The Past, Present, and Future of the Covid-19 PsyOps Operation

Covid-19 is some of the biggest bullshit the elites have ever pulled off. In this post, I’ll outline why. Part of it is speculative, but there is plenty of analysis as well. I am going to argue that Covid-19 is a fairly inconsequential disease. It is something much more sinister, though: psychological warfare (PsyOps)of the West against the Western population.

Origin Myths

At first, let me spend a few words on the origins of the disease. Nobody knows where it comes from, but everybody can blame everybody else. One popular hypothesis is that the Chinese stole some virus from a biological lab in Canada, weaponized it in a lab in Wuhan, and then the thing got out. Then there is the Wuhan wet market hypothesis that postulates that it’s all due to someone eating bat soup and the virus jumping from bat to human. In this scenario, the West can blame the Chinese. People are already demanding retaliations against China.

Unfortunately, for our Western warmongers, there is an equally plausible hypothesis, namely that the US brought the virus to China during the 2019 World Military Games, which happen to have been held in Wuhan, the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak. This is plausible for several reasons, the main ones being that the US sent piss-poor competitors to that event. Maybe they got deliberately infected before they were sent there. Then there is the rather strange coincidence that Covid-19 showed up just when the CIA-instigated color revolution in Hong Kong was fizzling out. Also note that the US has waged biological warfare before.

There are further strange coincidences, such as Iran getting hit hard by Covid-19. China is the major economic competitor of the United States, and Iran is their biggest military enemy, even before Russia, because the Jews among the US elites are afraid of them. I can’t recall coming across a good explanation for why Iran turned into the epicenter of Covid-19 in the Middle East. What is also quite peculiar is that the Jews have been working on an antidote for Covid-19 for four (!) years. I don’t know what you think of all this, but to me this all isn’t just a little bit fishy.

Of course, the normie objection is that Covid-19 can’t have been developed by the United States and Israel because the former is now getting ravaged by the virus as well. That kind of argument may have had some sway a few decades ago, but by now it should be eminently clear that the elites that run our countries are really not all that smart. No matter where you look, you see a bunch of incompetent crooks who are busy filling their own coffers. Do you remember the instance of the feminist demonstrators who accidentally set themselves on fire with a molotov cocktail at police in Brazil? Here, have a laugh:

Now, replace “feminists” with “US elites”, “molotov cocktail” with “Covid-19”, and “police” with China. We are talking about a bunch of bumbling fools at the helm who have completely lost touch with reality, unlike the Chinese who have a technocratic leadership with an average IQ probably in excess of 135.

Media Fear-Mongering

Covid-19 has killed a lot of people and it will kill a lot more. However, as tragic as this may be, we should put it in context. Thus, let me ask you a few questions:

  • How many women get raped in the West every year?
  • How many people get robbed in the West every year?
  • How many people die of drugs in the West that were smuggled in from third world countries?
  • How many people in the West die at the hands of illegal immigrants every year?

You can bet that no matter what the actual answers are, the figures are higher than the number of people who are seriously affected by Covid-19. Yet, for some reason the elites don’t give a shit about those problems. There are a few hundred black-on-white homicides in the US every year and nobody talks about it. Tens of thousands of crimes were committed by those “doctors and engineers” from the third world Germany was flooded with in 2015, and it’s a complete taboo to talk about it. Yet if a bunch of boomers die of what is essentially a somewhat more aggressive flu, we need to shut down the entire country. Give me a break!

I think the big reason Covid-19 is even a topic is that there is a presidential election coming up in the United States this year. As we all know, the left likes to chant, “Orange Man Bad”. Trump has not delivered on his electoral campaign promises. (Where is the fucking wall, Cheeto Jesus?) Yet, he is still a threat, simply because he’s not a Democrat. However, the economy has been doing great, as he used to remind his audience on Twitter multiple times a day. Thus, if you manage to wreck the economy, you take away Trump’s one trump card. This is exactly what the media has been doing. Trump has an ace up his sleeve, though. All he needs to do is call off the election because, clearly, there is a pandemic going on. That would be the kind of 4-D chess the left just isn’t smart enough to anticipate. They don’t seem to be able to think more than one move ahead.

