The Vaxx is “Safe and Effective” (As a Means of Genocide)

I think only the uninformed, and the genuinely stupid, have not realized that something is seriously off with how the vaxx is pushed. We have one variant after another, yet we should still take the poison shot that was concocted as a response to the “alpha variant”. The PR push went from one shot to provide us with “decades of protection” to getting a booster shot every three months, while some countries have floated the idea of getting boosters every four weeks. Oh, and we keep using the same tests even though the virus is mutating. No matter how you look at it, there is bullshit heaped upon bullshit. Seeing that the vaxx no longer protects you against Covid, just as no other vaccination was ever able to offer protection against any other coronavirus, it is quite strange that we should keep getting injected with whatever is in those vials. Well, it is saline for the elites, and a life-destroying concoction for the rest of us.

There is now overwhelming evidence of vaxx injuries. According to VAERS, the vaxx has led to more adverse reactions than all other vaccinations in the history of vaccinations together. Athletes and politicians are collapsing on cameras. Healthy teenagers and kids are suffering from heart attacks and strokes. Oh, but there is nothing to see here because you are a deranged conspiracy theorist if you think that maybe it is not a good idea to get injected with a spurious fluid. Do you remember when we were told that we can trust science and that the vaxx is “safe and effective”? Long-term reactions that could shave off years to decades of your life expectancy, or drastically reduce your quality of life, were supposed to be an impossibility and the elites desperately try to keep pushing this narrative despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

I think that the goal of the vaxx was to make you gradually sick. We know that it wrecks your immune system by means of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), i.e. it weakens your immune system so that the antibodies you develop as a consequence of the vaxx make it easier for viruses to wreak havoc on your body. From what I have gathered, this is not at all a new phenomenon and has been known as a risk for mRNA-based vaccines as they have been developed for decades, so chances of this not being known to the “scientists” creating the vaxx are effectively zero.

Presumably, the original gameplan was to vaxx the entire adult population, then tell the rubes that the vaxx worked wonderfully and has proven to be safe. At this point, the elites may have used their media to drum up panic of a new “variant”, but now that all adults are vaxxed, they survived this easily. Then the gradual roll-out to children would have happened, as a preventive measure. This way, you would slowly kill the adult population and then get access to children and teenagers who get rendered infertile through the vaxx. Over the course of a few decades, this would have allowed the elites to reach their goal of mass depopulation. As you probably know, their goal is to have 500 million to one billion people on the planet, and keep the population steady. Or did you think the people who put up the “Georgia guide stones” were joking, or that Bill Gates was when he said that he wants to use vaccines to reduce the world’s population by billions?

The original gameplan would have been “safe and effective”. Yet, the uptake of the vaxx has been far lower than projected, which has led to this complete chaos we are witnessing. Currently, two main narrative are in play. First, the vaxx now admittedly does not work but you still need to get booster shots every few months for variants that the original vaxx is more or less completely ineffective against and, second, even though the vaxx does not work and kids are essentially immune to Covid, we need to vaxx them too. This approach is not quite as “safe and effective” for the elites as they would have liked, which is why we are witnessing a mass uprising all over the planet.

7 thoughts on “The Vaxx is “Safe and Effective” (As a Means of Genocide)

  1. Sleaze, don’t you dare to blaspheme my bestie Dr. Klaus Schwab!
    Besides all of that unjustified heat, he’s in serious trouble. Cuz they’re just not gonna need all those zillions of superfluous eaters for their speldid “industry 4.0” vision! Most of us plebes have an IQ of well below 150 , nobody needs that cattle, so what’s gonna give? And the planet has been suffering from continuos overpopulation anyway! So it’s only for the common good, the best for you and for me. And who could have imagined that a collective death cult could be so much fun in everyday life!
    There’s no busine$$ like $how busine$$. Each one dropping to the floor IS A STAR! That’s 5 seconds of fame for so many people, and now it’s playing out on theargest global scale possible. And the show must go on! (The term “drop out” is taking on an entirely new meaning, methinks…)

  2. Aaron,
    On a related note, did you find the Merck Manual that I recommended useful since all this b.s. is going on?

      1. Oh, that one! I have bookmarked it on my browser and skimmed it for a few conditions. It seems like a very good resource but I am, thankfully, in good health so I do not spend a lot of time reading up on medical conditions. I think the most useful section is their database on drugs which gives you easy access to content descriptions and side effects.

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