Yes, our Western Leaders Want Chaos

While Covid-19 has been used for stripping you of your most basic rights, resistance in the population seems to have been increasing. This is no surprise, given that the end-of-days scenarios our trustworthy media had conjured up never materialized. It’s quite difficult to tell people that they need to stay indoors because of ‘rona when social media is flooded with nurses twerking in empty hospitals. At this point, there is no plausible reason to keep the lockdown up. We know that the mortality rate is a complete joke, so how about we scrap all this bullshit and get back to business?

One of the smartest sentences I recently read was on a fringe forum where a guy dryly wrote (I’m likely paraphrasing), “If the actions of your leaders don’t make sense to you, it’s because you don’t understand the endgame.” This is indeed the case. What people generally seem to fail to grasp is that we are not quite ruled by the buffoons we believe them to be. Instead, they simply have different goals. Politicians are not “too stupid” to solve some pressing problem in your country or community, far from it. Instead, they have other plans. They work toward solving different problems.

Whatever politicians want to happen, happens. There was never any widespread popular support for, for instance, homosexuality or for destroying the nuclear family by means of the welfare state. However, our leaders wanted to remodel society, so now we have Pride Festivals every year and a majority of kids is born out of wedlock. Likewise, other measures to drastically reshape society were pushed through top-down, such as legalizing abortions, bussing in order to combat segregation, feminism, diversity hiring in every organization or company, and so on. Do you think it’s just some kind of accident that there is unrestrained immigration from the third to the first world? Absolutely not. Our leaders desire it, which is why it has been happening.

It is very easy to protect your borders. First, you build a wall. Then, you put up armed guards. You probably don’t even need to shoot anybody dead to keep them out. It’s the same with riots. Now there are massive race riots going on in the United States. I think these have been engineered as they don’t quite look like a grass-roots effort. A bunch of random people just don’t have the equipment ready to burn down an entire block of buildings. On top, it requires knowledge and coordination. We know that Black Lives Matter are involved, and so are Antifa, and they get funded, directly or indirectly, via the taxpayer by means of front organizations like Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

There were reports that the police in Minneapolis were told to stand down. It doesn’t get any more obvious than that that politicians want those riots to happen. All it would have taken was declaring martial law and threaten to shoot people. This would have nipped the riots in the bud and all the rioters would have left. This scenario, of course, assumes that the police and the rioters don’t have the same master, which is, of course, rather naive as they both get paid by the taxpayer. Thus, politicians simply chose to tell their official executive forces, i.e. the police, to not intervene while the inofficial ones, i.e. BLM and Antifa, went wild. It’s all a big show. Trump doesn’t quite play along, though, and has decided to send in the National Guard. You can bet that Obama would have not done that. This is precisely why Trump is so hated by the establishment: he doesn’t play along.

The current race riots could have been prevented even more easily, namely if the media would simply have suppressed the incident that sparked it. This is an argument based on equality or equity or whatever other bullshit term the left currently uses. Concretely, the media only would have had to not report white-on-black crime in precisely the same way they don’t report on black-on-white crime, i.e. the kind that is glorified on websites like WorldStarHipHop. White-on-black crime is relatively rare, unlike black-on-white crime, yet the former gets considerable airtime while the establishment pretends the latter doesn’t even exist. I don’t work in the media, so I don’t quite know how this works, but my naive outsider assumption is that suppressing a story as opposed to blasting it on all channels is the same, no matter what the actual story is. Yes, I am being facetious here. It’s obvious that the controlled media play a pivotal role in instigating chaos. They couldn’t without the backing of the politicians in power, though.