You also need to take into account that Covid-19 is a perfect fit for the push towards socialism and mass impoverishment. As we have been told, air travel is bad, eating meat is bad, and exercising freedom of speech is not just bad but pure evil. Thus, with Covid-19 you can shut down the airline industry for the unwashed masses, drastically modify consumption patterns, and enact Internet censorship. You have to understand that these are desperate times that justify desperate measures.

The Dangers of Covid-19

It’s very convenient for the elites that we have speech codes in the media that prevent objective truth from coming out. Sometimes, though, some unbiased information slips through the net. Data from Italy, for instance, shows that:

  • 99% of the people that died had serious underlying issues
  • 50% of the dead had three or more underlying issues
  • 0.8% of deaths had no other illnesses
  • The average age of the dead is 79.5
  • All dead under the age of 40 had serious existing medical conditions

Covid-19 is a “boomer remover.” You can ignore mainstream news talking about the high percentage of young people needing intensive care. They just lie with words. When you read that x% of the people in ICUs are “between 20 and 59” you can bet that the underlying curve is extremely skewed. Heck, the aforementioned statement is even true if there is not a single case between the ages of 20 and 58. You have to keep in mind that those news are written by the same radical left journalists who told you that we need illiterate “doctors and engineers” from the third world to rejuvenate the welfare state.

If you are not in a risk group, you can pretty much ignore Covid-19, based on what I read. Sure, occasionally there are reports of teenagers or people in their 20s. Yet, we don’t learn much about them. I would bet money that those people have preexisting conditions, such as years of smoking cigarettes or weed or HIV/AIDS. Somehow, we can’t discuss those issues in the mainstream media.

I don’t want to sound too callous now, but if you’re around 80, you’ll likely to die from whatever you catch next. If those people hadn’t died of Covid-19, they would have died of something else. Also, to reiterate, the media wants to whip up a panic, so I would not at all be surprised if nowadays anybody who croaks is a Covid-19 victim. This is similar to attacks on immigrants by immigrants that morph into “right-wing extremist attacks”. In the wake of filling Germany to the brim with “doctors and engineers”, attacks on Jews by that very demographic have also increased. Needless to say, those attacks are considered “anti-semitic far-right hate crimes.” The mainstream media has been exposed as liars over and over and over, so why would they report the truth this time?

Counter Measures

Recall the feminists who threw the molotov cocktail and set themselves on fire: that’s the situation the West is in right now. Well-run countries like China and Singapore got Covid-19 under control very quickly. Singapore in particular can’t be praised enough for their achievements. They managed to track the infected, and ordered people to self-quarantine. Of course, dipshits had to face dire consequences, like someone getting stripped of their permanent residency for ignoring the order to self-quarantine.

As the example of Singapore showns, you don’t need to lock down the entire country to protect your elderly. Of course, if you’re the typical bumbling fool that is found among the Western elite, you proclaim that we can’t close borders and that we can just let the virus run its course. Then the first elderly die, the Deep State tells them that it’s time to whip up a panic, and thus you have countries like Germany completely change their tune from one day to the other, first closing its borders, then starting to lock down parts of the country. It is bizarre to watch.

Future Effects of Covid-19

After 9/11 civil liberties were drastically curtailed. The US government has changed the laws so that they can kidnap you, transport you to a black site, and torture you, for any reason at all. You’ll likely not be affected by that. However, the invasive procedures of the TSA do affect you, and they also affect the economy. Many Billions of hours have been wasted on superfluous security screenings. Furthermore, there are massive data collection programs in place, as revealed by Edward Snowden. An interesting parallel to Covid-19 is that there likely was government involvement in 9/11 as well, and there has been no proper investigation. There are too many loose ends, just like with the JFK assassination, which is another “conspiracy theory”.

Based on historical precedent, I think we will see further curtailment of civil liberties. I expect public gatherings to remain restricted in the future. Right now, we have a situation in which only the right gets repressed. Now that the useful idiots on the left are no longer that useful, you can expect their liberties to also disappear. The next big item is Internet censorship, which is already in full force. We have had cases of domain seizures, and “de-platforming” is a common occurrence on social media and payment sites. Of course, we now need to combat “fake news” regarding Covid-19, which is every site that does not spout the mainstream narrative. We are about to enter even darker times.

