“Red Lines” in German Politics and their Connection to Ominous Forces Behind the Curtain

I am currently reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”, from which I have been learning a lot. Almost in passing, he discusses the problem of elite control. For instance, he presents evidence that Bill Gates, though his foundation, directly influences research, not just in the abstract but by buying off academics, and also puts pressure on the WHO. The people he bribes then serve as his mouth piece, and also suppress information that is harmful to his agenda.

I do not think that elite influence starts with billionaires. Instead, I think that there are men behind the curtains. For recent evidence, look no further than Epstein, who ran a blackmailing ring. He and his handlers filmed powerful men having sex with underage girls. The deal is presumably that if you want to enter elite circles, you need to engage in sex with minors so that they can blackmail you if you step out of line. Once you have been initiated, you get your orders via elite meetings held by the WEF or the Bilderberg group. All of this used to be crazy conspiracy theories, but today you are probably crazy if you see the evidence and still believe in “democracy” and naive notions of the elites looking out for you.

Covid is a globally orchestrated hoax. Similarly, other hoaxes have been rolled out globally. Think of global warming or the push for “diversity”. This leads to sometimes humorous outcomes. You know that all of this is coming from the US because the script is always the same, even if it does not make any sense in the local context. You may be surprised to learn that the treatment of blacks in Germany is a big topic, with “civil rights” groups pushing for greater representation of blacks in the public sector or in industry. This is simply a US topic that has been translated directly from the US playbook. Yet, there are relatively few blacks in Germany, for the time being. In the last few years, many hundreds of thousands have been imported by hostile actors, er, NGOs, however.

Another giveaway of politics being a global psy-ops is are translation errors. Quite recently, a term has been introduced in German (and Austrian) politics which you just never heard before: “rote Linien”, i.e. “red lines”. For context, the gnomish German chancellor Olaf Scholz threatened the country that nothing will be off limits in the battle against the meme disease Covid. Here, the German chancellor was apparently given a machine-translated script that was prepared by foreign agents. In the English language, “red tape” is a very common phrase, signifying that something is off-limits. This was probably somehow mistranslated into “red lines” as this phrase makes no sense at all. I do not think I have ever encountered it in German. As strange as the phrase “rote Linien” is, the next day it was everywhere as the mainstream had fully embraced it. Surely, they read from the same notes. Nobody missed a beat whereas the sane reaction would have been to ask why Olaf Scholz is spouting such gibberish.

I think the biggest issue of Europe, and why it does not seem to be able to fix its issues, is that it is in the grip of the United States, and not by some weakly defined “soft power”. Instead, you get strong-arming techniques and genuinely subversive activities. There is no popular support for wokism, eating bugs, or taking in infinitely many illegal immigrants, yet this bullshit gets pushed relentlessly on society nonetheless. Of course, this could all be just a big coincidence. Sometimes, you hear people claim that politicians are simply clueless. If they were really clueless, then it is quite surprising how they all seem to act in unison. Linguistic slips like the one discussed above hint at European top politicians getting their orders from someone else. It also shows that the people really in charge are getting progressively dumber. This is not only shown in the stupidity of their ideas but also in the basics of communication. You can bet that during the Cold War era, the CIA would have produced better instructions for their German lackeys instead of the shoddy translations they churn out nowadays. This may even be a glimmer of hope for the rest of society as it shows that the people really in power have been getting progressively dumber. Just look at how they have been botching Covid, with an utterly nonsensical narrative at this point. It is getting more nonsensical almost by the day.

9 thoughts on ““Red Lines” in German Politics and their Connection to Ominous Forces Behind the Curtain

  1. With regard to “Gill Bates” and “shoddy translations”: There’s a very cool German YT channel of a mathematician, who occasionally churns out quick instructional videos on “topics of general interest”. His humour and demeanor is rather dry (and that’s a good thing):

    Corona ► Ich vertraue auf Karl (und auf die Wissenschaft) (in German)

    Lerne Englisch mit Joe ►Die neue Corona-Mutation

    (Sorry guys, it’s in German only)

  2. “Red line” and “red tape” are different things in english

    Red lines are limits that cannot be crossed without serious consequence, or points of no return. Example: incorporating Ukraine into NATO is a red line for Russia.
    Obama famously said Syria using chemical weapons was a red line, but then when it happened he did nothing about it, ie he was bluffing.

