One Black Man Down, and Covid-19 is No Longer an Issue

We live in truly interesting times. I love watching how the West is literally destroying itself. This year, more progress happened than I would have considered possible in ten years. Of course, my satisfaction is not necessarily due to watching our countries burn to the ground. Instead, I’m happy to see the mainstream narrative collapsing. In this post, I simply want to highlight a few aspects.

First, let’s talk about the Covid-19 bullshit. The media blasted this nonsense until George Floyd could no longer breathe. You were supposed to lock yourself into your home and if you had to leave home, you needed to “socially distance” yourself. That’s right, goy, stand two meters apart from your fellow man because otherwise a virus that is as deadly as a mild flu will kill you. This entire narrative has gone out the window. I would have expected talking heads babbling about how we are all going to die and that all those protesters will be responsible for countless deaths or something alone those lines. Instead, the narrative changed completely. Now we are having “peaceful protests.”

The next casualty is language. You are all familiar with the concept of “double-speak”, as it was introduced by Orwell in his novel 1984. It is the idea of believing two contradictory statements to be true at the same time. The mainstream is careful to not use the word “riot” to describe the riots that are currently going on in the United States. Instead, we hear about “mostly peaceful protests” . The disconnect is beyond belief. If Antifa riots, it’s a protest but if you peacefully protest against some injustice, it’s supposedly an attempted insurrection.

I am now really looking forward to how the mainstream will change course again. We went from Covid-19 bullshit to “peaceful protests”, for which no social distancing was necessary. What will be next? I assume that they will just lie with a straight face and tell you to keep locking yourself up in your apartment until the pandemic has been declared over. However, there is already talk about a second, more dangerous wave, so don’t get any ideas!

I also wonder if these riots could lead to a counter-insurgency because we are now at the point where even your typical IQ100 normie will have a hard time swallowing mainstream bullshit. If you drip-feed bullshit, most people lap it up, but if you go from claiming that you need to socially distance yourself or you will die to a rioting mob outside the White House in the span of 24 hours, some light bulb must go on. Likewise, I want to believe that even someone of average intelligence will realize that something isn’t quite right when he reads of “peaceful protests”, yet sees images of burning cars and buildings.

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9 thoughts on “One Black Man Down, and Covid-19 is No Longer an Issue

  1. I have a feeling that mail in voting (or something equally shady) is going to cause a big fuss. I could be wrong, but Leftist are probably going to want to push hard for it as we get closer to the election under the guise of safety, and of course Trump isn’t going to go for it.

    1. This is most likely one of the goals of the coup that is currently being attempted. This is essentially a Judeo-Bolshevik insurrection, following the standard playbook. It doesn’t seem likely that they can overthrow the government with violence but mail-in ballots would be just as good.

    2. I’ll have to look into the Judeo-Bolshevik insurrection. Trump ordered all governors to call in the National Guard or he’d send the military for them. Immediately, street cleaning began in DC. Twitter Libs are freaking out claiming hashtag martial law. I’m just sipping some coffee and trolling some snowflakes.

  2. The left really fucked this one up.
    So stupid…

    When evaluating US policies you always have to check what is a bi-partisan matter and what isn’t.
    Now, white-on-black violence, as well as police violence are somewhat bi-partisan, but not in-your-face obviously bi-partisan. What is bi-partisan for sure, though, is people not finding it good that their businesses get burned to the ground by some “protesters”.

    Here’s how the left should’ve run this thing:
    1. Send Tulsi Gabbard into the race. She’s young, a somewhat attractive woman, doesn’t talk crazy leftist shit like all other fucktards in the Democrat Party and has the charm to get some not-so-hardcore Republican voters.
    2. When this Floyd thing happened, Tulsi goes on stage, demands peaceful Martin-Luther-King style protests, rides very deliberately the white-vs-black theme, gets back all the black votes she was about to lose to grass-roots voter conversion efforts by Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk AND THEN she goes out and promises a police reform as the first thing she tackles in her first term.
    That woulda been Clinton style triangulation.

    But naw… they gotta tear up shit.

    So here is what will happen. Now that Antifa is a terrorist organization, ANYBODY who supports them financially will be charged with TERRORIST FINANCING. This is a big deal.
    It’s huge. On top of that, the US still has a leading position globally when it comes to such things and there will be demands by other countries to classify Antifa as a terrorist organization, too. Eastern Europe will go first, and then of the western European countries I predict Italy to go first. Germany and Switzerland last.
    This also means, that our dear vampire Soros, might actually get into trouble for financing these thugs.

    1. “Germany and Switzerland last” – you said it right , Neutral! All hell should freeze over completely before the German government would even dare to think about curtailing their Antifa stooges at all.

      Anyhow, we’re living in interesting times.

      1. Since ((their)) modus operandi is and has always been “ordo ab chao”, all they know and all they can do is destruction: short term demolition or long term destruction, it doesn’t matter. That’s the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” right there and not necessary limited to ethnic/religious/zionist Joos.
        But this time it might not avail them.

        There’s been al this talk about the DOJ Durham investigations and about the big news of weighty indictments on they way and stuff. ButAJ Barr is deep state himself, he’s already deeply implicated in the entire Epstein mess and has been working day and night to cover it up…

        We shall see!

  3. Did I miss anything where any one has actually asked or examined whether the cop who put his knee on that Floyd guy…was it racially motivated? It’s a white cop on black perp…so everyone says “racism”!

    But I mean isn’t it just an inept power tripping cop? What if he did that to a white perp?

    Or maybe as Aaron says, realize the end game is to let it all burn and reset… And you realize you’re asking the wrong questions.

    Ah do I miss the days of reading tweets chastising anti-lockdown protestors for failing to heed social distancing…but now…with these riots it’s utter silence. Except to say its all Trump’s fault.

    1. All the mainstream media and the stupid protesters base their news and opinions on mind reading people so they know their true deep intentions. So the cop has to be racist because they think so. And on top of that getting a lot of clicks, views and ads make loads of money and going to the streets must make them feel so virtuous because they care so much about blacks. It’s all bullshit. People are on the streets for no reason, the only thing you can imply from the footage is the excessive force by the cop, not his motivations. But of course, setting cars on fire and looting is much more fun than quarantining.

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