We also need to consider that Deep State operations historically also served as a prelude for war. Pearl Harbor, which the US provoked, and 9/11 served as the prelude for entry into WWII and starting the “War on Terror”, respectively. I would not be surprised if Covid-19 ends up serving as a justification for military aggression against China. At least that might be the plan, but right now it looks as if the US elites have a problem dealing with the flames caused by the molotov cocktail that bounced back to them.

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46 thoughts on “The Past, Present, and Future of the Covid-19 PsyOps Operation

  1. Spot-on, that more or less the way I see it. Corona virus is NOT the Spanish Flu from 1918 an onwards despite the incessant and stupid media hype about it. The comparatively low death rates less than a 1000th of a population do NOT justify wecking entire economies and societies – unless you have ulterior motives in doing so…

  2. Speaking of utterly “incompetent idiots”, I’ve got an epic fail of the same calibre, albeit not in the political realm:

    (Spoiler: short clip contains twerking, loud music, a glass table, fire and shrieking screaming! I’d say it is SFW though…)

    That’s a nice metaphor for what happens when and increasing number of idiots gets handed over responsibility…

    1. Just imagine a woman like that being the mayor of your city or being a member of parliament. We have, and have been having, quite a few women (and men) in German politics who were shockingly unqualified. Some of them were not able to hold down any job at all in their life until — poof! — they get pushed into the frontlines. It’s similar to AOC who went straight from tending bar and sucking random dicks to sitting in Congress. We’re at a point where the movie Idiocracy starts to look like a utopia.

      1. Aaah, interesting! But that doesn’t invalidate the basic premise behind the action itself depicted in the video.

  3. Here’s an overview of how Singapore has handled this:
    – Extensive contact tracing and the enforcement of quarantine orders. On top of that man stripped of his PR, there were international students whose visas were revoked.
    – Detailed information about each case released to the public (see here: https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/five-more-cases-discharged-23-new-cases-of-covid-19-infection-confirmed).
    – Employers get to claim $100/day if their employees have to be quarantined (applies to the self-employed too).
    – Distributed 4 masks to every household.
    – Restored public calm after panic buying. A minister was secretly recorded during a close-door session with local business leaders and the recording was leaked. In Singlish that tugged at my heartstrings, he quipped that he was in fact happy he could turn over the country’s rice stockpile, and the panicked buyers were the suckers who helped to clear old stock!
    – All ministers and our president (who’s just a figurehead) will take a one-month pay cut and frontline public officers will get a one-month bonus.
    – Fully covered Covid-related hospital bills and testing fees for citizens and long-term residents.
    – 0 deaths until 21 March.

    Lately I’ve been singing National Day songs in my head as I go about my day. Such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqi8zKh2a7k

    We have unapologetically patriotic National Day songs that the masses of all generations know, sing and love. The lyrics sing about national pride, inclusivity (we have racial minorities after all), unity, an aspire to achieve, but obligation as well.

    “Singapore our homeland, it’s here that we belong
    All of us united, one people marching on
    We’ve come so far together, our common destiny
    Singapore forever, a nation strong and free”

    Just warm fuzzies all around ☺️

    1. Yes, the Singaporeans are simply more intelligent and better organized. It’s certainly partially cultural, partially IQ-related.

      Just goes on to show how run down a country like Germany has become…

    1. It’s strange that this comment was flagged as potential spam. The Internet censors seem to be well-orchestrated. (I’m using a plugin for spam detection that relies on an external database.)

    2. Speaking of which, I’m just now learning about this Earn It bill. Under the guise of protecting children from predators, or civilians from terrorists, small companies and websites, for example, would be pressed hard to monitor and store data. Data that never goes away and can be recalled whenever ‘necessary’.


  4. I wonder what’s up with Germany’s numbers? They seem to be handling this pretty well so far. What’s their medical infrastructure like?

    As of now, there are 24873 cases with only 94 deaths. Sure, the number of recovered isn’t very much right now, but there are also only 23 critical cases. Of course, that could change.

    Could it be that they are just implementing a far and wide testing strategy and we are finding out that this thing has spread considerably, yet isn’t near as deadly as first speculated? It’s possible that this strain of the virus has attenuated considerably from the original strain, too. It would make sense from an evolutionary perspective since the survival of the virus depends on its host, as well as the host being able to continue to infect other people.

