Democracy and Diversity Signal the End of U.S. Soft Power

I have argued before that Covid-19 marks the beginning of Chinese hegemony. This refers to hard power, i.e. a country’s position on the international stage based on, primarily, military strength and the economy that backs it. In contrast, soft power relates to the cultural stranglehold a country has on others. In that regard, the United States has been a rather formidable force. The entire world eats its shitty fast food, consumes its rap music, and watches its movies, albeit Hollywood has been creatively bankrupt for a while, so it is doubtful that the United States is still able to push their propaganda via the box office as it was a mere ten years ago.

The United States had two big exports: democracy and diversity, in the name of which they topple regimes, er, liberate countries from hostile rulers. In recent years, the State Department has developed a less costly approach, so-called Color Revolutions, that are based on the idea of enlisting the local population as useful idiots: whip up a bunch of riots and militarily back the opposition. In order for this to work, however, you need to be able to tell the story that the Western way of life is, in some way, better than what your supposedly oppressive local ruler provides for you because otherwise you would not join some “peaceful protest” with the aim of toppling your regime.

If you look at how the United States is doing, you can’t help but notice a deeply divided nation. We are not only talking about racial divisions. It’s not just the case that there are resentments across racial lines. Instead, you have white Antifa soy boys fraternizing with blacks in riots. You also have an extremely biased media that effectively used two kinds of languages to describe the same phenomenon. If they support a riot, it’s a peaceful protest, but if they don’t, it’s a riot. There are countless such examples.

It is also quite obvious that Western media in general are highly partisan. They no longer pretend that they want to inform you. Instead, issues get buried or turned into centerpieces depending on whether they can further their cause. The Biden corruption scandal got buried, and so did his alleged sexual assault. In contrast, in 2016 Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” comment was big news for months.

Put yourself in the shoes of a reasonably intelligent resident of a non-Western country. Let’s assume that your country has some resources that the United States would love to exploit, so they are plotting to overthrow your government. However, because their world-leading military has a really hard time keeping a bunch of goat-herders in Afghanistan in check, they can’t launch a proper invasion. Thus, they want to pull off a Color Revolution. Yet, at this point a few questions seem to suggest itself: First, how great is racial diversity if it leads to the majority, despite endless concessions to the various minorities, to be made responsible for absolutely everything? You have to also keep in mind that we have erected a two-tiered legal system where minorities can act with relative impunity. Who would, furthermore, want to live in a society in which the media does little more than trying to fan the flames of revolution as opposed to inform you? Then there is the problem of “democracy” where the West has now reached a tipping point in which the unproductive majority simply votes themselves the money of the supposed rich. Needless to say, this is not sustainable. Our Western democracies have become highly unstable. The cracks can no longer be concealed, given the record-levels of violent protests or unfathomable injustices carried out in its name.

Today attempted revolutions are televised, like the one that has been going on in the United States in the aftermath of George Floyd’s respiratory problems. Those optics are bad and do very little to promote the idea that “democracy” is better than whatever authoritarian system may be in place in some other country. The same is true for the televised instances of boundless racial hatred. As it turns out, diversity isn’t quite the strength it is made out to be and that fact can no longer be hidden either. To use an analogy, the United States tells you that you should swap your attractive, healthy, slender, virtuous, and STD-free girlfriend for a mentally unstable obese and deformed butch with AIDS, warts, gonorrhea, and syphilis who has taken hundreds of dicks. If you think I’m exaggerating, then you should spend some time reviewing videos of the Great Race Riots of 2020. The United States has enough on their plate for the time being, but I’d be very surprised if it will be are able to pull off another Color Revolution anytime soon. The last one in Hong Kong failed. Let’s wait and see where the next one will fizzle out.

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  1. “The United States had two big exports: democracy and diversity”

    You gotta add their biggest export: Inflation.

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