You may now justifiably ask yourself why our leaders would want chaos. There are way too many possible reasons. Here are a few:

  • Our debt-based financial system is no longer sustainable. As a case in point, the United States are unable to ever repay their debts. Similarly, our welfare states are effectively bankrupt.
  • Large organizations, which included nation states, are virtually impossible to reform from within. Thus, you can use a catastrophe to wipe the slate clean and set up a new system. There are very few exceptions to this. What immediately comes to mind is the peaceful revolution of the Nazis in 1933. They even allowed their political opponents to retire with full pensions.
  • A central idea of Marxism is that after the revolution there will be a worker’s paradise. Marxists are a bit hazy on how exactly this is going to come to pass, but they are convinced that we need to have a revolution, and many of those have been attempted. The current one, based on the Covid-19 hoax, may indeed succeed as almost all Western economies have been tanked and unemployment has been rising rapidly.
  • Times of chaos and uncertainty create leaders. Thus, a milquetoast bureaucrat may easily have been tempted by the promise to enter the history books by solving some big crisis (we ignore that the creation is also their part). I think this has been the motivation of some, but, alas, they lack the stature to really play this off.
  • Religious fundamentalists, Jews and Christians alike, want to see the prophecies of their holy books come to fruition. I used to laugh at this, but I no longer do. The meddling of the “chosen people” in Europe and the United States, for instance, is all-too obvious. Also, the amount of occult symbols in use by the mainstream is staggering. Just look at a one-dollar bill, for example.
  • The United States government has plenty of warmongers in its ranks. There are Jews who want Iran to get nuked, and there are others who want a war of aggression against Russia or China. The Great Depression was overcome by entering World War II. It may well be the case that guys like Pompeo now want a war with China so that the US gets out of their economic quandaries. Again, the details are a bit hazy, but that’s roughly the level of thinking that happens at top-level politics. Remember, for instance, that Angela Merkel didn’t want “ugly pictures”, which is why she ordered that two million third-worlders have to be let into Germany.

In short, our leaders want chaos, which is why you’re getting chaos. There are now 41 million unemployed in the US, businesses are closed down, and BLM as well as Antifa are burning down the country. This wasn’t an accident. Sure, it wasn’t planned out in detail either, but the general goal, i.e. creating chaos, was set by our leaders. The world isn’t changing for the better because they don’t want to. Oh, excuse me, I misspoke. The world is not changing toward a state you and I would identify as being objectively better. Instead, our leaders work towards a future they, presumably in their drug-induced halucinatory states, perceive to be better, which is why you’re getting fireworks and blood and gore as opposed to secure borders, zero crime, and an economy without engineered booms and busts.

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21 thoughts on “Yes, our Western Leaders Want Chaos

  1. Again, a great comment. I see it the same way, those riots are completely manufactured, personally I even expected something like this to happen and sometimes, when one apparently gets a hold of the script behind such machinations it’s almost as if such processes run like clockwork and you seemingly could set your own watch according to it.

    Now, I have to admit, that I’ve been on an intense two-year process which has eventually led me, former cynical and sceptical atheist and stoic to baptism and to Orthodox Christianity. On that path and since this recent event in particular the outlook on and conceptions of almost all core aspects of my life have been changing and to me personally it has brought a heightened sense of clarity. Clarity also in viewing, judging and contextualizing such catastrophic events in the outside world.

    I would particularly agree in the observation, that “religious fundamentalists” are forcefully steering the course of world politics into a certain direction. Mind you, these are Zionists and evangelical Protestants and when inspecting their dogmas and intent –  particularly from a “religious” POV – it all becomes very clear and it is also very clear, when taking the “prophetic” writings of the likes such as Kissinger, Jacques Attali, the Huxley brothers, Bertrand Russel, H. G. Wells, Alice Bailey (“The Externalisation of the Hierarchy” !) etc. etc. into account, what the “endgame”, the direction and the desired “goal” of this “universal progress” is supposed to be. The proepect of “ordo ab chao” IS real. And this is precisely where the ways or the spirits are indeed parting.

    I used to laugh and ridicule others about this apparent absurdity (and looking back I can perfectly understand where others and myself were coming from), but I am honestly convinced now that a “traditional”, non-protestant-watered-down Christian view of things is the biggest “red pill” imaginable.

  2. “Thus, politicians simply chose to tell their official executive forces, i.e. the police, to not intervene while the inofficial ones, i.e. BLM and Antifa, went wild. It’s all a big show.”