    With treatments like the Chloroquine (antiviral) and Azithromycin (for secondary bacterial infection) combo hitting the scene and a vaccine in the works, this disease will probably end up looking like a complete joke in the end.

    1. I found a possible explanation for Germany that may or may not be true.. It could be that they’re only counting deaths for people that had no known underlying conditions. So, if someone had heart disease, for example, and they contracted COVID-19 and it exacerbated their heart condition to the point of death, then that heart failure is the official cause of death and thus not counted in the official statistics.

      1. This is very interesting. It would not surprise me at all because there are precedents. The Germans basically count everything the way they want to count it. If one illegal immigrant kills another one, it’s a “far-right extremist murder”, and if an illegal immigrant stabs you to death, you’ll have died of natural causes, namely heart failure. I wish I was making this up.

    2. Cloroquine was discovered by the Nazis, so we can’t use it for treating the general population. I’m not serious, but we are certainly missing a balanced assessment of Nazi Germany. I also think that Covid-19 will go down in history as a big “nothingburger”, but that won’t be the official narrative as it is an excellent opportunity for reorganizing society.

      1. Oh, it was? I see. That’s pretty interesting. I’m always fascinated when I learn about some ingenious solution the Nazis came up with seemingly on the fly. It would seem that even though their resources were scattered far and wide at the time that the quality of their innovations didn’t suffer. Of course, all I ever learned about in school was how some psychopath experimented on humans or something. Thankfully, my uncle took a great interest in WW2 history.

        Anyways, here is a good short video explaining how chloroquine works to inactivate viruses.


      2. I would enjoy reading of your assessment on Nazi Germany whenever you have the time, Aaron.

      3. I have a few posts in the pipeline, including a few finished ones, that touch upon parts of Nazi ideology or aspects of the political situation in Weimar Germany and Nazi Germany. I don’t know enough about Nazi Germany to write a thorough assessment. However, I can only encourage you to do your own research as the mainstream narrative is rather distorted, often comically so. Of course, we all obviously fully accept the claim that the Nazis killed exactly six million joos, or whatever the current downward-revised number is. After all, when did the elites ever lie to us in order to push their own agenda?

  5. The reason to worry isn`t the (current) mortality rate of this virus in a (currently) well functioning health system. The reason to worry is the fact that based on the current observed numbers roughly 20% of those with COVID-19 will develop a disease severe enough to require hospitalization, with roughly 5-6% requiring mechanical ventilation. If the spread of this virus isn´t slowed down drastically and 70-80% of a country´s population contract it in a short time period (with 20% of them requiring hospital care), any health care system in the world will be completely overwhelmed.

    Lombardy in North Italy is a relatively wealthy region (wealthier than most areas in the US, for example) and wartime triage already has become a necessity there. In the not-so-distant future patients will be intubated by gynecologists, oncologists, medical students, nurses at a later stage(?).

    “I think the big reason Covid-19 is even a topic is that there is a presidential election coming up in the United States this year.”

    I know Americans tend to think they are the center of the world, but this is just funny. I am sure Trump declares this a national emergency because it helps his presidential election. And every newspaper (now everywhere in the world) covers this topic extensively because it hurts the presidential election of this orange doofus.

  6. I agree with some of the analysis regarding the diesease, its relatively mild. Problem is overwhelming the health system capacity at the tail end that does get severely affected.

    Finding coincidences and patterns, and speculating on them, on the other hand, is not serious analysis. Conspiracy theorists do this all the time, and occasionally, like once in a blue moon, they may hit on something real, but more often than not they are plain wrong. 9/11 and Pearl Harbor were not inside jobs, and the reactions from the political establishment to crises are much better explained by sheer incompetence and opportunism than by any overarching plan.

    The bioweapon thesis makes absolutely no sense, not biologically nor politically. For example, Iran has been hard hit for several reasons, including a severely strained health system due to corruption and years of western sanctions, plus frequent travel connectin between China and Iran due to Belt & Road and other projects. Both regimes downplayed the outbreak initially and kept tourists flowing between them even while othe countries were sutting down borders. To make it worse, it seems the regime had severely restricted the availability of face masks because protesters had been using them to avoid identification.

