Manufactured Revolutions: What Antifa, the Hong Kong Riots, and Greta Thunberg Have in Common

If you lack any ability to think critically, you may genuinely believe that the various so-called color revolutions such as the Arab Spring or the Hong Kong Riots were entirely organic movements. The people just had enough and rose up. Similarly, the meteoric rise to media prominence of movements such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future or its spin-off Extinction Rebellion (XR) may not look suspicious to you at all. But let’s look at this a bit more critically.

The current mainstream media darling is Greta Thunberg, an autistic girl from Sweden, who did not want to go to school anymore and therefore protested outside of the Riksdag in Stockholm, the parliamentary building. This somehow spawned a world-wide network with hundreds if not thousands of simultaneous demonstrations. Think about what had to happen in the background for this to happen: First, you need wide media coverage, for which you need, at the very least elite contacts, because otherwise you would just be another random weirdo. Second, you need an infrastructure for mass communication. Don’t tell me that this was made possible with the magic of the Internet. Third, you need boots on the ground.

First, Greta Thunberg may be saddled with a rather unfortunate set of genes, but she still is a scion of an elite Swedish family with excellent access to the levers of power. The assumption that she is used as a mere pawn in a game played by others is easy to arrive at. Still, without powerful backing, her “movement” would have gone nowhere. She had media contacts.

Second, organic movements do not spread within a few days all over the globe. Instead, her Fridays for Future movement piggybacks on the existing grievance industry that consists of labor unions, leftist/communist political parties, NGOs, and leftist activist groups. This is similar to how venture capitalists try to get companies off the ground: they start with a small group of individuals with a (hopefully) good idea, give them some funding to hire more people and develop their product and, lastly, provide them with access to a powerful network, which includes media contacts, technical advisors, and marketing people. Greta Thunberg was launched in the very same way. No matter where you look, you’ll find George Soros’ Open Society Foundation pulling the strings and providing money. In the case of color revolutions, the CIA is operating behind the scenes.

Third, you need (more) people. Of course, you can’t pay millions of people to show up and demonstrate. Thus, you provide a small core group with activist stipends and cover housing as well as transportation. Then, you need what the Soviets called “useful idiots”, i.e. people how are blinded by ideology and controlled by emotions. Think of the hundreds of thousands of women who demonstrated for open borders in Europe a few years ago. Today’s climate activists are cut from the same cloth.

You may find my claim that activists are getting paid outlandish. However, this is really how it works. I learned about this originally when I was briefly part of a leftist activist group at university many years ago. They had piqued my interest by hosting discussion groups on alternative economic theories. Little did I know that this was just a code phrase for Marxism and Socialism as opposed to genuine criticism of mainstream economics. Yet, I stuck around for a little bit. Then I got invited to a “workshop” on political activism. I showed up as well and was shocked to learn that it was essentially some kind of boot camp for small-time revolutionaries. They covered topics such as your legal rights in case of arrest, what kind of weapons, self-made or otherwise, were not legally considered weapons, police tactics for crowd control and how to counter them, how to make arrest more difficult, and so on and so forth. It was quite fascinated by it as I had no idea that this kind of scene really existed. I was young and naive and believed that leftist rioters were simply a bunch of guys who just liked to destroy stuff. That’s of course true but I did not expect any level of professionalism at all.

“But where does the money come in?”, you may ask. Well, that was the final part. The organizers of that workshop all got scholarships or stipends for their studies by leftist think tanks or political parties. This was based on their “interest in politics.” However, they needed foot soldiers as well. To sweeten the deal, the offer was that they would pay for transport and temporary housing if you wanted to travel to some other city and join the protests. For mass protests, busses and even entire trains were chartered. Today, financial backing is even better. From what I have gathered, activists get stipends that pay the equivalent of a non-technical entry-level graduate job.

The same principles I just described apply to all kinds of organized mass protests. Of course, they are not rigidly organized on the ground level as they depend on getting support on the ground. However, the key point here is that ground-level support comes after the infrastructure has been set up, not before. The direction of growth is much different than the mainstream leads you to believe. An important element, however, is that the motive has to be reasonably plausible to enough people in order to get wider support. That’s also were the shoddy state school system comes in because poorly educated people are easier to manipulate.