    Yeah, Antifa continues, where official troops like the police are forced to stop, so that our government can keep up the facade of a rule of law and that of a liberal democracy. It just would produce too many „ugly images“ if it where policemen insulting, bullying, threatening and beating up political opponents (and their families including little children), paying them nightly home visits and vandalizing their property. Even the unwashed normie masses might then start to question the narrative of „the best Germany we ever had“. (It is the same story for basically all western countries.)

    1. I cannot help but share this little video so we all can witness and marvel at the brave, classy and honorable protectors of everything good and beautiful in this world that is antifa. Enjoy. (But better keep a bucket in your proximity).

      Oh, I forgot. Here we see some antifa and BLM „protesters“ courageously facing a wheel chair granny. Lovely. (You can bypass login into youtube by adding „nsfw“ to the URL between „www.“ and „youtube“, by the way. But then you would have to skip yourself to 36:14 min to get to the relevant part.)

      1. What I don’t quite understand is that the mainstream has prematurely concluded that some police officer killed George Floyd. Yet, the last few months more or less everybody who died was ruled to have died of Covid-19. If you get shot to death but are infected with Covid-19, the latter is the cause of death. So, isn’t it plausible that George Floyd’s death was likewise due to Covid-19? It’s really strange that this move doesn’t work universally, e.g. if a vibrant enricher stabs you to death, you end up dying of heart failure. Yet, if a vibrant enricher dies in a kerfuffle, it’s due to systemic racism on top of first-degree murder.

      2. Excellent reasoning! On top, whites collectively killed Floyd due to institutional racism. He was a criminal, obese, and a drug abuser only because of whitey (proof omitted as it is trivial, as my mathematics textbooks loved to phrase it). I fully support the blacks getting $14 trillion for repatriation. Oh wait, it was about reparations. If we learn anything from those race riots, it’s that the diversity indoctrination of the educational system and mainstream media is no match for hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Who would have thought that?

  3. After witnessing the CCP recently quell Hong Kong, I bet they are laughing their asses off at the USA. I imagine the next cycle of misery propagated by the legacy media will crop up sometime before the election. Most recently it was Covid 19, and before that it was the impeachment trials. So, whatever is next to come should be the most chaotic event yet, as the deep state should want to do everything in their power to paint the populist Trump in a bad light.

    1. The Chinese are having a field day with all the vibrant diversity that is currently on display in the democratic utopia that the United States are:
      We are well past the point where the West can make any claims at serving its citizens better than the various Asian regimes. The “I cain breef” movement in the US with its domestic terrorism don’t quite have the potential to make citizens of supposedly oppressive countries think, “Gee, I wish we’d have all the diversity and freedoms and democracy like the people in the US.” The mask has come off. This just another milestone in the rapid decline of this country. Of course, my beliefs are firm. When I go through video clips of innocent people getting beaten up or the police shooting paintballs at suburban dwellers instead of rounding up rioters in the city center, I am more convinced than ever that we live in the best possible world. Democracy FTW!

      1. In regards to the former two links you shared, it would seem as if karma is a true phenomenon. As far as the latter goes, it appears that white suburban working class citizens are taking the brunt of what Antifa and BLM started. This is beyond fucked up. At some point people will have to start defending themselves, their families and their property if the government refuses to do so. If any repercussions arise from such actions, lawsuits against the state should be filed. Good luck America.

    1. Drug use in elite circles seems quite rampant. I actually had Crystal Meth in mind as I happened to recall this story of an elite German politician who got caught with it:
      The conspiracy theories surrounding adrenochrome seems a bit farfetched, but the drug itself is real. Anyway, I would not be surprised if at any given moment, 20% of our top leaders are under the influence of some drug. Germany has a bunch of such clowns. Andrea Nahles, for instance, was repeatedly high as a kite in the Bundestag:

      1. „Anyway, I would not be surprised if at any given moment, 20% of our top leaders are under the influence of some drug.“ Seems absolutely possible IMHO. Regarding good old (Um-)Volker „Crystal“ Beck I was quite surprised that our top politicians consume such white trash drugs, though. I was expecting fine coke instead.

