Government Overreach in the Plandemic

I find the status quo of the ongoing plandemic fascinating as the plans of the elites are falling apart in real-time. The battle is far from over, but we have entered the realm of vindictive behavior. As a reminder, it all started out with the government pretending that they want to protect you from a deadly virus, which is why you had to self-isolate, wear masks, work from home, not travel abroad, and get vaxxed. Yet, a few things happened that made this narrative collapse. I think the idea was to roll out everything at the same time, in literal lockstep, so that you would not be able to look at developments in other countries that differed from what you were experiencing in your own country. This way, they could have fully controlled the narrative.

Probably, everything began to really fall apart when Israel insisted on getting the vaxx first, and then the booster first. This allowed us to look into the future and realize that it is kind of strange that the more you vaxx, and then booster (a total bullshit narrative in itself), the more people die of Covid, as opposed to the other way around. This was the first clear indication that something is not quite right. Had Pfizer produced multiple billions of vaxx shots in advance, they could have prevented this, but this would still not have accounted for renegade actors like some African president who did a PCR test on three different fruits, of which two or possibly all three turned out to have Covid. Total control is impossible to maintain in the long run, so such responses are almost bound to happen.

I think that the idea behind the vaxx is to cull the herd. As you know, Bill Gates used to publicly profess that vaccines are the way for reducing the world’s population to one billion people. It is also quite strange that Africa is essentially unvaxxed whereas vaxx propaganda seems to only target whites. Maybe it is all just one big coincidence. Anyway, the spike protein in the vaxx seems to slowly break down your body and wreck your immune system, but there is elevated risk shortly after vaccination, which is why there are so many sudden deaths within days of getting any of the jabs; and during that time you are still considered unvaxxed, because science says so. Probably this was not supposed to happen. Instead, you presumably were supposed to get blood clots over time, possibly in a time frame of years. Crashing human fertility likewise was probably intended to play out slowly, i.e. vaxx adults, tell the people that they aren now protected from Covid, and move on to vaxxing the kids, who turn into infertile adults. We know that the spike protein gathers in the female ovaries, for no apparent reason at all. Now we have record numbers of still births, all correlating to the vaxx status of the mother, i.e. if you are vaxxed, chances of miscarriage or still birth shoot up drastically. Again, this is happening now. It is too soon for people not to notice that something is fishy.

The current narrative is that the vaxx does not really work so you need booster shots, which do not protect you against Covid either. According to the British government, you need booster shots every three months, by the way. Initially, one shot was supposed to be enough. I have a hunch that the plan was to give you one shot, make you infertile, and shave off years to decades of your life expectancy. Yet, the vaxx is more potent than thought, and kills people off much sooner. It is not likely that you can maintain the current narrative for years. This is probably why the elites are now pushing a vaxx subscription every few months in order to cull the herd faster.

Psychologically, it is easy to see what is going on here. In common parlance, this is referred to as “doubling down”. Maybe you know a few sluts who quickly sleep with men, hoping that they can rope them into a relationship. This does not really work, but as they have committed to this strategy, they just keep throwing themselves at men they deem desirable. Students of wokism are another great example. Many end up with a Bachelor’s degree in Wokism that makes them more or less unemployable, given the comparatively low number of positions for D&I officers. After not finding a job, they get a Master’s in Advanced Wokism, and once they realize that this does not make them employable either, they get a PhD on Frontiers of Wokism. The slut as well as the wokism student have committed to a particular strategy and they rather repeat what they have been doing than by trying a different approach. By doing so they would have to admit to themselves, and the world, that their beliefs about the world were misguided.

The elites have committed to vaxxing you to death, and they will simply push the poison ever harder. We are already quite far along in the process. Remember that at first you were supposed to only need one shot, then two, where you could mix-and-match ad libitum because of science, and then they came up with the idea of a one-time booster. Some politicians have jumped the gun and spoken about a multi-year vaxx campaign with frequent boosters. You used to be called a conspiracy theorist if you said that this kabuki theater will not end with one shot of the deadly vaxx, and now look at where we are!

Governments would much rather use psychological manipulation than force. A big mistake was that they pushed the fear narrative too much. Once you realize that two years into the deadliest pandemic in history, which killed 0.05% of people, you are still alive and healthy, you just do not take this nonsense seriously anymore. As the fear-narrative is ever-more ineffective, they now try to coerce you. This happens in conjunction with a guilt-narrative according to which the unvaxxed are killing the vaxxed (lol). They ban you from using public transport, going to shopping malls, or leaving your home, but even this does not seem to work so well, which is why forced vaxxing is now on the agenda. You can rest assured that they would much rather have all of us line up to get your clot-shots but enough of us are not doing it, they resort to the last option they have: force.

Obviously, the government is quick to tell you that their vaxx mandates are not in any way an expression of force. After all, you can simply get a negative test at 6 a.m. if you want to use public transport in the morning, even if you live on the country side where no such state-supported Covid testing center exists. Also, going to the shopping mall, meeting friends, partying in a club, going to concerts or eating in a restaurant are not human rights, you are being told. They are tightening the noose, hoping that you will eventually comply. The Austrian dictator recently brought up a general vaxx mandate that will be enforced by fining you 7,200 Euros in case of non-compilance or, if you do not have the money, six weeks in jail. Again, if you get vaxxed under those laws, it will be voluntary, in their interpretation of the law, as they did not show up with a goon squad at your door, pin you down, and ram a needle in your arm against your will.

