The Most Based Head of State

One of my readers recently pointed me towards a tweet by the head of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele. As you are well aware of, the “free world” is currently working on establishing a medical tyranny. Bukele wrote the following in response on 2 December:

As Twitter has a tendency to delete everything they do not like, I will need to add some redundancy here and copy and paste the content of the tweet as well:

There are no vaccine mandates or passports in El Salvador, no mask mandates, no testing requirements to enter the country.

But there are vaccines available for everyone, even tourists, including boosters.

Everybody makes their own choice. So far, +70% have been vaccinated.

More importantly, El Salvador is the first country that has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. I knew of this but I was not aware that the CIA staged some fake “anti-Bitcoin protests” in this country. There absolutely no reason to be against Bitcoin as legal tender, except if you run the world’s biggest financial scam and print billions of dollars every day. Amusingly, the legal paper currency of El Salvador is the US dollar, so Bukele’s move of giving Bitcoin the status of a legal currency has wide-ranging implications as every transaction conducted in Bitcoin is also a rejection of the US dollar.

I skimmed this guy’s timeline some more and was quite surprised how based he is. In this day and age, the bar is quite low. Any leader praising the high number of exports of his country would be a “right-wing extremist”. Bukele does not have this problem. He simply applauds his countrymen as he did not get the memo that the only concerns a leader has to have are climate change, vaxx mandates, and the suppression of whites.

Amusingly, Bukele commented on a recent farce in Germany as well. As you may know, Angela Merkel, the worst leader in the history of Germany, has ended heir shameful reign. To do so, she insisted on a festive public ceremony while telling the plebs that they need to stay home indoors due to the deadly Covid virus. Obviously, the mainstream was full of praise for the gravedigger of Germany. Bukele was not so impressed. Here is his tweet as a screenshot because this one will probably not last long:

Is it not odd that we look at second and third world countries, wondering why they enjoy more liberties than the first world? For me, this is quite a jarring experience, which is also why I am seriously exploring my options. You are no longer safe in Europe.

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