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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Prepping as a Far-Right Activity

With the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading all over the world, it is of little surprise to me that prepping has now gone mainstream. In large parts of the world, people have begun stocking up on supplies, despite the respective governments stressing that nobody needs to worry about anything because everything is under control. Our benighted politicians are in so much control that they realized that, for instance, closing borders and restricting the free movement would be absolutely the wrong idea, as is being done in Europe. It’s a human right to spread deadly virus infections, bigots!

A mere few weeks ago, being a “prepper”, i.e. a rational human being that has food for a few weeks at home as a private measure of disaster prevention, was basically the same as being a far-right radical. People were called Nazis because they had a few extra bags of rice, packs of dried fruit, and stacks of canned food at home. The argument was that a prepper expresses severe distrust in government. By prepping, they make a statement that they do not believe that the government would provide for them in the case of an emergency. Obviously, you are only a good “democrat” if you believe that Daddy Government will take care of you no matter what.

If the broader public has learned anything in the last few years, it is that you cannot trust the elites at all. Common-sense notions are attacked by the elites as “populist” or “right-wing extremist”. For instance, it is immediately obvious that you cannot both have a welfare state and open borders for an unlimited number of unskilled migrants. Well, you can have both for a few short years, but at one point you’ll run out of money. Likewise, you obviously cannot use millions of illiterates from the third world to fill your local vacant high-tech jobs, like the benighted rulers of Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany proclaimed. If you criticized such obviously ludicrous ideas of the political elites, you were hounded out of polite society. People even lost jobs for posting official crime statistics showing that illegal immigrants are vastly overrepresented on their Facebook profile.

One of the most misguided ideas of the left is that language is equal to (“constitutes”) reality. This means that language creates reality. Thus, it is implied that if you ban certain kinds of speech, the underlying reality will change as well. An application of this moronic idea is to prohibit newspapers from mentioning the race of criminals. If you don’t mention that black DeShawn raped and killed a white female jogger with a phenomenal ass named Stacy in Central Park but instead only mention that a “person” had a “lethal encounter” with another “person” all is well and good because black-on-white crime supposedly goes away if you don’t write about it. Some of you may now think that I’ve lost my marbles, but do some research. The seminal text in this corner of unhinged leftist thinking is the work of a “philosopher” called John Austin who did “research”, i.e. blind speculation, on a topic he called “speech act theory”. In saner times, we would have put such people in the loony bin. Today, we let the inmates not just run the asylum but society as a whole.

As the man on the street knows, you cannot just make crime and incompetency go away by not talking about it. For instance, Sweden is clearly unwilling to tackle issues affecting the general population. There is a housing crisis, a healthcare crisis (the last time I wanted to see a GP, I had to wait a staggering three months!), and a migrant crime crisis, but nobody in power gives a fuck. Instead, the government is plastering ads all over the country encouraging women to apply for the armed forces or pursue career paths like becoming a sea captain. I wish I was making this up. I know that the situation in many other Western countries is not much better.

So, what is the obvious conclusion if you have an IQ of at least a bit over 100 and you realize that your government does not want to tackle real problems but is all-too-happy to waste money on utter bullshit? The obvious conclusion is that you stack up on food because if the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, you can rest assured that your government will not be able to help you. They’d be much more inclined to issue press releases about racist white males who have been hoarding food at home and who are now directly responsible for starving women, children, and migrants. With such a pretense, prepping would quickly be declared a criminal activity as well as a crime against humanity. How dare you evil, bigoted Nazi violate the human rights of women, children, and poor, poor unaccompanied brown-skinned minors who look middle-aged by stockpiling food! How dare you! Remember, the “argument by how-dare-you” was good enough for Greta Thunberg and the United Nations. It will be good enough to prosecute you bigots.

As a practical tip, if you’re really paranoid about the incompetency and the level of pure evil of government, I’d recommend that you don’t go to Costco and buy food for hundreds of dollars with your credit card. Instead, pay in cash. If you live in a literally cash-free society like Sweden, at least break up your trips. It is also possible to divide a single shopping trip into separate purchases. Just tell the cashier that you want to pay for everything up this point, and have the rest put on a separate receipt. Everything is traceable in a cash-free society and if I ran a corrupt, incompetent, and evil government that is not at all interested in fighting a virus pandemic, I’d first look for people who made a lot of big purchases at grocery stores, have the police pay them a visit, and force them to hand over their stockpile.