    Yeah, plenty of countries have waged biological warfare before, not only the US. And terrorist groups have to. And by and large it has been ineffective, for several reasons. For one thing, you have little to no control over the agent once you release it. It could easily backfire. Virulent strains are self limiting, because hosts die quickly, so not very useful, mild ones get farther but have little effect. Effective dispersal in order to achive an impact is key, and it is very difficult and resource intensive, its not a signle guy with a glass vial like in the movies. More often than not, its not worth it. Plus the bigger the operation, the larger the chances that the whole thing will blow and be traced back to you.

    And Covid will not be used as an excuse for a shooting war against China, for several reasons
    First, because not Washington nor Beijing have arrived at the stage they want to use military force.
    Second, if it were decided that military force must be used and an incident needed to be manufactured, its much more practical, cheaper and plausible to escalate any encounter between american vessels or aircraft in the south China Sea or in the Taiwan Strait. You know, the kind of encounters that routinely happen at least once a month. Its much easier to spin such an ocurrence into a causus belli since you would have chinese military forces directly involved and attribution is not vague. For historical precedent, see the Tonkin Gulf incident or the sinking of Lusitania.
    Third, this scenario is still not very plausible because deliberate military action between (largely) rational great powers starts an escalation ladder that, at some point, is likely to involve nuclear weapons. Therefore, competition is likely to remain well short of war, like trade wars, cyber ops, intellectual property theft, political subversion, use of proxy forces, etc… Now, notice that you still want to be able to manage that conflict, so you need to retain a degree of control over such actors. A biological agent does not fit that definition.

    Regarding civil liberties and economic freedom – yeah, we have been here before, sadly. Several times during history, even several times during the twentieth century. Crises happen, elites including both opportunist cynics and messianic idiots rightfully convinced of their cause will jump on the opportunity. Thats how we got the Great Depression (the 1930s one), the 1970s stagflation, the Welfare State, the war on drugs, the war on Terror…

    1. *note: when talking about South China Sea, I meant encounter between american and chinese vessels or aircraft.

      1. Regarding 9/11: I would encourage you to take a look at a video compilation on the “Black Pill” YT channel, in which the owner carefully put together a real time compilation of all available TV-footage of that fatal morning right from a few minutes before the first tower got struck until shortly after the last of the buildings ultimately collapsed.
        It’s about 3 hours in real time with a running timecode for reference. If you watch this carefully, the official narrative becomes dead in the water. Just two aspects of it become crucially obvious:
        1) It is simply physically/aerodynamically impossible for commercial planes to maneuver that steep , that fast and that low to hit a building structure. Because their wings would have started to vibrate and break off long before they’d hit the tower due to air resistance at such low altitudes and high speed. Physics simply prohibits it. Also there are no visible markings/paintings discernible on those alleged commercial airliners hitting the towers. This can only mean, that it weren’t planes at all and neither regular commercial aircraft hitting the twin towers, so the entire hijacking narrative gets blown to dust. It’s far more likely (and aerodynamically possible!) that those were large, unmanned military flying drones hitting the towers, and when you watch that very real time compilation, you’re going to be able to understand that.
        2) Before each of those towers eventually collapsed there were massive ground explosions occuring. They got registered on seismographs, people in vicinity to the site felt them and they can also be seen on footage from each and every camera mounted to the ground, because the frame of each of those cameras starts to shake and vibrate at the exact same time. This was no earth quake. The better explanation in conjunction with the collapse of those massive steel structures and the lava of molten steel at the basement of the buildings is, that you had massive explosive charges going off at the core base structures to bring them down in a controlled fashion, because a drone impact plus drone fuel would have never been sufficient, to knock the buildings down – it’s just physically impossible. The fire couldn’t have molted even the upper steel structures and in real time you can see that the flames were quickly dying out and turning into black and grey smoke smoldering along and ever lowering temperatures.

        Alas, just those two cardinal aspects of the official narrative get easily debunked.

        Whether it was an inside job by the US gov’t/deep state etc. or by someone else, that still needs to be assessed. Such an investigation has not been conducted yet…

    2. The United States is run by a bunch of total psychopaths, committing war crime after war crime. How many regimes were toppled in the name of democracy? History will not look kindly on American Imperialism.

