Anti-Covid Protests With Pride

False flag attacks have a long and storied history. I hear that Israel is particularly fond of them, but her lapdog, the United States, is no slouch either in this regard. Thus, I think it is well worth for combatants of the Great Awakening to make use of them as well. You know, according to mainstream dogma, there is a clear hierarchy of values, and at the very top is “diversity”. Thus, I would encourage you to bring a pride flag to the next anti-Covid protest you will attend.

Every corporation flies the pride flag. Antifa faggots frantically wave it around as well, trying to bash nazis at the same time. You see, in the name of supposed tolerance, all kinds of violent oppression is fine. Yet, nobody has a monopoly on the pride flag. Instead, view it as an important signal to the mainstream that diversity is also part of the anti-tyrannical protests that are now happening on a weekly basis all over the West.

I think that the pictures would be glorious. On the one hand, we have hordes of citizens chanting “Stick your vaccine mandate up your a**”, like in Australia, or “Freedom. Liberty. No Dictatorship”, like in Germany. What better way to unironically swing the price flag as well? Surely, you cannot be accused of being a bigot for publicly embracing diversity. I would expect policemen to try to wrestle pride flags out of the hands of activists as images of foot soldiers of the regime attacking protesters swinging pride flags would just be too unpalatable for the general public, in their mind. Yet, if they do indeed go after people swinging pride flags, without disarming them first, you would have wonderfully symbolic pictures, pulling the mask off both the ideology and the state.

By attacking flag-bearing activists, the state would demonstrate that they only use the pride flag as a means of suppression. Diversity is only what they deem diverse, and nothing else. They do not really mean it. You would show that the pride flag is noting but empty symbolism, a cheap fig leaf for the powers that be. I am reminded of the “not-your-shield” campaign from a few years back where gay video gamers told faggy redditors that they object to them pretending to speak for the gay community. Nothing kept you from creating a fake Twitter account, pretending that you are gay, and telling off some Reddit faggots. People are really think-skinned when it comes to diversity topics, so just make the government a bit uncomfortable. Nobody knows that you are only playing a game.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Covid Protests With Pride

  1. If African-Americans are only black if faux-President Biden says they are, then gay Americans are only gay if he says they are. And anti-cabal protesters are always “bad” people.

  2. In the other blog, Aaron tried to post a new entry but the site says it’s “under maintenance”. I’m always on the lookout for when they finally take it down, but maybe it’s nothing and I’m just being paranoid.

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