Political Correctness Caused the Covid-19 Panic

Imagine you live in a politically correct hellhole and turn on the evening news. You may get a description of a crime along the lines of, “some person encountered some other person somewhere, and one of those two is no longer alive”. This is, obviously, a caricature, but it is not too far from the truth. For the sake of the argument, assume that instead of a nondescript description of a crime, you were told the following:

In the heavily immigrant suburb X of Big Western Metropolis, an illegal immigrant, Ali B., allegedly 17 years old, who claimed to be from Syria, attempted to rob Marcus P., 72, between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. yesterday. As his victim resisted, the perpetrator used excessive force. Passers-by who witnessed the altercation notified the police but did not dare to interfere. Upon arrival, a medical emergency physician declared the victim dead. The perpetrator was later caught. A medical examination has shown that he was under the influence of cocaine at the time of attack.

However, in our woke democracies, all potentially identifying information gets routinely stripped when crimes are reported. The powers that be don’t want people to be confirmed in their prejudices, so the mainstream media would much rather not report such incidents at all. However, if it is reported, you are not far from a comical statement I made above. The mainstream media normally don’t mention age, sex, nationality, ethnicity, and name because, clearly, none of this is necessary. It’s only necessary if the perpetrator is a white male.

Now, let’s look at how Covid-19 has been covered and how it could have been covered instead. Imagine you wake up and read:

Mystery Chinese disease killed two people last night. 250 are infected, up from 180 yesterday. Nobody is safe.

You’d think, “Gee, the chinks really did a number on us here. I better prepare to die.” Note that the normies have been told for months that we are all going to die due to climate change, so they were already no longer thinking straight. You can’t really blame them because if you only have an IQ of around 100, this whole thinking-for-yourself thing is a non-starter. That being said, you can easily see that there was no need to needlessly manipulate the normies. The mainstream media could as well have reported,

Last night, Guiseppe B., 85, and Bella U., 92, succumbed to a virus infection that is part of the influenza family. The authorities note that there are currently around 200 people infected in the country, most of whom do not show any symptoms at all. Some have mild symptoms. Most of the infected will not even realize that they are infected and shake off the infection on their own.

If you heard that, you’d just shrug and go about your day. You wouldn’t rush to the grocery store and buy enough toilet paper for the next two years, and the next time you visit your favorite porn site, you won’t feel melancholic, thinking that this could be the last wank in your life.

The mainstream media doesn’t want to report on age, sex, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or “lifestyle” of the victims. Instead, we get some vague statements about “young people without preexisting conditions”. I’d love to learn more about those people, though. You can bet that obesity is not considered a preexisting condition in the mind of your typical low-IQ mainstream journo, even though it is a serious threat to your health. If some adolescent fatties die of Covid-19, the establishment is baffled and wonders what is going on. Hastily, they conclude that this is clearly evidence that all young people are at risk, even though it is likely that only the obese to morbidly obese are at an elevated risk level, and that everybody else who is in good health is more likely to die of a traffic accident than the loving embrace of Corona-chan.

If you don’t dare to speak the truth due to political correctness, you necessarily end up lying to the audience. Just like identityless persons kill other persons, now young persons die of Covid-19 just like old persons. You have to understand that the mainstream media can’t provide you with further details. First, they need to protect the privacy of the victim. Then, they need to take the feelings of everybody else who supposedly has no preexisting conditions, yet is fat or a heavy drug user or has chronic diseases, into account. I also suspect that a lot of the young victims of Covid-19 have a low socioeconomic status, just based on the fact that obesity and low SES are positively correlated. All of this would be helpful to know. However, your desire to get objective information is not even on the radar of the people running mainstream media.

Big Government can’t let a crisis go to waste, and if there isn’t a real one, they just manufacture one, like Covid-19. This is not to say that Covid-19 isn’t real. People are dying of it, but the effect is rather minimal. There is a reason why there is a meme of a mildly annoyed Corona-chan floating around with the speech bubble, “Let me tell you about the flu!” If we didn’t live under a coercive regime that pushed political correctness down our collective throat, Covid-19 may not even be on our radar due to the negligible mortality rate. Sure, it may be on the mind of medical professionals, but you wouldn’t have normies losing their shit and threaten to murder you over the last available pack of toilet paper in aisle six at the local supermarket.

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6 thoughts on “Political Correctness Caused the Covid-19 Panic

  1. I loved how the rhetoric went from how completely ridiculously unstoppable, deadly and effective this virus was to the reality that we’ve discovered it is technically easily treatable, majorly asymptomatic, is probably attenuating and is vulnerable to the inevitable rise in heat and humidity.

  2. There is literally a revolutionary communist terrorist genocider in charge of the WHO (World Holocaust Organization):

  3. One common thing I see in U.S. news, when it comes to crimes, is a failure to mention any identifying characteristics of the perpetrator, but included with the story is a photo of the person. And when you look at the photo, it’s almost always what you’d expect.

    I just came across an article in CNN where you can see this exact phenomenon with COVID-19:

    A 33-year-old member of the Louisiana governor’s staff dies of coronavirus complications

    If you simply read the text of the article, you might assume that this was a 33-year-old woman that was perfectly healthy prior to contracting COVID-19. The astute reader might be able to guess that, since she served as the chair of the retardation… er, developmental disabilities council, then maybe she had such a disability herself. And then clearly, when you look at her in the photograph, it’s obvious she had some rather serious medical problems. I would guess she had something like Down Syndrome, and people with Down Syndrome tend to have a host of medical problems, and a severely reduced life expectancy. There’s a good chance this woman was on the brink of death anyway. But I wonder how many people are unable to connect those dots, or even if they guess that she had Down Syndrome, fail to realize that healthy people don’t have much to worry about.

    1. I remember when the US started implementing the quarantine and social distancing thing, then suddenly it was broadcasted that a bunch of non-compliant teenagers and young adults naturally rebelled to enjoy Spring break, get drunk and fuck. That was precisely the moment the rhetoric suddenly switched gears to the whole ‘even the young are dropping like flies’ super duper alien virus is coming for all you dirty sinners phenomenon.

      Things in the US are getting worse now. Fines and arrests are being issued and people are still panic buying etc. At the medical facility I work at, management has significantly downgraded our safety and personal protection protocols. We have a had a grand total of 0 actual confirmed cases roll through our doors.

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