      I don’t claim that 9/11 was an inside job. However, the official narrative is lacking in many regards. At the very least, there seems to be rather convincing evidence that Israel was involved in some capacity. Also, there are many aspects for which no plausible explanation was provided at all such as the collapse of WTC 7. It went down like nothing. The issue with Pearl Harbor is that Japan was provoked into an attack due to US hostilities, like cutting off supplies. That does not necessarily excuse the attack, but if you take the historical situation into account, you have to put some of the blame on the US.

      The US is at a point where they are very aware that they are no longer the world’s superpower. In PPP terms, China has already surpassed it. As I argued in an earlier post, dying empires are prone to irrational acts of atrocity. We have seen warmongers like John Bolton who wanted Trump to strike Iran. There is no shortage of such people.

  7. The corvid birdemic is a planned scam, totalitarian power grab, insider trading, and racketeering, by the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the United Nations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mike Bloomberg, the CIA, the Fake News Mass Media, Fake Social Media, etc. Look into “Event 201”:

  8. I think the one thing China has learned from this is that they can easily wreck the West by manufacturing future global crises that they themselves can easily overcome (even if they haven’t created this one).

    It took China 2 months to mobilize and drastically reduce the effect of the disease on their health system/economy. Now they are fully operational and back to work. Do you think the West is going to be able recover as fast as China has shown it has the capability to? Hell no. Every time they want to push the world back, China can take advantage of the lack of organization, cohesion, and relative intelligence of other countries by causing some pandemic or global issue.

    I bet by the end of this one, China is going to seriously threaten the U.S.’s position as the foremost world super power. This is probably not going to sit well with the U.S., and a war is going to ensue as Trump gets his panties in a bunch about being second and how China stole from America.

    America had ~8.5x China’s GDP in 2000. Now, 20 years later, it’s ~1.5x. The gap is closing.

    1. This is an excellent comment. It touches on a topic I want to expand on in an upcoming post, i.e. Covid-19 has shown the world that our supposedly advanced Western democracies are failed states. We now have various European countries breaking the laws, or interpreting existing ones in rather slanted ways to justify the confiscation of goods like facemasks. Germany, for instance, has confiscated truckloads of facemasks that the Swiss had paid for. There were similar stories about other countries. Also, those countries don’t help each other, despite their supposed ideological unity and mutual support. Meanwhile, the Chinese send supplies and doctors (real ones) to Italy. Maybe Covid-19 marks the beginning of China being accepted as the new global superpower. The optics are already in place: they help the entire world, while the governments of Europe and the U.S. expose themselves as incompetent fools.

      GDP numbers are misleading. You should look at them in PPP-terms, and on that metric, the Chinese economy is already larger than the U.S. one. Similarly, a middle-class professional in Beijing or Shanghai lives a better life than his equivalent anywhere in the West.

      1. “has AGAIN confiscated truckloads of facemasks that the Swiss had paid for. ”

        there, fixed it for ya.

  9. Aaron,

    You mention that “the Chinese who have a technocratic leadership with an average IQ probably in excess of 135.”

    I think you are confusing them with some other country. The Chinese value party loyalty far more than competence, and they generally have a fairly incompetent and corrupt leadership.

    It sounds like you are thinking of Singapore, which is world famous for its highly skilled and intelligent workforce, and competent and effective leadership.

    1. This is not correct. I have first-hand knowledge of China. It’s not the case that everybody can just joint the party. No, it is seen as an honor to get invited to join the CPC. For instance, top high-school graduates get such invitations. The rabble isn’t considered, no matter how much “loyalty” to the party they may profess to have (how can you be loyal to the party without having joined it?). From what I gather, the CPC values work ethic, intelligence, and a commitment to improving the country so that all citizens benefit from it. Look up the biography of Xi Jinping and other top party officials! Do it at your own risk because chances are that it will make you even more disgusted with Western-style politics and politicians.

      The CPC punishes corrupt politicians. You may even get handed a death penalty. Corruption in the West is rampant but either ignored or couched in terms like “fairness” or “affirmative action”. There is way more bullshit in the West than in China.

      1. I wasn’t talking about party membership specifically, but to achieve high ranks of leadership in the Chinese government.

        But sure, becoming a party member usually requires stellar performance, and most of the main leadership have very impressive resumes. You can say that about the leadership in most western countries too, though, even if it’s not a requirement for admission to the parties. Look at the U.S. and it’s Harvard and Yale and the like all over the place. In Britain you’ll see plenty from the Oxbridges. Doesn’t mean that they’re all great leaders.