        Andrea Nahles: one of the very best politicians in the history of $haremoney indeed. Here is another highlight of this gifted woman that did not waste a single day of her life with real work in order to serve her people with all her vigor (english subtitles):

        A shame she quit federal politics. But find solace that she found herself an adequate job with a modest pay. Kidding aside: I merely filed these bizarre performances of hers under „Wow, this dumb reality-detached cunt really is losing it.“ But now that you point it out: drugs probably played a crucial role here.

      2. I once saw a video clip of that bitch giving a speech where she jumped up and down, looking somewhat disheveled, and making little sense. I wish I had saved it.

  4. This will not fly. Neither in the US, nor in Europe. For different regional reasons.

    In the US:
    While “black vs. white” is a bi-partisan matter, it is not obviously one. What totally is a bi-partisan matter though, is that people of any race don’t welcome their shit being burned to the ground. I hence predict that a) we’ll see a repeat of 1992-Korean-rooftop-style defense of businesses and b) blue states like Minnesota flipping red in the election.

    In Europe:
    Politicians do things which they do, based on them being elected by a majority of people who actually go and vote. Voter participation is in the low 40%. In other words, politicians do not have the feedback of sometimes literally more than half the people the govern.
    I know… I know… the pussyfied Europeans will never go to the streets and really do something. Until they do. And we all know it’s not about a majority doing something. It’s about a critical mass. “Give me a thousand men” is what it is about.

    1. Even if the riots ultimately fizzle out, it’s quite clear that this is an attempted revolution. We are talking about well-organized nation-wide protests here. I’d say it’s the most serious insurrection in the history of the United States. Or was there any other one in which the White House got defaced?

      The math regarding Europe is even more damning, by the way: Assume a voter turnout of 40%, of which the governing coalition gets 60% of. This is 24%, meaning that they lack the support of 76% of the population.

      1. ” Assume a voter turnout of 40%, of which the governing coalition gets 60% of. This is 24%, meaning that they lack the support of 76% of the population.”

        I didn’t want to do this math, since it assumes that 0% of the non-voting 60% are actually not supporting the governing coalition and its policies.
        That being said, it doesn’t need many of the silent majority to show up and vote against it.
        It should be very frightening for any politician to govern a people, of which they don’t know what they think. Yet, our leaders are so drunk on their power, they will fall hard.

        I’m really being in a more and more revolutionary spirit lately. I want to see this shit go down. Fuck ’em. I stocked up on the essentials of a revolution long time ago. My red dots are zeroed in and the large capacity mags are ready.

      2. An interesting tangent here is that modern politicians are afraid of being seen in public without heavy security. I have an anecdote to share. When I lived in Berlin, I once saw a big Mercedes-Benz stop a few meters in front of me. Four big guys in suits, presumably wearing armor under their shirts got out, and then Joschka Fischer, who was the Foreign Minister back then, emerged who then walked in the middle of them. They were basically his human shields. It’s quite strange how afraid our “democrats” are of the people they govern over while the devil incarnate Hitler was unafraid to shake hands with admirers. Something doesn’t quite compute. I think I need to consume more mainstream media to make sense of this.

      3. This is history in the making. I don’t think the U.S. government will be overthrown but it is nonetheless another nail in the coffin of Western imperialism. The West has now lost all credibility. Within three days of riots, Trump is sending in the National Guard. The Chinese, in contrast, did not send in the military to quell the Hong Kong riots.

        I also think that the U.S. has been skirting awfully close to provoking China into military action. The fucking State Department was trying to pull off a color revolution in HK, outfitted them with gas masks, and dropped U.S. flags. This was a ridiculous provocation. Imagine what would happen if you had rioters outside the White House swinging the Chinese flag.

    1. They probably fell from the sky, like supply drops in Call of Duty. Let’s not engage in conspiracy theories here, please. There is no fucking way this is a planned and well-funded riot, funded by Soros, the Democrats, and the Deep State.

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