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The Epitome of Clown World: Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

Even if you only irregularly follow mainstream news, you have probably come across Greta Thunberg, a shockingly unattractive 16-year-old Swedish girl with autism whose family is part of the societal elites. You may wonder what you could learn from an ugly teenage girl who seems to have skipped puberty. If you said that there was nothing at all, you would be exactly right. Yet, the mainstream has manufactured a genuine media circus around this girl. I don’t want to implicate Greta Thunberg too much here. I think she is largely an unwitting pawn in a game she does not even know she’s playing.

Let us backtrack a little: Greta Thunberg rose to fame for her climate activism. She somehow got convinced that the world is ending, this time due to man-made global warming, and therefore should no longer have to go to school. The world is ending anyway, so why bother learning anything? Two decades ago, we were told about an impending ice age, but, hey, this time “the science is settled”, like, for real. (Why would leftist ever lie to you?) Greta Thunberg then traveled to some big-shot conference in Europe and was filmed giving a speech there. The published material made it look and sound as if she was officially invited. Instead, as footage that later emerged shows, her handlers simply put her behind the lectern during a break. This was the start of a most cynical campaign.

Fast forward a few months and, particularly in Germany, there are now weekly protests of school children. They have been going on for well over half a year. These children demonstrate against the supposed inactivity of the political elites to stop man-made global warming, even though it is not even clear that it exists. Sure, tell your average moronic kid that they don’t have to attend school, and you can most likely motivate them to attend any demonstration. Teachers’ unions got in on the action, too, presumably because teachers do not want to spend any time in school either. There are no proper arguments presented during those demonstrations, only a lot of shouting and name-calling, and countless demands.

What is most cynical is that governments have begun to ride that wave by increasing the tax burden. Germany is working hard on new taxes that will squeeze the middle class even further. We learn that cars are evil and so are airplanes. What those little morons don’t seem to understand, though, is that the infrastructure that powers the Internet and enables their boundless narcissism is responsible for CO2 emissions that rival the entire aviation industry. It’s probably a complete accident that this never gets mentioned. Things could be so easy, though. They could start by going completely offline.

Even funnier is that this ugly little autistic girl from Sweden now gets to talk to world leaders and ex-leaders like Macron, Merkel, or Obama. She didn’t want to talk to Donald Trump, however. The other day she even threw a fit at the UN headquarters in NYC. We really do live in clown world. This girl knows nothing and understands nothing. She most certainly has not read a single piece of academic research. On that note, education in mathematics in Sweden is among the worst in the developed world, so I would not be surprised if the most she can do in that discipline is solving simple equations with one unknown. She would not even know where to start when looking at a differential equation. Greta Thunberg is unable to understand anything of the published science. Yet, she tells world leaders what to do. Give me a break!

All of this is just a charade, set up to bamboozle the mindless masses, however. (Wait what will happen when she gets awarded the Nobel Peace prize.) Of course, Greta Thunberg knows nothing. Yet, she is used and abused as a poster child of a fabricated movement that only exists to further increase governmental control. You will get more taxes. Who knows, maybe flights for the plebs will be rationed. The useful idiots of the left, however, all believe that none of this will ever affect them.

If the debate around man-made climate change was carried out seriously and honestly, we would first look at the available evidence, including evidence our leftist opinion makers do not like. Based on what I have read, a fundamental problem is that we cannot even measure temperatures precisely enough. Historial records are therefore highly unreliable. How about we sort this out before we engage in any further debates? Furthermore, we should look at the status of CO2. Is this really an issue? Recall that plants need it. If there was no CO2, we would have a serious problem. Heck, weed-growers pump CO2 into their greenhouses to make their plants develop better. So, is CO2 only bad if you don’t use it to grow your effing weed plants or what? Lastly, assuming CO2 is indeed a problem, we would also need to go through all industries that are problematic, not just those that the left does not like, such as the automotive and aviation industries. I bet if we shut down Facebook, the net effect on the world’s CO2 production would be quite significant but that would hardly be a popular measure.

I just made a brief list of a few tasks that would take a lot of effort. Sure, we could do all that, but then there is the risk that we might get results we don’t like. Certainly, you would piss off a bunch of young voters who are saddled with student debts. They cannot afford their own car, let alone frequent flights, anyway. If you told them that we have found out that data centers are highly problematic and that we therefore need to shut down a few of them, they most certainly would not like it. Change is apparently only good if it exclusively affects others. Well, we could have that debate or we start with the conclusion and use some poor wretch from Sweden to get an excuse to raise taxes even further. To get rid of any pesky arguments, we could now resort to emotions, because who could argue with an upset teenage girl? If I were a politician without principles who was convinced that the people I rule over are a bunch of idiots, I would do exactly that. No, not quite, I’d pick a super-hot teenage girl instead because then you would at least get nice pictures.

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6 thoughts on “The Epitome of Clown World: Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

  1. How time has an effect, right? Was it two years ago, that I asked you about your stance on Man-made Climate Change? And around the same time, you were some sort of collaborator for Jordan Peterson’s sites, I think.

    Now JP is on the level of a washed-up PUA and you’re firmly on the skeptical camp regarding CG. I was never big on the aforementioned guru so his current downfall hasn’t fazed me too much, but with CG I gradually went from “the one topic I might side with the left on” to full-on skepticism for a while.

    1. It is not just time. Back then I just had not looked much into global warming. However, it was also the case that the hype-machine of the left was not running on overdrive yet, so I was not quite as suspicious of various claims.

      Jordan Peterson is quite an interesting case. He was picked up by the mainstream and catapulted to world prominence within a very short amount of time. He was suddenly everywhere. Yet, he is only used as a tool, akin to a desperate attempt by the establishment to get men to buy into the system again. For me, he lost all credibility after his post on the Jewish IQ. I bet his handlers told him to write it, he popped some pills to feel good about himself, and then he got to work.

  2. Everyone says she’s autistic, but those twitchy facial tics look like Tourette’s to me. Meh, why not both? And she’s been on meds for depression.

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