Why Politicians Love to Waffe about Global Warming

In Orwell’s 1984, history constantly gets rewritten. Facts that are no longer opportune to the regime continually get removed from the official record so that Eurasia has either always or never been at war with Oceania, depending on what the current story is. We have not progressed to Orwellian levels of retrograde censorship yet, but with libraries removing classic books on flimsy pretenses or publishers rewriting childhood favorites we have certainly come a long way.

A trip down memory lane reveals that, speaking of “climate change” there has been panic mongering since the 1960s. The world was always going to end “soon”. One decade it is about global cooling, then about global warming, and so on and so forth. All those “experts” of the Club of Rome and other global socialist groups have been remarkably wrong in their predictions, but it does not seem to matter. Climate activism is as popular as ever among politicians, if not more so. Given how little we seem to understand, and how much we know about the corruptibility of science (remember “climategate”?) it is quite surprising that this train has no brakes.

Of course, one reason for politicians jumping onto the climate-change bandwagon is that it is a trojan horse for global socialism. However, there is a more fundamental factor: the problem those politicians claim to want to solve, assuming that it even is a problem, unfolds over many thousands of years, far extending the lifetime of those midwits. Therefore, they are given a blank check as there is no accountability at all. There are no metrics. Sea levels and temperatures are not appreciably going to rise and fall within the typical four or five years of tenure of a minister of head of state.

In contrast, it would be much more difficult to tackle problems like the national debt, homelessness, gang crime, or drug addiction — I mean in the general public, not their own. I am ignoring the fact that politicians actively work towards increasing debt, making people homeless, and getting everyone into drugs. So, let us just assume we lived in a world where politicians wanted to tackle those issues. They could do that and have an immediate benchmark available for how well they are doing. Of course, there is some leeway such as meddling with statistics or, as is done in Berlin, Germany, demoralize the population so much that they no longer bother with reporting most crime. The problem, for politicians, is that if they fail to live up to their promises, it would be quite obvious.

In contrast, let us look at the conveniences of a big, important goal like “fighting climate change”! There is no clear benchmark. Measurements are unreliable. Nothing you do in the present really matters but as long as you are seen to be doing something, midwits will be happy about it. Some may even applaud you for all your pointless busyness. As you control the media, they can very plausibly spin stories about all your great initiatives. This compares rather favorably to trying to tackle a real problem with immediate real-world consequences like gang crime. Sure, you could tell your presstitutes to highlight all the important things you do, but if they have no measurable effect, even NPCs may realize that something is off between what they hear in the news and what they see on the streets.

It does not even matter if the global warming narrative changes and suddenly your bought-for scientists promote global cooling. You have only been “following science” and now that the science has been settled in a different way, you just push the next bullshit agenda. It is a really elaborate sham those grifters are engaging in.

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