Clown World Politics: How Government, the Opposition, and the Media Cooperate

As the response of government towards Covid-19 does not make any sense at all, I have gotten more interested in the political theater. As a quick summary of the story thus far, we have a vaccination that causes serious side effects and does not even protect you against catching Covid. Regardless, you are supposed to take booster shots every three months, and if you do not get your quarter-yearly clot shot, you are excluded from public life because you are a threat to the vaccinated. The entire narrative is completely nonsensical. Any screenwriter would have his script torn up, but in the real world, this script gets played just fine.

As you may be aware, Germany has banned the non-vaxxed from using public transport as well as everything else except the absolute minimum like supermarkets and doctor’s offices. Any opposition to this is only voiced in the comments of articles and videos online, but only whenever this venue has not been shut down. Effectively, Germany, and many other Western countries, are now ruled by a medical dictatorship where our elites tell us that black is white and 1 + 1 makes 5. They test school children to get high levels of “incidents”. Those kids are essentially immune to Covid, but those figures are used to justify their dictatorial measures.

However, the ruling regime does not want to be perceived as dictatorial, which is why there are elaborate routines being played out. In the latest conference of the heads of the various German states, for instance, the government pronounced that they want to push through various dictatorial measures. You may think that the task of the opposition is to question those measures. Yet, what happened is that the Bavarian head of state, Markus Söder, demanded even more restrictive measures. He pushed for a genuine lockdown of the unvaxxed, i.e. physical house arrest. This is as perversion of the task of the opposition. It should question the decision of the ruling coalition, not push the Overton window even further. I found it comical, but his was nothing compared to the press conference I watched afterwards.

The German government uses a rather unusical institution for government press conferences. These are held in the building of an extra-governmental organization called “Bundespressekonferenz”, which translates to “Federal Press Conference”. On their Wikipedia page, we read that unlike in many other countries, the Bundespressekonferenz is an organization run by professional journalists and consequently, “even journalists who are critical towards government are able to ask questions, unlike in other countries”. In reality, any journalist who question the government will get banned, which recently happened to Boris Reitschuster, who runs one of the most-read political commentary sites in Germany. Also, when a journalist asks critical questions, perhaps without noticing it, the government may simply chose to answer with total gibberish. Very recently, designated chancellor Olaf Scholz was asked about his involvement in one of the biggest financial scandals in Germany, and his response was completely unrelated. He spoke at length about the new grand coalition in the government. People like Reitschuster almost accidentally revealed this practice by streaming those press conferences.

After the German ministers had agreed on clamping down on individual freedoms for the unvaxxed, the government held another press conference. Popular opinion has it that the media “speak truth to power”. In reality, they lickspittles, depending on the government and NGOs for their economic survival as their products do not find many buyers anymore. In this press conference, journalists really stood up for the people and demanded even stricter rules so that we can “finally beat Covid”. They basically regurgitated the government position and demanded more of the same. It was a complete farce. Government insisted that no measures are off the table and that they will do whatever is necessary, including forced vaxxing, if need be.

Of course, that the government, the opposition, and mainstream media are all aligned is a complete coincidence. After all, it is nothing but a wild conspiracy theory that there are supra-national organizations like the WHO, the WEF, the Triliateral Commission and others where global policy is set, and local governments only execute it. Political parties own newspapers, NGOs fund the campaigns of politicians, companies hand out bribes – it is all quite well orchestrated. Consequently, you end up with a system that may superficially look like a democracy but which is effectively little more than bad theater, at least according to conspiracy theorists. In reality, it is all a big coincidence that plays out because politicians are only human and are simply trying to do their best.

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