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A Jab a Day Keeps Covid Away!

It is quite amazing how the Covid narrative has shifted within just about one year. At first, we were told that one shot is all we need. Then we suddenly needed two as science simply changed its mind. Not soon afterwards, the number of jabs increased to three, and now the first countries are at four shots, such as Israel. This is not the end of it. The current status quo of “science” is that you need frequent boosters, indefinitely many, in fact, in order to maintain the status of being fully “vaccinated”, according to the new definition of the CDC.

Indefinitely many booster shots is bad enough, but this is not where it ends. We moved from one year to nine months, and then to six, four and, as of this week, based on a proclamation by a UK government official, three months. Yesterday, there was a Covid summit by the Austrian dictatorial government where one of their kept medical expert, Christoph Wenisch, spoke of monthly (!) booster shots. Even if you are not fully onboard with believing that the vaxx is a means for mass genocide, you probably have a hunch that something is seriously wrong here. Let us just look at the argument presented by government. We have the following premises:

1) Your risk of dying of Covid is less than 0.05 percent, if you have preexisting conditions, but this is a big deal, unlike obesity, suicide, opioid deaths and a whole slew of other ailments

2) The vaxx does not protect you from catching Covid but you need to get vaxxed to protect others from catching Covid (lol)

3) The vaxx does not work, and the booster does not really work either as it is the same crap, but you need to take it anyway

From these premises it apparently invariably follows that you need to take a booster shot every three months. Sometimes I wonder if all mainstream politicians and journalists descended from caved-in-head Wojak. The alternative is that they consider you to be expendable cattle, and this would be an utterly outlandish assumption to make.

If you accept the bizarre reasoning of the elites then there is no reason not to mandate the goyim to get boosters in ever-shortening intervals. They have been doing this already to you anyway. We moved from “there is no vaccine” to “get boosters every three months” at a staggering pace, and now the idea of monthly boosters is gradually being introduced. There is no reason to assume that the one-month mark would be the end. It will be weeks afterwards.

You will witness one month turning into “four weeks”, casually pretending that this is the same. Then you will go from four to two weeks, and then one week, and then the same crap is going to happen with intervals measured in days. It all depends on whether big pharma can make billions of shots available. Supply will not be a big issue in the long run because the herd is gradually getting culled (the death rate in Germany is up by 10% over the last few years, by the way). Furthermore, vaxx production has been ramped up like crazy all over the world.

When I sat down to write this post, I thought that daily boosters would be hyperbole, but is this really safe to say? After all, diabetics take three to four shots of insulin per day. Why not force the people to shoot themselves full of the vaxx garbage once a day or even multiple times a day? In this scenario, you would see a doctor every few weeks to confirm that you have been pumping yourself full of spike proteins and if your levels are below a certain threshold, the doctor knows that you have been skipping your shots. As a result, you will get your “green passport” invalidated and all rights taken away. After all, by not taking daily shots, you are killing all those people who are taking their daily shots.

The idea of getting a vaxx for a coronavirus used to be laughable. Then the idea of a second shot when the first one did not work was even more laughable. As Covid is mutating, the vaxx is getting less and less effective at preventing you from catching it, but you are supposed to get more and more boosters whose effectiveness is rapidly approximating zero. I hope that I do not need to spell out how utterly ridiculous this proposition is. They will just pull out another made-up variant that somehow necessitates that you need to get boostered even more quickly.

Politicians have long dropped mentioning any criteria after which the “pandemic” will be declared over. (Hint: there was never a pandemic.) Thus, they will simply ramp up the pressure until the vaxx has done what it is supposed to do, which has little to do with protecting you from Covid. It may even come down to weekly or daily booster shots. Nursing home residents, kindergarteners, and school kids may get them at the start of the day.

On a more positive note, there are now also plenty of the vaxxed who are realizing that they have been duped. Even “humanity’s greatest thinker” (Jordan Peterson) has realized that a tyrannical government is not going to keep its promises. Somehow, you would think that his lifetime of studying fascism would have allowed him to smarten up but apparently this was not the case. Anyway, even normies are beginning to realize that there is no end to the booster madness. Anti-vaxx protests have been growing, so I wonder if we are going to see a government getting sacked.

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12 thoughts on “A Jab a Day Keeps Covid Away!

  1. Protests in (felix) Austria are strongly growing in numbers and in frequence, todays warning strike has been a huge success, and that is just the beginnjng. Portests have already spilled over to neighbouring former k.u.k. Croatia. Others are certainly going to follow the Austrian example. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure about my fellow, obedient and bona fide-gullible German slave subjects. Since most revolting and freedom-loving Germans have been emigrating to the US (and other countries) since the 1840s there is not that much of a disobedient population left. If at all I’m putting my hope on the East-Germans, the rebellious Saxons in particular.

    Public disobedience and sabotage is the call of the day. A permanent black pen miht work wonders in embellishing QR codes, for instance…

    “Anti-vaxx protests have been growing, so I wonder if we are going to see a government getting sacked.”
    =>I certainly DO hope so. And not just one.

