They are just not as outright anti-white as the other parties.)

A workaround that ensures some secrecy is to take voting slips of several parties, or possibly even of all. Swedes love to bring this up as an excuse. Yet, that is a dishonest argument because your typical cucked Swede would be proud to be seen voting for the Social Democrats or the Left Party, while they may want to hide voting for a more conservative party like the Moderates or the Sweden Democrats. Both those parties get their campaign posters regularly defaced. It does not happen with posters hung up by the radical left mainstream. Consequently, people view you with suspicion if you don’t openly vote for a mainstream party. This is, among others, expressed in the fact that voters of the Sweden Democrats tend to not even participate in exit polls.

What I have shared so far is largely an example of social pressure. However, there was also outright manipulation. As I wrote, you take a voting slip for your party. Yet, when it was my turn to take a slip, I could not find any of the Sweden Democrats, so I complained to this to the staff, a middle-aged woman. I said to her, loudly, that I cannot find the slips for the Sweden Democrats. First, she played dumb and said she doesn’t know what I meant, so I repeated myself. She then looked through the sheets in the dispenser, and what had happened was that someone had put slips of another party in front of the slips for the Sweden Democrats. The excuse I got to hear was, “Teehee, this happens”, which I followed up with pointing out that this should not only not happen, but that the people responsible should get charged with election fraud. Her sheepish response consisted of thanking me for pointing out the “inconsistency.” I am not implying that the staff messed with the voting slip dispenser. However, at the very least they were negligent. I would not be surprised if they had witnessed that kind of manipulation and happily ignored it.

We in the West sure do like our moral grandstanding about “democracy”, while we look down on supposed dictatorships like Russia, China, or Singapore. Yet, I would say that, based on what I have experienced during the recent election in Sweden, we have at least one candidate country in the West that could do with international observers scrutinizing the elections. Quite frankly, I think the election system should be overhauled to ensure that your vote is secret, but that probably won’t fly in this “humanitarian superpower” that relies as much on misinformation in the press, silencing of non-leftist voices in the press, and social pressure to maintain the status quo.

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11 thoughts on “Grassroot Election Manipulation in Sweden

  1. That’s what the left does these days. And why i don’t believe in a peaceful outcome. You can’t reason with these people. If they don’t get their way 100% they become violent. And if you give them a finger, they’ll rip your arm off. They claim to hate nazi’s. But they are copying some of the same tactics the nazi’s used. It’s overwhelmingly the left that’s using intimidation tactics and violence. This will only get worse.

    1. Nazi is short for “National Socialist”, the Nazi party, the NSDAP, was also a worker’s party. There are clear left-wing roots in Nazism, which the left obviously does not want to acknowledge. I wonder if they are even educated enough to know about any of this. You are right that the Left is using the intimidation tactics of the Nazis. However, the Nazis had to build their own goon squad in order to protect themselves from the violent communist mob. In other words, Nazism was a response to Marxism, and Nazi tactics were a response to systematic communist terror. Thus, the Left is directly to blame for Nazi tactics as well as the rise of Hitler. In one of Orwell’s books, I think it was in ‘Coming Up For Air’, he referred to Nazism being a response to Communism as a well-known fact. Today, you would be labelled a conspiracy theorist if you publicly made that claim.

      1. @Aaron: It seems to me most people don’t know much about WW2. And the politics involved leading up to it. We now have a younger generation that seems to think that germans just started to gas jews for fun. And the world united to stop them. They seriously think that’s why we had WW2. They know absolutely nothing about it. But these people scream the loudest about seeing nazi’s everywhere. These antifa groupies are a joke. They pretty much had their own version of the crystal night in protest of imaginary nazi’s. Smashing all store windows except the ones that had pro antifa sighs. All dressing in the same black uniform. Attacking all people they assumed had different politics. All while yelling and screaming their own political party slogans. Demanding government control over industries. While calling themselves anarchist. Because they dont like fascism and nazi’s. Makes you wonder what these kids learn at school these days. Is this what fifty-thousand dollar or more buys you in education? Really WTF?

      2. “We now have a younger generation that seems to think that germans just started to gas jews for fun.”

        Because they are too dumb to make a bit of 3rd grade math and see that the number of crematoria “available” and their “capacity” (1 body takes 2 hours, even by today’s standards) would’ve never been sufficient to cremate the supposedly gased 5 mio jews in the approx 2.5 years that the so called extermination camps allegedly were operational.
        But hey, let’s do some virtue signaling and go to a concert against Fascists, which is like, uhm, totally the same like Nazis, duhh…

      3. @Neutralrandomthoughts: The Auschwitz gas chamber that they show to tourists today. Was built by American soldiers after the war. Just as many other gas chambers that they showed people. The Auschwitz gas chamber is basically a spooky theme park attraction. So i think it’s a reasonable question why the Americans did that. Why would they first destroy all the German gas chambers. And built replica’s so they can show people what the germans did. Doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s just bull shit. Other gas chamber photo evidence was also manipulated. These were used in the trials and are displayed in museums. Withness testimonies that don’t ad up. The list go’s on and on. But simply questioning it will get you in trouble. There are even german people jailed who denied this. How can you ever know the truth without asking questions? If you don’t repeat their version of history. They will destroy your life and possibly jail you. And next tell you how bad oppressive government is. Because nazi germany did the same.

      4. @ben
        “Why?” is a good question. “Cui bono?” is the next.
        Who has an interest in Germans bathing in their own guilt for generations ahead?
        Who has an interest in Germans being so ashamed of themselves so that they live below their potential for as long as possible?
        America might have been great. But boy, Germany was greater. Look at the architecture, the engineering, the economy, everything.
        Somebody must have been very afraid of that superiority to instill shame and guilt so that the Germans are killed from within.
        Who benefited most from the war? Israel and the US, right?

      5. 19th century Germany was an incredible country. If Germany did not have such an illustrious past, it’s current reputation would be a lot worse. There are still people talking about “German engineering” or “German efficiency”, when that is much more myth than reality nowadays.

      6. “There are still people talking about “German engineering” or “German efficiency”, when that is much more myth than reality nowadays.”

        It is a myth. Here’s an example.
        Sig Sauer was sold. It’s no longer Swiss.
        The Sig P210 is considered one of the most precise handguns in the world. Switzerland produced them up until the 70s. I think the precision comes in part from the fact that the barrel is forged from one piece and there have been very little tolerances overall, just like the K31.
        Germany started the re-production of the P210 lately though, after the take over.
        Before that, an ex-army SIG (used of course) was running at 800-900$ which is quite a price tag for a 2nd hand gun. Used Glocks run at $400-500. Now, as the US is buying up the Swiss market like there’s no tomorrow, one of the original P210s is running at $1500. Why? Well… as you said, German engineering ain’t what it used to be. German P210s are nowhere near as precise as the original Swiss ones.
        I’m considering buying one for the preciseness and the future appreciation in value. Also, my Sig P226 Legion is produced in the US, so albeit being a cool gun, it just doesn’t come close to a real P210.
        Bottom line: German engineering used to be on par with Swiss engineering. Not anymore.

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