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When is a Country in a Civil War?

A civil war consists of non-governmental groups within a country attacking each other. While the left is quick to fantasize about the threat of an armed right-wing militia, the fact of the matter is that the situation in several Western countries already clearly fulfills the criteria for a civil war. Yet, it is waged by politically favored groups, so nothing happens. Otherwise, you can bet we would have martial law and a crackdown on anybody who does live off welfare.

What would you say if there was a non-governmental army with thousands of members who is overeager to intimidate, attack, or even kill people with the wrong opinion? If you only consume mainstream news sources, you would probably say that I must be hallucinating. Yet, what is Antifa if not a well-organized army of useful idiots? They have probably destroyed property to the tunes of hundreds of millions of dollars and they are used to intimidate the opposition. If a conservative voice needs to be silenced, Soros and his henchmen send Antifa. Similarly, Black Lives Matters has not been known for its non-violent protests. Again, they are well-funded thugs, sicced on members of mainstream society.

Antifa seems to be more of a successor organization of Black Lives Matter in the United States. In Europe, the former has been around for about a century. We also had plenty of imports from more vibrant parts of the world. Sweden is a wonderful example in that regard. In the last few years, there have been hundreds of attacks with hand grenades or regular bombs. There are shootings and stabbings, too. While the Swedish mainstream is quick to label this as a problem of “toxic masculinity”, the same way they downplay the rape of native women by vibrant enrichers, the reality is that there are turf wars between rival gangs, and it is already affecting non-combatants, I mean regular citizens.

To point out how shockingly bad the situation is, I only have to highlight that there have been explosions in some of the most expensive parts of the country, such as the historic city center of Lund, or the Östermalm district in Stockholm. Bombs and hand grenades have hit prime real estate. Nobody in Swedish mainstream society wants to ask who is fighting against whom. It’s all just a case of regrettable isolated occurrences that, for some odd reason, happen over and over and over.

You can say what you want, if you have groups of people shooting each other in your country or blowing up cars and buildings, you are in a war zone. It’s a civil war. We just don’t label it like that due to political correctness. That, and probably a fear of retaliation as well. Police stations have been bombed already. Sweden can no longer solve its problems with conventional means. I don’t think they even have the manpower necessary to clean up their mess. Imagine facing hundreds of thousands of third-world immigrants of fighting age! A few policemen with their pea shooters won’t quite cut it.

The United States is likewise in a Civil War that is not labeled as such. They may not have to contend with Muslim terrorists, apart from a few episodes, but instead there is mounting pressure due to the Hispanic and black population. Feel free to look up Hispanic-on-white or black-on-white crime rates, as opposed to white-on-Hispanic or white-on-black crimes. Particularly interesting are cases like black-on-white rape versus the opposite. You should pull out your calculator and compute how much more likely a black man is to rape a white woman than a white man is to rape a black woman. If you tally up all the rapes, muggings, shootings, stabbings, you end up with a rather shocking picture that only leads to the conclusion that, yes, there is indeed a civil war going on. The whites, however, aren’t fighting. They don’t even want to acknowledge that they are in a civil war. Yet, they seem to be quite content with playing the role of the hapless victim.

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12 thoughts on “When is a Country in a Civil War?

  1. “The whites, however, aren’t fighting. They don’t even want to acknowledge that they are in a civil war. Yet, they seem to be quite content with playing the role of the hapless victim.”

    Is this your perspective on the whites in the US? If so, what’s your reference point – the larger coastal cities?
    People with guns do stack up and there are militia networks. This is a thing.
    Plus, gun rights are indeed a bi-partisan issue, so I wouldn’t go for the typical left-right/dem-rep divide here, as Virginia has shown us, where 4 dems bailed on the proposed bill.

    I do agree that there is no outright backlash from whites against say Latinos. But in fly-over country, there aren’t as many of them as in the coastal cities, hence my initial question.

      1. I stockpiled, too.
        Of course, I live in a Nazi state, so there’s a fucking registry.
        Guess they’ll just knock on my door some day and tell me I must surrender my double digit number of guns.
        I hope to have dragged my ass outta Switzerland before that day comes, because having to hand them over will put me on the spot – comply or don’t comply. A decision I’d rather not have to take.

      2. Why do you want to get out of Switzerland? Can you share a summary of your reasons? From the outside it looks like a relatively sane place to be.

      3. @Sleazy’s Wife:

        There is no freedom of speech (denying the holocaust for example is a crime)
        Gun rights are weak (no right to carry).
        Self defense rights are weak (no castle doctrine, no stand your ground laws)
        There is no sense of civil disobedience.
        Taxes are too high (yes, that’s right Switzerland has too high taxes)

      4. “relatively sane”

        Look, I don’t mean to accuse you of falling into the trap of looking at relative performance, nor do I mean to be rude in any way, but this view is extremly problematic.
        “Relative” to what? Germany? Europe in aggregate?
        India is a relatively sane place compared to Afghanistan.
        This does not tell us much about the absolute quality of life in India.

        I understand that we have to be realistic and that I probably won’t get my libertarian-semi-anarchist-minimial-government utopia any time soon.

        So compromises are part of the game. I can make a compromise on taxes. I am smart enough to outperform any state employee coming up with tax laws. The world is too big, the tax heavens are too many, and my tax advisor is too damn good to not make this work. Plus, I can write it off. What I can’t do is compromise on a failed promise of the state to protect myself and my individual freedoms from itself and its evergrowing tyranny.
        Switzerland fails really hard on individual freedoms in comparison to even Germany. Did you know that Florida’s Stand-Your-Ground law (FL being the first state to introduce it I understand) is actually somewhat inspired by the no-duty-to-retreat idea of self defense in Germany?
        Did you know that libtard capital San Francisco enacted a ban on facial recognition?
        Did you know that Switzerland passed a referendum banning hate speech against homosexuals?
        Did you know that a few weeks ago the county of the city of Zürich had a referendum on a new tax legislation proposing to effectively reduce the tax burden for the middle class and it was rejected by a whopping 75%+ of voters? People actually want to be slaves here and keep on paying taxes instead of having more money in their pockets. The new tax law would’ve netted me a nice $1500-1700 per year in reduced tax burden. That’s a nice holiday for two or 7’500 rounds of 9×19.

        What does all this tell you about this country?
        We can cheat on taxes, but we can’t cheat on individual freedoms. You either have them and you either have a constitution that is damn hard to change, or you don’t. Switzerland has a piss-poor constitution, which in the very beginning reads like a socialist manifesto.

      5. Thanks for your reply. I meant relative to Europe but you’re right, if we keep making comparisons to lower-hanging fruit or inferiority then that’d be no improvement to make.

  2. There are two types of whites here in the US: the ones with “white guilt” and the ones without.

    The gun issue is a red herring. Leftists like to blame the tools of crime instead of the criminals themselves, who tend to be of a certain protected race. The Democrats who voted against the Virginia gun control bill are probably going to get booted out of office by AOC’s Progressive brigade.

    There’s the occasional backlash against Latinos as they compete with the native white manual laborers on price. However l am impressed that illegal immigrants survive pretty well out here without welfare, which gives me an even lower impression on welfare recipients.

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