In the West, the government is the enemy. They are not going to help you because to them, you, the tax-paying (white) male, are the enemy. This does not just apply to Covid-19, though. Prepping is just common sense. Just keep a low-profile. You are doing it right when nobody in your social circle even knows that you are prepping. If anyone brings up the topic, pretend that you’ve never even heard the term “prepping” and maybe even state that it doesn’t seem to make sense because you trust in the government taking care of you if a crisis breaks out. Pretending to be an idiot is a great defense. Furthermore, you can bet that your “friends” will come knocking in the case of a food shortage and try to guilt-trip you into giving them your food, preferably for free because, of course, they would totally do the same for you if the situation was reversed. No doubt about it.

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5 thoughts on “The Covid-19 Pandemic and Prepping as a Far-Right Activity

  1. At around the time you posted your entry, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Turd-eau said this is not a time for “knee-jerk reactions”, such as closing borders.

    Now his wife is infected with Coronavirus…and he’s taking a “selfie” being quarantined and working “hard”:


    (I take it he used a tripod or his photographer is self-isolating with him…which is not exactly a robust quarantine!)

    1. All those liberal elites use the same playbook. Here in Europe, they used the exact same phrase even. We had politicians on screen telling the unwashed masses that a virus can’t be stopped by closing borders, which is why the borders need to remain open. Some changed their tunes rather quickly. (Sweden still hasn’t closed its borders, obviously, even though all its neighbors have.) I would love seeing a lot of those self-righteous idiots get taken down by Covid-19. This would give me the exact same satisfaction as seeing their daughters get raped and killed by vibrant enrichers. We’re long overdue for a good culling at the top of society (as well as the bottom) because that level of utter nonsense just can’t go on for much longer. We have reached peak Clown World. A pandemic is probably just what we needed.

      Needless to say, my statements in no way express “hate” or any kind of ill will towards the political elites. Quite the contrary. I merely, and sincerely, wish that those politicians get what they say they want. Imagine how frustrating it must be for them to flood their countries with doctors and engineers from the third world as well as accelerate the spread of a deadly virus and not get to enjoy any of the endlessly delightful consequences themselves.

      By the way, the biggest surprise about Trudeau’s wife getting infected was that he has a wife. I thought he was gay.

      1. Regarding Justin Turdeau: maybe he should ask her about that black boyfriend Umbobo of hers, whom she’s enjoying on the side… 😉

        As far as prepping and the all-encompassing idiocy if “modern”, “democratic” government is concerned I’d say you’re absolutely right. Luckily I began preparing myself for a 2020 emergency back in December already…

        As fas as this “pandemic virus” is concerned, I’m very skeptic about the idiotic mainstream narrative. The Chinese test for identifying this particular virus is higly unreliable, displaying a staggering rate of false positives:

        Quoted from the abstract:
        “Results: When the infection rate of the close contacts and the sensitivity and specificity of reported results were taken as the point estimates, the positive predictive value of the active screening was only 19.67%, *in contrast, the false-positive rate of positive results was 80.33%. The multivariate-probabilistic sensitivity analysis results supported the base-case findings, with a 75% probability for the false-positive rate of positive results over 47%.*
        Conclusions: In the close contacts of COVID-19 patients, nearly half or even more of the ‘asymptomatic infected individuals’ reported in the active nucleic acid test screening might be false positives.”

        I.e., if you don’t test for it, the virus is irrelevant, it is barely discerenable from your regular influenza and has an almost identical rate of mortality.

        But those corrupt governments will most likely put “a good crisis” to use and not “waste it”.

      2. “By the way, the biggest surprise about Trudeau’s wife getting infected was that he has a wife. I thought he was gay.”

        => You wouldn’t be the first to think that. Tru-dolt is in his comfort zone at gay pride parades – as opposed to any other prime ministerial event (like UN meetings, press conferences, etc).

        That he is not infected fuels speculation that he lives a separate life from his wife. I mean, if his wife is infected, how come he is not – unless they are living apart, er, implementing ‘social distancing’.

  2. “We’re long overdue for a good culling at the top of society (as well as the bottom) because that level of utter nonsense just can’t go on for much longer. We have reached peak Clown World. A pandemic is probably just what we needed.”

    We’re also due for a Recession and correction. While deaths and job losses will be painful and tragic, a silver lining is that all these INDULGENT diversity, SJW, and corporate social responsibility programs poisoning corporations and government will likely be corrected out.

    Hopefully the Clown World has its match – the invisible hand of the market.

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