“Free Shit” Political Parties

In the days before the election in Sweden, I received mail from only one political party, the Left Party. They sent me three A4-sized fliers. The first one told me that we cannot be racists because we are all equal and all the same. On the second, they deliriously claimed that they stand for a stronger and more secure society. I would like to learn more about those thought processes, because flooding the country with asylum seekers from incompatible cultures has certainly not led to greater cohesion in society or an increased feeling of personal safety. Quite the opposite.

The third flier I received was something else, though. They summarized their achievements. You may wonder what a party like that has achieved. I was as curious as you, and I ended up rolling my eyes as I went through a list made of bullet points that could all be condensed as “increased welfare payments.” None of the groups mentioned I had any sympathy for. Single moms may now be happy that they get more money, and so may illegal immigrant women who get paid for being pregnant (I wish I was making this up). Well, I don’t think all those affected groups show much gratitude. Instead, they most likely think they are entitled to that money.

While the ideal voter of that party is supposed to think, “Awesome! We’re getting free money!”, surely the productive members of society view this a lot differently. When I looked at that flier, my first thought was not along the lines of possible welfare benefits I may enjoy receiving in some extremely unlikely if not downright impossible future but instead I thought of the crippling tax burden I shoulder. I felt downright disgusted at that kind of political messaging.

What you should also know is that a large part of your tax burden in Sweden is hidden from you. On your income, you pay around 30% in taxes. However, your employer pays an additional tax on top of your salary. If you take this into account as well, your effective income tax is around 60%, which is a fucking joke. Those taxes are then used to shower certain privileged groups, such as single moms and sacred immigrants, with money. I don’t see what I get out of it. Yet, we have political parties whose only “achievement” is to take that sweet taxpayer money and distribute it freely in exchange for votes. It is a sickening system that could be curtailed effectively, for instance, if your right to vote was dependent on whether you have paid a certain amount of taxes within a certain interval.

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3 thoughts on ““Free Shit” Political Parties

  1. If we got men, who are going MGTOW, thinking about themselves, only work if needed then there are too many „performance refusals“.
    Government can only hand out money, if there are enough (dumb) men – we all know women work less.

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