Suppression of Alternative Opinions Leads to Boredom: Why Swedes Believe that Sweden is Boring

When I first met Swedes abroad, I noticed that one of their most common complaints was that their country was “boring”. Of course, this was before a surge of excitement hit that country. Nowadays, they have shootings, rampant drug abuse, gang-rapes of little girls, arson attacks, honor killings, terrorizing of natives, and no end to bombings: police stations get blown up, the facade of apartment buildings blown off. Not even some of the wealthiest parts of the country are safe anymore. It is not going to stop, not anytime soon. I think there is a script for a blockbuster movie in here somewhere: guns, cocaine, crime, explosions, sex with hot blondes! Someone should give Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Michael Bay a call because Sweden has turned into a real-world action movie. Surely, there is no reason to feel “bored” anymore. Yet, the common Swede is so drenched in political correctness that they are unable to even think that something is wrong with their country. Discussing those issues is still a major faux pas in polite society. Compared to a gradual breakdown of social order, a bit of boredom is probably by far preferable.

It is not the case that only today’s young Swedes complain about boredom. In the 1970s, Sweden changed its constitution and decreed that their country shall become a multi-cultural one. This is simply mind-boggling. Today’s Sweden could be a futurist utopia and have the highest GDP per capita in the world. In the 1970s, Sweden was the envy of the world. Yet, they created a pastiche of the Fist and Third World instead, and the latter is getting more and more prominent. From what I gather, this was sold to the general public with claims such as that life in Sweden was so “boring” when everybody looked like everybody else. Wouldn’t it be much more exciting to see a few foreign faces? A few decades later, a solid quarter of the inhabitants in Sweden have at least one foreign-born parent.

You may very well ask yourself what causes boredom. As the saying goes, boring people are bored, but there is more to that. In fact, Swedish society is one of the most oppressive societies there are. This is not paradoxical. True, their young women are encouraged to sleep around until they have encountered every STD there is to catch, marriage rates are trending downwards, and drinking is their favorite pastime. Yet, the real oppression happens in elsewhere: the range of opinions you are allowed to have, if you do not want to lose your “friends” or your job is rather narrow. In fact, young women get scolded if they say that they want to be stay-at-home mothers. It’s apparently better to be a slut and a corporate drone instead.

To give you a concrete example, the only safe topics among my Swedish colleagues are:

  • the weather (as long as you don’t question man-made climate change)
  • vacation plans (as long as you’re milquetoast)
  • mainstream video games (provided they don’t “objectify” women)
  • sportsball

As you can guess, this is pretty boring. I remember once quipping about Swedish politics, wondering aloud why we elect kindergarteners to parliament. The context was that, like in kindergarten, the mainstream parties ostracize the Sweden Democrats, which are at best in the center, but the political landscape is so far to the left that they are considered “right-wing extremists.” Well, a colleague remarked, supposedly jokingly, that I didn’t strike him as a “right-wing sympathizer.” The only colleague I have whom I enjoy talking to (in his private office) is an older dude who is close to retiring and who doesn’t give a fuck anymore. He talks about how communists have taken over the country, that the government is apparently living in a dream world, and that I should move to Asia. (He spent over a decade as an expat in Asia himself and regrets coming back.)

Obviously, if people are afraid to say anything that is not completely sanitized, you end up with an utterly boring environment. If you have never experienced it, then let me give you just one example of the kind of self-censorship that is going on. One of my colleagues mentioned some video game he recently bought. Then he apparently realized that he was treating into dangerous territory and quickly added that it contained “too many boobs”. I looked it up later, and it’s a totally safe-for-work title. One of the main characters has a not-entirely-flat chest, but is fully clothed.

Well, you can guess where this is going: to survive in such an environment, you keep your mouth shut. On your weekends, you “relax” or “go shopping together with your girlfriend” (lol), the only thing noteworthy about your travels is “nature”, and if you really want to blend in, you watch some normie TV show like Game of Thrones. There would be simple ways to spice things up. Not policing people for not sticking 100% to the party line would be a start. Yet, that would be too easy. Well, the Swedes fucked this up. Now they get fireworks in their country — and they still talk about the same boring shit at work. Great job, Bjorn!

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7 thoughts on “Suppression of Alternative Opinions Leads to Boredom: Why Swedes Believe that Sweden is Boring

  1. Is Finland any different from Sweden in terms of diversity pushing and female egalitarianism? Bringing this up as Finland just elected their amah-zing youngest PM as a result of all major parties being female-led propping this new electee (source:

    I am so sure with all womyn at the helm Finland will prove to be a utopia and therefore matriarchy good, patriarchy (and orange man) BAD. /s

    1. Finland is lagging behind Sweden a little bit, mainly because of its colder climate and its geography, i.e. welfare-seeking immigrants from the MENA region will have an easier time getting to Germany and Sweden. However, there have been notable cases of cultural enrichment such as their local version of Rotherham where a Muslim gang groomed and sexually abused young girls. I bet that Finland’s woke incoming PM will close the diversity gap to Sweden.

    1. This is utter madness. It reminded me of another video that was floating around a few years ago. I can’t quite recall if it was a satire or not, but who can tell anymore nowadays anyway? It originated in the very same city, interestingly enough. Here it is:
      As you can see, throwing hadoukens works in the real world too.

      In all seriousness, those morons probably have no idea how a real-world rape happens. It’s not some kind of struggle in which the woman would have a chance to begin with. Instead, a seasoned rapist knocks the woman out with one punch in the head or a few punches in the face to fully lower her defenses, and then gets to work. Feminists are so brainwashed that they don’t seem to even know how hard a guy can hit and what a punch by a strong opponent feels like. A real fight has nothing to do with what you see in movies. After a good first punch, a fight in the real world is often over.

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