The Covid Dictatorship vs the Opposition

Over the last few weeks I spent some time watching parliamentary debates in Germany on Covid. This was quite revealing. I was quite flabbergasted at the complete absence of logical arguments by the government. You essentially have some apparatchik insult the opposition as well as anybody else who does not willingly roll up his sleeve to get pumped full of an experimental gene-therapy concoction for the rest of his life. Highly paid government officials spout complete lies, such as there not being any side effects at all or that the vaxx is save even for small children and pregnant women. The only political party opposing this theater is the AfD, which is essentially a centrist party but given that the mainstream has moved towards leftist extremism, they are commonly referred to as “nazis”.

When the opposition wants to question any of the members of the ruling party during a debate, they normally are not allowed to ask questions. Sometimes, the speaker allows them to proceed, in which case the response of the governing party consists of little more than insults to the person questioning the speaker, and insults to the intelligence of the viewer. In the debate in the German Bundestag today, in which a vaxx mandate for workers in healthcare was discussed, the AfD pointed out, in response to some whacko who wanted a forced vaxx for everybody from the age of 5 onward, if not earlier, that children do not die of Covid but are at risk of severe side effects and if they are in ICUs, it is not because of Covid. Instead of addressing this (true) point, the government party member accused them of being liars, and of “instrumentalising little children in an ignoble manner”.

The ruler of the German state of Saxony, Kretschmer, goes even further. His current position is that the AfD is responsible for the poor outcomes of the Covid campaign. Instead of addressing why people do not get vaxxed, he said that the AfD is responsible for “Covid denialism” and “vaccination hesitancy”. Yet, if the vaxx was really as safe and effective as it is claimed to be, we would not hear of so many people suffering severe side effects. Further, if Covid was a genuine threat, in addition to the vaxx being safe, people would probably happily get vaxxed. These are much more uncomfortable points, so they are being ignored.

Last week I watched a debate in the parliament of Brandenburg, which was downright ludicrous. Their ruler claimed that the AfD wanted to “undermine the state and government in order to take it over”. In reality, leftist extremists have overtaken the country, working tirelessly to utterly destroy it, and they have been doing quite well on that front. However, instead of admitting that they have been wrecking the country, the only party who is willing to discuss Germany’s real issues is claimed to be responsible for all of them. The chutzpah is beyond belief.

If you do not consume mainstream news, I recommend that you at least skim it on occasion. Similarly, tune into your parliamentary TV broadcasts and listen to press conferences. It is truly shocking how moronic the people who govern over you are. A short clip of Biden telling you that he does not know where he is may be humorous, just as a short clip of his feminist spox brushing off a journalist is off-putting, but you should watch an entire press conference or speech, or even a parliamentary or senate debate to get a better sense of the condition your country is in.

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  1. The level of parliamentary debates we have arrived at can also be seen in this part of a recent German debate: AfD MP Martin Sichert had to speak from the balcony because he didn’t want to subject himself to the B.S. regime of Covid “testing”:

    Martin Sichert Rede vom 18.11.2021 – Infektionsschutzgesetz, Impfpassfälschung

    After addressing the crucial arguments of scepticism regarding those “vaccines” another MP from Merkel’s party CDU performed a brief show of ridicolously hyped emotionalism devoid of any argumentative substance (“Hey, I got infected by Covid, look at me what a hero I am, it’s soo terrible and dangerous.”) . Immediately after this weak performance Sichert destroyed his arguments and put him in place for everyone to see. And what’s the reaction of the assembly? Almost everybody openly laughed – but at Sichert and not at the clown who tried to play the hand of emotional fallacy.
    If that’s not reminding one of the movie “Idiocracy” then I don’t know what else is…

    1. Recently the Bavarian state government was caught red-handed with heavily manipulated data. They counted everyone in hospital with an unknown vaccination status as unvaxxed. When challenged, the first claim was that it does not change anything when this skews the data absurdly, from a somewhat even split between vaxxed and unvaxxed to a 90:10 split, and when this did not really work, they accused people questioning their data integrity of being “far-right activists”. You cannot make up this nonsense anymore.

      1. The sheer level of mass cognitive dissonance is just astonishing. Some of my acquaintances admittedly are of the more gullible and obedient kind. So when you show them video proof of “masks” not being able to protect from “viruses”, when you show them the hyped “experts” from the realm of muh science, in whose gospel they wholeheartedly put their trust, literally contradicting themselves within the matter of mere months or even weeks, when you contrast the the pre-federal election statements of German politicians with their post-election statements and actions – most of them are still NOT able to acknowledge that there is a serious logical problem present in all of this. They CANNOT see it, i.e. cannot admit to themselves that they are a) gullible sheep who b) got massively duped. So they have to double down on it and get “boostered” and the like…

        One particular friend of mine is a German high school teacher (“Beamter”). I visit him infrequently. So when he got his first two jabs I asked him: “Don’t you know your doctor isn’t just a mere philanthropist? I hope you are aware that he does gets bribed by state and federal governments for giving you the shot. It’s real money for him.” And he just couldn’t believe it, oh that MD is such a nice and diligent person! The MD would never act in such a devious way, he is so sure about that.
        The doctor apparently explained to him the way the RNA-“vaccine” works and informed him about possible side effects etc., so I asked my friend: “OK then, so can you repeat to me, how this drug basically works and maybe what the possible health risks connected to it, are?” And he couldn’t. He either didn’t listen attentively enough, or he just didn’t care in the first place. It didn’t concern him a bit. All he needed was the assertikn that this thjng was safe and that it would allow him back into a normal, regular life. (Muahahaha!)

        Many (particularly Western-)Germans are like this. They will do what they are told and once they are frightened they’ll comply even faster. They are cowards, subservient subjects and they always need somenone higher up to tell them what to think and what to do. I’m now quite sure that if his superiors were to tell my teacher friend to jump out of the window of a 10-story building…. that after some grumbling and complaining…. eventually he would obey and jump.

  2. I do follow mainstream news media online, mainly newspapers, but I usually stick mostly to the international section, for work reasons.

    For information on Covid I prefer to rely on the Daily Sceptic, Alex Berenson, Eugyppius, Gato Malo, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, or any other journalist on substack who still knows what his job is supposed to be.

    Recently I have been visiting family in Germany, and was inevitable exposed to the way they get their news – TV and radio. No wonder they are scared shitless (they are elderly, too).

    I might be as well if all I got was omnious warnings about the virus situation, daily case numbers, and those evil extremist vaccine skeptics, all without context, precedent, questioning, or even any fair hearing of counter arguments.

    The thought that their doctors are mostly clueless about what they are talking about , or that the media is merely spouting the party line, is alien to them.

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