Why Antifa is a Serious Threat to Public Safety

You may think that the various ideological pressure groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa are at best a nuisance. However, I consider them a serious threat to public safety, and this includes your personal safety as well. Maybe you are familiar with the term “anarcho-tyranny”, and if you are not, I encourage you to read up on this concept as it is the most fitting explanatory framework I have come across to describe the declining West. In short, anarcho-tyranny describes a state in which laws are only selectively enforced. Protected groups can do whatever they want as they break laws that are no longer seen as enforceable. On the other hand, minor infractions of others, even imaginary ones, will be prosecuted with the full extent of the law. That is where the government demonstrates that it is not to be messed with. Thus, it may happen that someone with brown skin gets to do a few dozen hours of community service for raping a 12-year-old, but if you post something mean on Facebook, even if it is true, you really are in trouble.

Groups like Antifa are protected in a state of anarcho-tyranny. They do not have to fear any repercussions at all. A recent example is the fate of two “Proud Boys” who got a four-year jail sentence for defending themselves against attacking Antifa thugs. The Antifa thugs did not get punished at all. Don’t shrug this off just because you are not a member of the “Proud Boys” and think that you, personally, will be fine. This is even a problem if you are not associated with any group Antifa or Black Lives Matter thugs consider the enemy. Right now, you can be an Antifa thug, try to beat someone up, and even if you get punched in the face instead, the other guy gets jailed. It is ridiculous. You can become a victim, too, however.

It does not take much to be seen as the enemy. You have to consider that those activist pressure groups recruit their membership from the disadvantaged parts of society, i.e. losers. Those are people full of resentment. If you walk around in clean clothes, you are a representative of the oppressive capitalist system. Have a job? You’re perpetuating institutional violence, the suppression of women, and the exploitation of the Third World. Make more than the average? Clearly, the money you have is theirs, and you stole it from them.

There have been countless cases in Germany, for instance, where Antifa thugs attacked politicians they didn’t like. There were plenty of cases of attempted murder as well, such as firebombing the house of a politician. The situation is already out of control. All it takes is a few more people and things can get really dangerous.

You should also not underestimate the enormous hate such people feel for those who are not part of their cause. I recall a situation where I stood on the boardwalk just watching a combined lefty/Antifa demo. Of course, I have a proper haircut and I look as if I have a job. One hate-filled woman (she was pretty unattractive) got right up to me and put her middle finger in my face, less than two inches away from my nose. This was quite something. I smirked and nothing happened as her thug-friends quickly pulled her away. I bet she felt emboldened because she was part of a big crowd, and probably a bit drunk, too. But imagine what could have happened if the mob had decided that I was a worthy target and there would have been less of a police presence?

Randomly beating up or killing people has become increasingly common. If you read the news, it seems that hardly a day goes by when you can’t find a news report on someone having been beaten or knifed to death “without a clear motive”, as it is commonly stated. The current trend in Germany is for gangs of “immigrant youth” to randomly rob or beat up guys. You could just walk down the street, minding your own business — and the next thing you know is that you wake up in a hospital, if you’re lucky. The same potential for violent aggression is inherent in activist groups like Antifa as well. They know that they do not have to fear legal repercussions. They also increasingly seek confrontations. Your best bet is therefore to avoid crowds, and I am not being facetious here. They could really randomly pick you as a target. After all, what’s the worst that could happen to them? They would not even get a slap on the wrist. For the past few years, they have been learning that they can do whatever they want.

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7 thoughts on “Why Antifa is a Serious Threat to Public Safety

    1. I have come across a few good alternative explanations:

      1) people leaving trash behind, which leads to fires, e.g. glass shards or filled water bottles
      2) people making a bonfire and being idiots
      3) activists starting fires, because huge wildfires goe well with the “we are all doomed” propaganda of Greta Thunberg and her army of useful idiots

      Also, note that 1) and 2) are to a significant extent an effect of immigration. From what I have read, wildfires in California often start that way as Hispanics don’t seem to want to follow rules as diligently as the white guys who oppress them.

      The mainstream has reported on arson as a likely cause, by the way. Here’s an excerpt of an article by the BBC from last November:

      Two of the most recent studies say there are between 52,000 and 54,000 bushfires in Australia every year. Dr Paul Read, co-director of Australia’s National Centre for Research in Bushfire and Arson, puts the figure higher, at “62,000 and increasing”. Of those, 13% are started deliberately, and 37% are suspicious. That means 31,000 Australian bushfires are either arson, or suspected arson, every year. That figure does not include recklessness or accidents. So a bushfire caused by a barbecue, or a spark from a chainsaw, would be classed as “accidental”. In short, up to 85 bushfires begin every day because someone leaves their house and decides to start one.

      So, arson is a plausible explanation. An open question, though, is how many of those fires were started by climate activists. This is not a point you made, but it’s an assumption that seems plausible as the whole Marxist nonsense is predicated on needing a “crisis” to enact change.

      1. Scenario 3 is sad but plausible. I was thinking of arson being caused by climate activists but that kind of POV makes you seem like a conspiracy theorist nutter. Then again, we are in a world where people think the Russians interfered in the US election and that Epstein truly committed suicide.

        I remember reading in the “Dao of capital” an anecdote about how trees can grow to such a crowded extent that they do catch on fire. That this was nature’s way of controlling this overcrowding of trees.

        But it’s easier to just say “climate change” and of course the solution is “carbon taxation”.

      1. I’ve got some close friends in tbe US. They say the same thing as you do. This situation has definitely the potential to turn into a civil war.

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