There is a silver lining, though, as overreach normally leads to suffering heavy consequences. If women sleep with too many men, they easily end up with unwanted pregnancies or STDs. If men overdo their drug and alcohol habits, they may develop addictions. If governments use excessive force, they end up with a highly ineffective country or perhaps even with a revolution on their hand and their severed head on a pitchfork. Never in history has totalitarian socialism prevailed, and it will not happen this time either. However, it is impossible to tell if the current terror regime of the Western powers will last five, fifteen, or fifty years. My guess is that we are looking at less than a decade.

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7 thoughts on “Government Overreach in the Plandemic

  1. I’d say, apart from the obvious occult features on display here and the active satanism being acted out on the general caucasian population, another – rather banale – aspect is at play here as well:

    Our amazing, ingenious and all-knowing governmental elites simply signed blackmailing contracts with those criminal pharmaceutical manufacturers. This makes them, the governments, directly liable for any non-used vaccines that might remain left over. Apparently those contracts include the transfer of partial sovereignty, of public land in case of non-fulfillment of behalf of participating governments. They now got caught beten a rock and a hard place – they are fucked, literally.

  2. I just watched a video clip of a speech by an Austrian medical government expert who said that we may indefinitely need monthly (!) booster shots. The guy’s name is Christoph Wenisch, and the video is an excerpt from a government summit that happened today. I only have the video as a file, and unfortunately I cannot find it on YouTube. I am adding a screenshot below, in case you want to look for it online. Presumably, the caption is unchanged for the duration of the video.
    When will we get weekly boosters?

    1. I’ve seen that very video too. This guy is a well-know asshole functionary in Austria’s public health administration, an entrenched “government adviser”. In a way it’s not surprising to hear this crap spewed out of his very mouth.

      I’d say one of the good side effects of this entire Covid bonanza is, that people are forced (or seduced) to show their true colours. Just think of all those moron journalists, nasty politicians, boot-licking “scientists”, slew of “experts”, “political commentators”, actors and other cultural representatives and spokespeople “from the arts” and so on. They’ve all ruined their credibility and have completely unmasked their true thoughts and feelings. Rarely did I witnessed such earth-shattering self-destruction in such a short span of time…

      1. Those people think they are on the winning side. Yet, the stakes are very high, and it is quite likely that a good number of them will find themselves skewered by pitchforks or handing from lampposts. I am not even talking about pissed off civilians who need a target for their rage after learning that the vaxx made their wife or daughters sterile, or that the vaxx is responsible for the stillborn baby of their wife, which has now lost the chance of ever having a kid as she is in her late 30s already. (For context, Germans marry quite late. Plenty of women only have kids in their mid-to-late 30s and there is not a lot of time left at such an advanced age.)

        To a friend I recently quipped that we will probably have German politicians from the communist mainstream claim to be AfD members when facing an enraged mob. Upon thinking about this some more, I concluded that this is not at all unrealistic. Where do you think those politicians will be able to hide? Collectively, they are trying to fuck over the entire world. It is not as if there is another planet to flee to, and, no, there are not enough cozy resorts in NZ to house all those faggots. If the Covid narrative collapses with a bang, probably only the very top few politicians of each country will have the chance to get away. Not even ministers may be safe.

      2. ” If the Covid narrative collapses with a bang”

        Why so optimistic?
        62% of Swiss people voted for vaxx passes.
        It’s over. The Great Panic of 2020 has worked. Wait until they collapse the internet and introduce CBDCs for ultimate control. An equivalent of Event 201 has happened in Israel (muhhh coincidence) simulating a large scale internet black-out.
        This thing is done. No Backlash, no return to sanity, no trials, no revenge porn. Best thing we can hope for is a large-scale balkanization with Florida, Texas, El Salvador, Wyoming, South Dakota and Belarus leading the way.

        “Fuck this dystopia” – JStark

      3. “I am not even talking about pissed off civilians”

        What are you talking about then? You think we’ll have courts who’ll do anything? German Supreme Court in Karlsruhe just waived through the entire set of covid bullshit laws. I mean, not that Germany has a constitution to begin with, but fuck it, it’s all just semantics at this point anyway.

        This shit only stops when the people start shooting police officers and by extension start rounding up politicians. But the way I see it, people just want to comply their way out of this. It will not work, but it’ll be too late by the time they realize it.
        Enjoy the decline. We’ll be looking back at 2020 as “the good times” compared to what’s coming next.

  3. Just as a side note: Karl Kraus once wrote “Austria is a testing laboratory for doomsday.”
    While I do not agree with this premise in its totality, for now it is quite applicable. Just as Australia, ever the prison colony of the British Empire, is a testing ground, so Austria has been “chosen” as current laboratory for other EU countries. Good for us that Austrians on a whole are much more strongly averse to government coerxion than the brainwashed (West-)Germans are…

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