Doom Eternal is the First Mainstream Product to Openly Mock the Left

I recently watched the reveal trailer of Doom Eternal. It’s not the kind of game I would like to play, but as I have a passing interest in the state of the art of consumer-grade computer graphics, I keep an eye on important events such as QuakeCon or SIGGRAPH. I’m linking the trailer below. It’s around 30 minutes long, so some of you may find that to be too much of a time commitment:

That trailer shows a slice of Doom Eternal gameplay. There’s blood and gore galore. I find the violence too gratuitous and therefore off-putting, but I can see why some people don’t have such concerns. Yet, the point is not the very impressive graphics and the fast-paced gameplay. Instead, I want to draw your attention to what the female voice in the background says. From what you can gather, demons have invaded the earth, and the facilities of some corporations are a portal to hell form which those creatures come. At the beginning of the game, you navigate those facilities and are exposed to a number of public service announcements, which are voice recordings of a young female.

To set the scene, you have to realize that earth, in Doom Eternal, is invaded by demons. In Doom-world, the planet is well-organized until a portal to hell, or possibly other dimensions, opens. Then an army of demons shows up that tears up the entire place. This was already the story of Doom III, but back then the thought that Europe would get flooded with millions of low-skilled immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, which have been wreaking havoc on the continent ever since, was downright absurd. George Soros, though, may have had wet dreams about that scenario at that time already. So, how does the corporate PSA comment on demons tearing everything to shit? It’s this nugget: “The earth is the melting pot of the universe.” You hear this as some demon shoots a fireball at you which could easily kill you. Likewise, the left excuses increasing violence and the collapse of public safety by pointing out that we live in a “melting pot.”

As you enter a scene in which demons are running wild, the corporate PSA tells you to “help make our new arrivals feel welcome.” As you can see in the trailer, the “newcomers” destroy and kill. Yet, corporate wants you to throw teddy bears instead of ripping their brains from their skulls. What you also notice is that the female voice is one of a stereotypically dumb female, as evidenced by the rising pitch at the end of every sentence. At ID Software, they probably invited a bunch of valley girls for the audition to pick the one who sounded the most stupid.

The left does not like to call a spade a spade. For instance, a few days ago a German lefty proposed that we stop using the word “victim” and instead speak about “experience” instead. Thus, instead of “female rape victims”, she wants to read “persons experiencing sexual assault” or something along those lines. Along very similar lines, your corporate overlords in Doom Eternal don’t want you to use the word “demon” to refer to the invaders. Instead, we are advised to call them “mortally-challenged” because “some may find the word ‘demon’ offensive.” I chuckled when I heard that one. Heck, we supposedly can’t all asylum seekers asylum seekers, let alone asylum tourists. Instead, the left wants us to use phrases like “people seeking protection” or some nonsense like that.

At one point, the dumb female announcer tells you that “everything is going according to plan”, while everything is going to shit. You could certainly make the point that for the left, everything is going according to plan in the West as they fantasize about a future paradise that is supposed to automatically emerge after chaos. They have no idea how this is supposed to happen, but they are convinced that they first have to overcome the status quo. Thus, the chaos we witness in the West is according to the plans of the left. It seems the world of Doom Eternal has likewise been infested by Lefties and SJWs. Now that demons, er, the mortally-challenged are tearing up the place, everything is going according to plan.

What I also liked was that the game goes out of its way to paint the announcer as singularly stupid and clueless. In the trailer, you see a fight against a demon called “Slayer”. After you kill it (!), you hear that woman say, “Warning: slayer threat level at maximum”, betraying her cluelessness. This is likewise a good parallel to the West, where the left is unable to assess the “threat level” in society, because they live in their white-dominated neighborhoods, while spewing venom at “old white men” and actively working on “overthrowing the patriarchy”. Yet, those leftist shitheads don’t want to live in the multicultural paradise they have been creating themselves. They could just move to the immigrant ghettos of their cities, but they don’t.

You may dismiss Doom Eternal as “just a game.” However, this is a hugely successful franchise. The previous game sold a few million copies. Furthermore, ID Software is owned by a billion-dollar corporation. I’d say it is quite significant that such a powerful corporate entity openly mocks the left, in particularly considering that Western game developers have been kowtowing to a feminist agenda for many years. It seems that the realization that SJWs and feminists don’t buy your games, and that pandering to that crowd makes you lose your customers, has been reaching the upper echelons of management. In the end, money talks. On that note, Battle Field V, that game where they have butch lesbians with pink hair and arm protheses duke it out in a vivid re-imagination of World War II has been enjoying very lackluster pre-order numbers. Change is coming.

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7 thoughts on “Doom Eternal is the First Mainstream Product to Openly Mock the Left

  1. A couple of points:

    Keep in mind that a developer on the Doom reboot poked fun at Anita’s stupidity so this wasn’t that much of a surprise.

    “It seems that the realization that SJWs and feminists don’t buy your games, and that pandering to that crowd makes you lose your customers, has been reaching the upper echelons of management”
    Just look at Kingdom Come: Deliverance. When SJWs complained that the game didn’t have black people in it the director Daniel Vavra basically told them to fuck off and the game became successful.

  2. Haha the trailer had me rolling when the female voice comes on. One point I’d like to make about the Slayer reference, though.

    I’m not %100 sure, but I think the main protagonist is known as the Doom Slayer. In that trailer it shows him walking through like a badass and every human who gets in the way is, like “oh shit!” In the previous game, you’re playing as the Slayer who was resurrected to take care of the demon hoard. Something about how they were using the demon portal as an energy source.

    The way I took that scene was that the humans saw you as a threat and thus set off the Slayer alarm. They see the demons as visitors in need of coddling. And the protagonist Slayer, most likely a white guy, is going around kicking ass and ultimately saving humanity from their own dumbass decisions, so in return everyone freaks out and gets defensive. Nevermind there are demons, and a city in flames.

  3. You might’ve also heard about the recent Cyberpunk 2077 incident, where someone on the game’s official twitter account responded to someone saying, “did you just assumed their gender?”

    I haven’t researched it too much, but a lot of SJWs were extremely pissed off to the point that the developers had to basically retract the statement and apologize. Would have been nicer if they just told everyone to chill the fuck out, and chalked it up to a bad joke.

    1. I have heard that it was a decision from the upper management to pull the joke, while the rest of the workers thought it was a fun joke and was disappointed that it was removed.

  4. As usual you right wing monkeys are wrong. It mocks corporations which are pretty much right wing and almost all run by morons who masterbait to Ayn Rand.

    1. First, if you do not learn how to spell correctly, you will not get far in life. Second, if you do not learn how to present a proper argument, you will not get far. Third, your cognitive dissonance is going to hold you back as well. The kind of you loves to bash capitalism, yet happily uses the Internet and smartphones. I cannot even fathom how stupid your kind is.

      1. It sure is advisable to this Chris loser to learn how to spell masturbate before he masturbates to Hillary Clinton.

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