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If Covid was Dangerous, Government Would Not Do Anything About It

One of the biggest black pills to swallow is that we are ruled by a hostile elite. If you doubt this, then how come that they are working overtime to make your life progressively worse over time? I have been paying an income tax, at the margins, of 57% in Sweden, and this money is being used to flood the country with illiterate “doctors and engineers” from Africa, which only makes life worse for the natives. Housing is very expensive and hard to get. You need to wait six months to get an appointment with a GP, and if you need to see a specialist, you are better off going abroad because your GP will try his hardest to tell you that you do not need medical intervention. People are literally dying of cancer without having gotten any treatment. In day-to-day life, anarcho-tyranny is the law of the land. It seems that if you belong to a protected minority, you can spend your days selling drugs to minors and raping native girls, and nothing will happen to you, but if your car is parked two inches too close to a crossing, it will get towed, and you pay an eye-watering fine. None of this makes any sense if you assume that your rulers are here to look out for you.

There are a lot of genuine ails that have befallen society. Think of shoddy education, the obesity epidemic, alcoholism, pornography, rampant drug use, people dying of opioids, petty crimes galore, antifa terrorism, BLM riots, and widespread vandalism. Any of those issues could be tackled, but nothing ever happens. At most, you will have “innovative” concepts like the police no longer prosecuting theft if the value of the stolen goods is below a certain threshold (in SF, it is around 1,000 dollars per theft, by the way). Politicians are infinitely more interested in lining their own pockets and creating make-work jobs for party members, women, and minorities than they are in improving life for the class of people that props up the system.

As you know, Covid kills about 0.02 % of people it infects, and of those, most have preexisting conditions. The Pfizer vaxx, for instance, saves 1 out 22,000, and kills four or five for each person is allegedly saves with strokes or other issues. It may seem bizarre that we have been collectively engaging in some kind of kabuki theater about an infection that is not even as dangerous as the common cold. It does not make any rational sense, just as it does not make sense that government is pushing a vaxx that is killing people. Yet, it does make sense once you realize that the hostile elites want to see your head on the chopping block.

Considering how nonchalantly government acts in the face of genuine problems, it is absolutely incongruent that Covid has been promoted as the biggest threat to society. It is not. The cure is worse than the disease. However, if Covid was really as deadly and as contagious as the incessant fear propaganda wants us to believe, governments would simply let it rip right through society. Keep in mind that the harmful effects of the vaxx are know, yet they are not getting banned. Government is fine with maiming and killing countless people with the vaxx. If they are not, then why do they not stop the vaxx madness?

If Covid was dangerous and would kill people, the hostile elites would have disappeared into their bunkers and just sit it out. They have done the same with the opioid epidemic, with DDT, with cigarettes. The observable routine is that the death toll has to be so high that they can no longer make any excuses. Only then will a company or industry get shut down, or get a token fine. How many people did the Jewish Sackler family kill with OxyContin before it was considered a societal problem? You can use this as the baseline for the number of deaths a genuinely harmful Covid virus would have needed to cause before anything would have been done.

6 thoughts on “If Covid was Dangerous, Government Would Not Do Anything About It

  1. Spot on, again. It’s called INVERSION.
    Most people won’t even bother to imagine what it might actually mean. But if it’s spelled out for them like here, they’d freak out.
    If the Coof was dangerous, they wouldn’t ramp up the fear porn. Instead they’d play it calm.
    “If Covid was Dangerous, Government Would Not Do Anything About It” => Hey Sleaze, may I steal that line for use in my own conversations with normies?

    1. You absolutely can, but before you hit them over the head with this sentence, you may need to warm them up a little bit. Normies around me are still talking about getting their booster shot.

  2. Get ready for War in Ukraine. False Flag imminent.

    Russia will nuke the US and take out D.C. pedophile dens once and for all!!!


    1. Some sources who would like to remain unnamed are musing that perhaps Russia would need to nuke a different country to end the war, a place somewhere in the Middle East. Not that I would like that to happen, considering that I am an Ethiopian Jew who currently resides in Israel.

      1. That is funny you say that as I am a sephardic jew and heard something similar. Although, not sure if it will happen like that but many people would wish for that indeed.

  3. Seems to that the jewing is definitely intensifying. For an odd jew like me, coasting through life in the gay district of Tel Aviv the prospect of such nuking would make my overall life experience even hotter!

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