German Kindergarten Vaxx Squads

The genocidal agenda of the Davos crowd is unfolding at a rapid clip. One of the current talking points is the vaxx for children as young as five. Needless to say, children are basically immune to Covid. Also, children and teenagers have some of the worst reactions to the vaxx. If you think that primary school kids do not have strokes and heart attacks, then you may be surprised to learn that according to science this has always happened and nowadays some pesky right-wingers only draw attention to it to smear the best vaccine the world has ever seen, which somehow killed and maimed more people in about one year than all other vaccinations in history combined.

The woman posting this tweet was eagerly looking forward to getting her kid vaxxed. This is probably just a coincidence, though.

Today I saw a video clip with the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, the failed drama teacher turned politician. He tells kids that he knows that they are excited to get the vaxx, and that they can get an appointment even if they are not five yet. Would it not be nice to get a blood clot for your birthday? I mean, nature surely intended one of your legs or arms to be amputated as the presence of two undoubtedly implies redundancy, like with kidneys, right, Dr Fauci?

To ensure that we thoroughly vaxx kids, the Germany is going to send vaxx squads into kindergartens, and in schools, too, but this probably goes without saying. Sending a mobile death vaxx squad to kindergarten is incredibly evil. As you know, due to decade-long social engineering, there are now a lot of single mothers out there, and even when a child grows up with both parents, more often than not both will need to pursue gainful employment to make ends meet, due to sky-high taxes. Consequently, kids are fully exposed in kindergartens. You can bet that they will get coerced to get vaxxed. Maybe they will not even get asked. Those angels of death in white robes may simply go from kid to kid, ramming the clot shot into their arm.

This is what the destruction of the family leads to. Without it, this utterly evil plan would be impossible to implement. Even better, imagine we did not have government schools either. In that case, your children would be very well protected from government overreach, be it in the form of forced vaccinations or social engineering. Alas, this is not the world we live in anymore.

3 thoughts on “German Kindergarten Vaxx Squads

  1. “This is what the destruction of the family leads to.”

    “Even better, imagine we did not have government schools either.”

    (Always looking forward to your new posts, Sir.)

  2. The head of the World Medical Association, Montgomery, demands that children from the age of five onwards should be included in a vaxx mandate. Meanwhile, German politicians have come out to demand the vaxx as a prerequisite for employment.

    1. Yes, it is literally getting crazier by the day. The dynamic is akin to the” Great Purge” (Tschistka) under Stalin in the Soviet Union in 1937/38. The leadership sets quotas and the commandos on the ground surpass those quotas and even demand new quota for their collective meat-grinder, to prove their loyalty and faith both to the leadership, but also to themselves.

      I really tend to believe in possession by dark spirits now, more and more.
      On dynamic of public protest and resistance in Austria and adjacent countries is hopeful, but the situation in brainwashed and demoralized Western Germany is devastating. The level of obedience, cowardice and lack of critical thinking is shocking. It’s been like this for many years and decades in advance, but the present dynamics cast terrible light on the abysmal state of the psyche of the average inhabitants of this “country”.

      I’ve been planning to leave Germany for quite some time, but I need to speed up everything substantially, because it’s not at all certain that the pushing for mandatory “vaxxing” will get halted over here.
      In addition the prospect of continuing to continue to live in a country populated mostly by cowards, obedient serfs to authority and willful subjects has become truly terrifying…

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