Without external backing, there would be no Antifa, Fridays for Future, Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, and whatever other groups there may be out there. Really, did it not strike you as odd at all that suddenly Antifa or Black Lives Matter were all over the news? By the way, Antifa is not a recent group. What you see in the US is basically an international franchise of a German group of wannabe-revolutionaries that has been around for over half a century. Their “corporate identity” has simply been copied and used to launch an international offspring in the United States.

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13 thoughts on “Manufactured Revolutions: What Antifa, the Hong Kong Riots, and Greta Thunberg Have in Common

  1. You didn’t write about why the Hong Kong riots might be entirely manufactured, though.

    To me it doesn’t seem unplausible at all, that many H.K. chinese wouldn’t wish to live inside a communist prison and instead retain the way of life they’ve grown accustomed to during British colonial rule and their money as well. Even if a core group of activists had been (most certainly) set up and paid, that still doesn’t invalidate the cause itself.

    1. While I don’t doubt Aaron’s description fits well enough for certain countries, “the CIA did it” is such a ridiculous talking point for anyone with a functioning brain in relation to the uprising here in my small Central American corner, that I’m willing to believe at least part of the mainstream narrative in HK and some others.

      Putin’s Russia doesn’t have the media apparatus the US elites have, but they’re just as much guilty of spreading misinformation for their own interests.

      1. Leaders of the HK riots were seen having meetings with members of the U.S. State Department. Pictures have been leaked online. Sure, those uprisings may feed into popular ressentiments, but the role of the US of sparking the fire and adding fuel to the flame is hard to deny.

      2. Leaders of the Nicaraguan “opposition” have been seen with gringo politicians as well, mostly after the protests started of course, but the Sandinista dictatorship presented it to their minions as “proof” that the CIA was behind the whole thing. Same playbook as in Venezuela.

        All I’m saying is, any evidence that comes from the China/Russia bloc should be analyzed critically as much as the rest. That Russian channel RT, with their wingmen of TELESUR, have damaged Latin America with their Fake News more than CNN and all the US media ever could.

      3. Sure, you have to be critical of your sources, but if protest leaders are photographed with leading US CIA or State Department officials, then what else do you need?

    1. It’s a really strange coincidence. It’s surely also a coincidence that the US spent billions if not trillions on wars in the Middle East, which, I am absolutely sure, has nothing at all to do with the goys doing the bidding of the Jews. That would be a preposterous line of reasoning.

      1. These dinosaur media “empires” are hastening their demise kowtowing to SJW politics. Sports Illustrated recently named some androgynous purple-haired “football” World Cup player as sports ‘person’ of the year. It (she? zher?) goes ahead to accept the award and criticize Sports Illustrated for not being diverse enough. (The player is white by the way….)

        Source: https://www.thewrap.com/megan-rapinoe-calls-out-sports-illustrateds-lack-of-diversity-while-accepting-si-award/

        I recall this player calling for “equal pay”…since you know, the men’s world cup players make more money (ignoring the fact that no one gives a shit about women’s football.)

  2. >>You may find my claim that activists are getting paid outlandish. However, this is really how it works.<<

    That what happened in Kiev, Ukraine. Many of the Maidan revolutionaries were paid high sums…. 500$ a month. That is a lot of money for Ukrainian people.

    Below: Maidan supporters in Munich—who paid for professionally printed signs in English? https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-97bca4fdbad5c9feb9f15066eeedeb44.webp

    Maidan participant Victoria Nuland, head of the US State Dept. European Desk, said in a public speech in November, 2013 that “we” had put $5 billion dollars into “democracy in Ukraine.” So where did it go, if it is not showing on the Maidan? Are we to believe the multi-million expenditures visible there are new money appearing like mushrooms from previously untapped sources while all the NGOs, newspapers, journalists, academics, public figures, politicians, etc. who pulled in shares of that $5 billion shunned the whole event and were watching at home sitting on their thumbs?

    1. The professionalization of the activist circus is quite obvious. I think people have to be stupid to not realize it. Just think of the logistics involved. Sure, you could find alternative explanations, but how plausible is it that a global grassroots movement ends up using the same slogans and holds up the same signs all over the world?

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