    1. Speaking of Croatia, yesterday their goverment arrested the anti-vax protest organizers for “terrorism”. Apparently protesting the vax is a terroristic act.

  2. Okay, I really need to ask: why would countries voluntarily kill off their tax payers, not to mention those who survive, but will need costly medical treatments and won’t be able to work? It would make more sense if the vaxx was mandatory to retired people, so that goverments could use their pensions to import more migrants or something.

    1. Those people believe that you are replaceable by an immigrant from the third world. This is a common theme in the writings of the elites. They have been fantasizing about their docile and easy-to-govern “mongrel race” for well over a century.

      1. The thing with me is that I am already educated, pay a crapload of taxes, consume my share of stuff and will be a net contributor to the treasury for a few decades. If I’m jabbed, chances are that I either die and thus stop contributing or worse, get so sick that I’m unable to work and will require expensive medical care and a disability pension.

        Immigrants in our country take somewhere around a decade to even begin contributing, much less become net contributors. And even when they do, it’s less than the natives.

        So this logic eludes me. Maybe I overestimate our elites’ ability to analyze consequences, but the vaxx to purposely cull the native population seems downright suicidal if a large share of the working population stops paying taxes and buy fancy clothes, cars and whatnot.

        I could buy this logic if this happened over the course of decades (a bit like it has been happening). But over the course of a few years? That’s societal collapse.

      2. Have you heard of the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory? Hint: it is not a conspiracy theory; this is really happening. Also, I believe that the goal is societal collapse. Have you been following the issue of “transitory” inflation? The US is suffering from the highest inflation in decades, and the same is happening in Europe. Germany’s inflation is up about 6%, while some other EU member states have an inflation of more than 10%. Given how much money both the Fed and the ECB have been pumping into the system, the inevitable outcome will be significant devaluation of money. Also note that inflation metrics are gamed. It is based on an imaginary shopping basket and also adds factors like “hedonics”, i.e. if you get a better product for a higher price, even when the cheaper product has disappeared, it is not considered inflationary. Housing costs are also excluded when computing inflation metrics. You are probably aware of how much more expensive housing has become over the last decade or so.

        In addition to genuinely evil politicians and globalists who want to crash the system, there are also a lot of clueless enablers. I vividly recall the debate about mass immigration in Sweden in 2016, where politicians, with a straight face, spoke about all the “labor” they would be getting, and fantasized about the enormous economic growth as a consequence. In reality, a large part of those people never make a positive fiscal contribution to society, and the less said about their non-fiscal societal contributions, the better.

      3. The societal collapse has to be achieved by a process of controlled, or even not-so-controlled demolition of all pillars of stable traditional societies: family, procreation, culture, tradition, religion, language, logic, truth itself – you name it. This process of erosion has been going on for decades, of course.

        These ancient concepts can be found expressed in Latin phrases like “Ordo ab chao”: Out of the complete atomization of the “prima materia” a new structure, system or order of the (material) world can be built – which is supposedly “better” than the old one it should replace. The shining new world, the utopia, the “new man”, the “golem”, the”breakaway civilization”, the “tower of Babel”, the gnostic “apotheosis” – call it by whichever name you like, it’s always the same thing.
        And we are now experiencing history, we can see it happening and accelerating with our own eyes, since the elites have apparently been stepping on the gas pedal quite a bit. I suppose they feel that they now must perform the steps of the final close, because… they are running out of time?

      4. @ Novy: The erroneous thinking in this case might be, to suppose, that one – as a “productive and contributing” member of a stable society – actually has any real value to the masters conceiving and running this transformation (or rather “trance-formation”).
        From a materialist-naturalist perspective of run of the mill “modernity” this would even make sense. But here’s the catch, and that’s also the blind spot: None of this has to do with materialism (“all that ever exists is either matter or a function of matter”) or naturalism (“all that only exists is this very world we live in”) or”muh science”.
        In fact, those concepts and slogans Western societies have been so thoroughly brainwashed by have always only been cover for the real thing that’s raising its ugly face now. Actually the underbelly of materialism/scientism/naturalism is something very different…

    1. Yup, isn’t that a nice anagram?! 😉
      And surely there is no deeper significance behind it… just a glitch in the matrix…

  3. Athletes are collapsing at ever faster rates. In a recent soccer match in Germany, two players collapsed on the pitch:
    The article is behind the paywall but the key information is in the summary anyway. I wonder if the players got the vaxx and, in case they did, if they are still considered “fully vaxxed”. Even if government is adjusting the definition of what it means to be fully vaxxed, they are left with the problem that they need to explain those issues otherwise. I think they will either not bother with an explanation or prever to misinform the public by saying those those athletest simply were “not fully vaxxed” and in case they were, then the likely cause is probably that they consumed too many energy drinks, as was recently suggested by science.

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