        I suppose every country “values work ethic, intelligence, and a commitment to improving the country,” at least on paper. But the Chinese still value party loyalty far more than anything else. Heck, the CPC and the government of China are so intertwined that in many ways they are one and the same.

        China and western countries both punish corrupt politicians, though China certainly has a lot more corruption. With the recent anti-corruption campaigns China has certainly purged a lot of corrupt* officials. As far back as in late 2016 the Chinese government claimed they had punished more than one million corrupt officials since 2013, so in just three years or so.

        And despite this China is more corrupt than western countries. In the latest (2019) Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International China scores 41/100 and has a rank of 80/180 among the world’s countries. Note that higher scores and ranks are better, i.e. represent lower corruption. Compare this to the U.S.A. at 69/100 and rank 23/180, or the two western countries you seem most familiar with:

        Germany: 80/100, rank 9/180
        Sweden: 85/100, rank 4/180

        I’m not sure what you mean by “bullshit” – if you mean policies like affirmative action then there’s plenty of that in China. I mean, the one-child policy that wrecked China’s demographics mainly affected Han Chinese, while ethnic minorities in China were able to have as many children as they wanted!

        And the National College Entrance Examination in China gives an easier Chinese Literature test to some minorities than to other students. Even the U.S.A. doesn’t have that level of affirmative action on it’s college admissions exams (though a lot of schools have their own local affirmative action policies for admissions). Contrast this with Sweden, for example, where Uppsala university once tried to implement an affirmative action program, and it was determined to be unlawful discrimination by the Supreme Court.

        I must admit I find your Sinophilia somewhat surprising. I know you married an ethnically Chinese girl and all, but a lot of the things you write about in your blogs are fundamentally western in terms of values (real traditional western values, not the SJW garbage that some spout today). I mean, you frequently mock those who blindly follow the group and praise intelligent people who are able to think for themselves, which is definitely western to the core, and contrary to general Chinese values. Is there something I’m missing here?

      2. Your argument is now all over the place. US and UK elite institutions are no longer meritocratic due to rampant affirmative action programs. The same cannot be said about the top Chinese universities.

        The Chinese really want to improve living standards for their citizens. In the West, this is no longer on the agenda and hasn’t been for a long time. A very good example is Germany pushing for the creation (!) of a low-income sector under Gerhard Schroeder.

        Those pseudo-objective rankings are partly bullshit. You can fiddle around with the methodology to get more or less any result you want. On the topic of corruption in Sweden, I recently learned that one of the top technical universities in that country admitted exactly 50% women to their Master’s program in Computer Science. This is quite remarkable, given that you hardly find any women in that field. The probability that this outcome was due to chance is infinitesimally small. This is an example of the utter corruption that is endemic in Sweden, which is called “fairness” or “equity.” Similarly, many companies, not just in Sweden but the West in general, have goals of hiring a certain percentage of women, almost no matter what. However, I bet that corruption based on affirmative action does not feature prominently in those fancy rankings you referred to.

        My sample of Chinese I’ve spoken to is not representative of the average. However, they are seemingly much more critical thinkers than my equally non-representative sample of high-IQ colleagues and acquaintances here in the West. To be fair, though, a large number of the latter most certainly just do not dare to voice non-mainstream opinions whereas in China you can question anything except the CPC. In Sweden, for example, people are genuinely afraid to say the wrong thing.

      3. “You can say that about the leadership in most western countries too,”

        Ahm, you might want to rethink that argument. Take a look at the who is who in the German government for instance and check out their background.

  10. “What is also quite peculiar is that the Jews have been working on an antidote for Covid-19 for four (!) years. I don’t know what you think of all this, but to me this all isn’t just a little bit fishy.”

    Here is the original quote:

    “For the past four years, a team of MIGAL scientists has been developing a vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), which causes a bronchial disease affecting poultry. The effectiveness of the vaccine has been proven in preclinical trials carried out at the Veterinary Institute.”

    The original virus is not coronavirus:

    “Let’s call it pure luck,” he said. “We decided to choose coronavirus as a model for our system just as a proof of concept for our technology.”

    Perhaps the vaccine was supposed to work also on coronavirus.

    Is this a reading comprehensive misunderstanding?

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