    Red tape, on the other hand, refers to excessive bureaucracy and regulations, something Germany has a lot of even in the best of times.

    Not sure which meaning Scholz used, I suspect the former rather than the latter. It does point to an imported talking point.

    1. Thanks for pointing this out. It seems that this was a direct translation from English then as “rote Linien” is not an expression you ever hear in German. I looked up the etymology of this term and it seems it comes from “redlining” in the context of mortgage applications. Using it in politics is a rather wonky metaphor and seems to support my observation that the cognitive abilities of the elite have been declining precipitously.

      EDIT: To flesh out my previous remark, “redlining” originally refers to designating areas where people live that are not credit-worthy for mortgages. Given the racial composition of those people, I wonder why there were no outcries back then. Probably this had something to do with Obongo using the term. His speech-writers were probably not all that smart either. Also, to make it explicitly clear, the German chancellor says that there are “no red lines”, meaning that even really bad policies are now on the table. Sure, the arguably did not mean to say that but if you look at the original metaphor, this is indeed what he said. In the original metaphor, red lines are drawn around areas where the low-income, high-crime crowd lives and in politics, consequentially, red lines should therefore be drawn around really bad policies. In once case the lender may lose his money, in the other, the politician should get kicked out of office.

  3. Yarara, I think what those politicians originally wanted to say was “crossing the Rubicon”, which is indeed the metaphor for taking action with serious, irreversible consequences. The more I think about this, the more my belief is strengthened that declining cognitive ability (and increasingly poor education) of our elite is to blame here. Of course, on paper they are all credentialed out the wazoo. The problem, though, is that the piece of paper is not the point of education. A great case in point is Princeton-edumacated Michelle Obama who demonstrated, in her thesis, that she can barely write English.

    1. Speaking of “increasingly poor education”: The new German foreign minister ANNALENA BAERBOCK still maintains the notion, that she studied “international law” for two years at some prestigious university in London (LSE?). But if all of her other abysmal feature hadn’t already betrayed that idea, her embarrassing English skills (even for German diplomats) at her press conferences and public statements within the first few days prove it wrong for even the most stubboen morons out there to see.
      She’s a liar, she’s an imposter – AND she’s stupid.
      Does she face any consequences? Does she face any fire from the press? Of course not. That’s where we’re at now. This is “Idiocracy”. You can’t make this shit up.

  4. I dont know when exactly you mean by “back then”, it is correct as you point out that the term originally came into use in relation to districting and mortgages, but if remember correctly it was all the way back in the 1930s to the 1960s, so no outcry about hurts feelz or whatever there. Antiracism still had some bigger fish to fry back then

  5. I came across another great example of foreign control of German institutions. A female priest in the German protestant church uses the English phrase “person of color” when arguing that little baby Jesus is in dire need of a coat of brown or black paint:
    As they all move in the same elite circles, I assume that they either get English handouts or poorly translated German ones, and simply serve as mouthpieces of the globohomo agenda.

  6. There is a take in the reactionary sphere on why the elites are getting progressively dumber, and it is the following:
    No one can rule all alone, thus, even if you are on the top, you need to hire underlings.

    But since the elites are evil and corrupt, they can’t hire honest people, or they will be denounced by them for their dishonest deeds.

    Therefore they have to hire evil and corrupt people as themselves.

    However, those hired people can’t be smarter than the elites, otherwise, being evil and corrupt, they will eventually figure out a way to stab them in the back. Therefore they have to hire evil AND dumber people, and since these people will at some point replace the original elite, at every iteration the ruling class gets dumber and dumber.

    1. Another take is that you cannot just hire smart underlings to do the thinking for you. I think this was already discussed in Machiavelli’s book The Prince. The issue is that to someone clueless, a lot of advice may seem equally valid. I have seen this play out in the corporate sector where women and minorities get pushed into positions they are not qualified for. At worst, this can ruin an entire company. If the rot has not advanced too far, someone higher up may be able to pull the plug and restore order.

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