“This Means the Vaxx is Working”: The Perspective of the Elites

It is puzzling that the myriad of side effects of the vaxx, including death, get relatively little attention in mainstream media. We are also told that “breakthrough infections”, which is a euphemism for vaccine failure, are likewise not a cause for concern. All of this, we are being told, only means that the vaxx is working. The vaxx is indeed working as intended, but only from the perspective of the elites.

Based on what I read, one aspect of Satanism is that if you tell your victims what you are going to do to them, you are not going to get punished for your evil machinations in the afterlife. You may dismiss this as claptrap, but the elites are acting in this very way. There is a long string of books where people talk about depopulation. They even erect monuments such as the “Georgia guidestones”, which proclaim that humanity must be reduced to half a billion people. Others, like Bill Gates, have come out telling the people, while laughing, that vaccines are the way to reduce the human population down to one billion people. I think that slips of the tongue are part of this as well. In that regard, the very recent statement of the head of the World Medical Association, Frank Montgomery, who spoke of countries “sacrificing” their population instead of “vaccinating” it. The interview was in German, where “to vaccinate” (impfen) sounds very similar to “to sacrifice” (opfern). The second time this happened, he did not even bother to correct himself.

You may be concerned about reports of people suffering strokes, paralysis, rashes, heart attacks, and a whole slew of other issues. Considering that the vaxx is the deadliest vaccination that ever existed, it is quite surprising that it is being pushed so hard onto the population. In the past, one death in ten million was enough to take a vaccination off the market. In the case of the Covid clot-shot, however, it seems that no number of side effects is too high. The opposite is the case, in fact. The more we learn about side effects, the more the powers that be push this poison on you. The status quo is that you need to get infinitely many boosters. We went from “endure this little Fauci ouchie and get your freedoms back” to “take a booster shot every four months”. They literally pull this crap out of thin air: boosting, mix-and-match, no patient too old or too young. There is no end to this nonsense with these people. You are supposed to get vaxxed tot he maxx against a disease that has effectively a probability of 0.0% of killing you if you are healthy and below the age of 80, and it only works if everybody else is vaxxed, too.

You cannot say that the Davos crowd lacks a sense of humor.

The only plausible explanation is that the vaxx is working exactly as intended, i.e. it maims and kills the general population. Sure, call me a conspiracy theorist, but how do you explain that we have record numbers of young people dying of strokes and cardiac arrest, yet we are being told that this has nothing to do with Covid, or that it probably means that people are consuming too many “Monster energy drinks”? I would not at all be surprised if the elites have private events at the World Economic Forum where they show montages of people having gotten arms and legs amputated as a consequence of a blood clot, or athletes collapsing on-air. You can almost imagine Klaus Schwab quip, with is horrid German-accent English, “I told you that you would own nothing and be happy. Not even your health”, with the other douchebags laughing loudly in response, complimenting Klaus Schwab on his fine sense of humor.

I find it comical that there are people who promoted the vaxx, only to die after their first, second, third or, soon, n-th shot, only for members of their family preventively disavowing any anti-vaxxer who would like to instrumentalize that death for his own, nefarious goals. To me it is shocking to read about a rapid increase of stillbirths, correlating with the vaxx, and see screenshots of those almost-mothers urging the world to get vaxxed regardless. Presumably they think that their kid would have died anyway.

We are long past the point where incompetence is a good explanation for the vaxx tyranny. They want you dead, and your death is at best a source of amusement to them. The current narrative is that even though the vaxx is no longer effective against the recent stains of Covid, you still need to get one jab after another because if you do not get vaxxed to the maxx, the vaxxed are not protected. This is a mind-boggingly stupid narrative, which I am sure is a cause for great amusement of the elites behind closed doors.

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